17 people die in tour boat tragedy

Nine members of the one family are among the 17 people killed when a ‘duck boat’ capsized and sank during a thunderstorm in the US.

31 passengers were on board the World War II-style amphibious vehicle, on Table Rock Lake in Missouri, when the storms began rolling in.

It, along with another similar vessel, were making their way back to shore when waves brought it down.


A man on the shore was filming the conditions at the time, when he spotted the ‘duck boat’ and noticed it was in trouble.

“From what I understand there was life jackets in the duck,” Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader told a press conference, but wouldn’t say if passengers were wearing them at the time.

Officials wouldn’t confirm the identities of those who died, but it has been revealed a family, on holiday from Indiana, lost nine of its members in the tragedy.

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