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Protesters rally outside Brisbane hospital protecting refugee baby

Hundreds of protesters have gathered in the sweltering heat outside Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in support of doctors and staff who are refusing to release a baby in a bid to prevent her from being sent back to immigration detention on Nauru.

The one-year-old girl, known as Asha, was flown to the hospital after being badly burnt when boiling water was accidentally spilled on her while in detention on the island.

According to, the infant – who reportedly became the first baby born into detention in Australia to be transferred to Nauru – is now in a stable condition and her wounds have healed.


However, in a statement released on Friday, a hospital spokesman said the 12-month-old would not be discharged until a “suitable home environment is identified”.

“All decisions relating to a patient’s treatment and discharge are made by qualified clinical staff, based on a thorough assessment of the individual patient’s clinical condition and circumstances, and with the goal of delivering the best outcome,” the statement read.

Doctors for Refugees spokesman Dr Richard Kidd told 9News the medical staff protecting Asha were standing by their Hippocratic Oath to look after their patients’ wellbeing, quote, “in this case, that means not releasing babies and children in environments where we know they will be harmed”.

A group of 50 protesters had gathered outside the hospital on Friday night in support of the Doctor’s decision, but by midday Saturday, that number had tripled, with hundreds of locals of all ages turning up to back the hospital.

Many of them stood in the 34 degree heat armed with #LetThemStay posters and banners calling for the closure of detention centres on Manus and Nauru.

Jaydan Duck
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  • focussed

    If we let everyone stay we would be over run by them. Baby or not must go. if not baby should be taken off the mother and put up for Adoption. Never see mum again.

    • Judytwo

      How many more children will we see harmed if the parents think this is the way to get into Australia, and even if they did stay here what’s to say this poor child or some other poor child, won’t end up getting hot water / fire whatever accidentially spilt on them again. This is a farce, how many Australian Citizens babies & children that get admitted to hospital because they have been beaten by an adult, do they get kept in hospital no!! they are sent home, no doctor that concerned with their welfare. As for the people outside the hospital, if we held a rally there would be more people turn out for maintaining our borders as is happening now, than the amount that are currently making the noise. (By the way I’m not against refugees but I am against illegal immigrants.) If they cannot wait for our due process, to find out who and what they are then go back from where you came from. You want to come to Australia then you play by our rules, not lob on the shores without a proper visa, burn or destroy our property, because things aren’t happening as fast as you would like. Learn English while you are in detention that would be a brilliant start, and study our laws which you will be required to abide by.

  • fred

    once again it’s Australian taxpayer’s fault. Never the fault of the originating country they flee from or the parents! Im betting the country they hail from is doing absolutely zip about preventing these things happen.

    if they were australians the hospital would either have turned them away at the door or make them wait years for treatment before even getting into the hospital!