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Police lights
Gold Coast News

Serious crash shuts down the Pacific Motorway on the Gold Coast

Jaydan DuckMay 28, 2016 9:00 pm
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands PHOTO: Hannes Grobe, Alfred Wegener Institute (CC BY-SA 2.5)

Powerful earthquake recorded in the south Atlantic Ocean

Jaydan DuckMay 28, 2016 8:42 pm
PHOTO: NSW Ambulance / Facebook
National News

Woman hospitalised with ‘severe head injuries’ after being hit by car

Jaydan DuckMay 28, 2016 8:11 pm
PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons
National News

Cops allegedly nab teen with 30 ecstasy tablets in Adelaide nightclub

Jaydan DuckMay 28, 2016 8:00 pm
PHOTO: NSW Police Force / Facebook
National News

NSW Constable charged, accused of accessing restricted police data

Jaydan DuckMay 28, 2016 7:42 pm
PHOTO: Highway Patrol Images (CC BY 2.0)
National News

Thieves steal guns from farm in far west NSW

Jaydan DuckMay 28, 2016 7:40 pm