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More than 1300 busted speeding through school zones

More than 1300 busted speeding through school zones

More than 1300 drivers have been busted speeding through school zones and an additional 400 caught not wearing a seatbelt during a one-day operation across NSW.

Officers from the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command conducted Operation Compliance 1 yesterday to target school zone speeding, seatbelt use and pedestrian crossing offences.

Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, commander of the state’s Traffic and Highway Patrol Command said yesterday’s operation showed an extreme lack of personal responsibility by drivers on NSW roads.


“For 1366 drivers to be speeding in school zones displays utter disregard for the safety of our state’s most valuable asset, our children.

“Fortunately, a young life was not claimed yesterday as a result of someone’s unacceptable and irresponsible driving behaviour. Our officers will always be at the forefront of policing vulnerable areas such as school zones to ensure that we protect children, their parents, siblings, school teachers and staff going to and from schools,” Assistant Commissioner Hartley said.

During the one-day operation, 1366 drivers were speeding in a school zone, 400 were not wearing a seatbelt while driving and 440 pedestrians were fined for crossing the road at the wrong location or time.

“Traffic operations such as Compliance can be initiated at any time we see high risk behaviour on our roads to reduce road trauma and will target all offences, including illegal mobile phone use, distraction, impairment and speeding,” Assistant Commissioner Hartley said.


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