Strangers form “human chain” to retrieve injured man from rock pool

UPDATE: A GROUP of strangers have been praised for the way in which they banded together and formed a ‘human chain’ to rescue a man who suffered an horrific head injury after diving into the Currumbin Rock Pools.

The man, believed to be aged 35, failed to resurface after jumping five metres off a rock wall into the water and hitting his head on the bottom of the swimming hole shortly after 3pm on Sunday.

He was dragged from the water unconscious and bleeding heavily from the head and neck.


Paramedics were called and reportedly treated the man for up to an hour at the scene, during which time CPR was performed, before he was stable enough to be transported.

It’s understood up to 30 onlookers assisted in creating a “human chain” to get the man to safety in what paramedics said was a “difficult extraction”.

He was conscious and breathing at the time he was rushed to Gold Coast University Hospital where it’s believed he will undergo emergency surgery after suffering significant head trauma.

The extent of his injuries or current condition remains unknown.

EARLIER: A MAN has reportedly suffered horrific injuries after diving off rocks and hitting his head at a popular swimming hole on the Gold Coast.

It’s understood the man, believed to be aged in his 30s, suffered “significant head trauma” after jumping five metres off a cliff at the Currumbin rock pools shortly after 3pm on Sunday.

According to media reports, the man failed to resurface after hitting his head on the bottom and was pulled from the water bleeding heavily from the head and neck.

Witnesses said the remote location, which was reportedly filled with hundreds of people enjoying Valentine’s Day, made it difficult to contact emergency services.

Fortunately, bystanders eventually got through to paramedics who were still said to be working on the man at 4pm.

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Witnessed this event. Several lightly built teenagers and young men had jumped ahead of the victim and suffered no harm. The difference Was that the victim was significantly heavier . Jumping feet first, he didn’t launch out quite as far as the earlier guys and of course because of his weight went in faster and deeper. He didn’t resurface and after about 90 seconds , others in the water raced to pull him up unconscious and bleeding heavily. Dozens of people were jumping but from lower elevations. I may be wrong but I don’t recall seeing any signs warning people… Read more »