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Scientists bring dead pig brains to life

A bizarre Frankenstein-style experiment has breathed life into the brains of pigs four hours after death. Scientists in the US restored circulation and cellular activity in 32 pig brains…

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Smith Collective rolls out red carpet for Easter Bunny

by Smith Collective
The Easter Bunny is preparing to make his first visit to the Gold Coast’s newest landmark community as Smith Collective gears up for the annual celebration. The country’s first build-to-rent…
Verdi's Requiem HOTA Outdoor Stage

Don’t think you like opera? Here’s why you should see Verdi’s Requiem

Far removed from what you’d experience at a stuffy concert hall, this is opera Gold Coast style – outdoors under the stars, picnic rugs, thongs and cold drinks.

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Animal Welfare League QLD
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WATCH: AWLQ celebrates 60 years

The Animal Welfare League Queensland is celebrating a huge milestone this year, with the charity turning 60 in 2019. AWLQ CEO Denise Bradley told myGC they were thrilled to be celebrating…
Supermarket Cold Meat
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Bacon, ham, red meat link to bowel cancer

Even moderate amounts of ham, bacon and and red meat are linked to bowel cancer, experts have warned. People who stick to guidelines from Britain's National Health Service on red and…
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Measles cases up 300%

We’re a little over three months into the year, and we’ve clocked over a new milestone already – with the number of measles cases globally having increased by a staggering 300%. The…

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