48 Jetstar domestic flights cancelled today as workers walk off the job

A number of flights have been cancelled today, as Jetstar workers walk off the job again over better pay and work conditions.

Around 250 employees will strike for 24 hours, with the airline proactively cancelling a number of domestic flights in preparation.

The strike’s been slammed for occurring at a turbulent time for domestic tourism, following the ‘double whammy’ effect of the bushfire and coronavirus crises.


Tourism & Transport Forum Chief Executive Margy Osmond says multiple airports around the country will be affected, labelling the strike action as ‘grossly UnAustralian’.

“At a time when we are collectively trying to weather this ‘perfect storm’ of tourism challenges, mopping up as we go and holding our breath in the face of the coronavirus, this union strike action feels like yet another stormfront sweeping through. Although this one is perfectly avoidable.

“Tourism runs in the veins of many destinations serviced by Jetstar from Adelaide and Uluru and from Cairns down to Hobart. This strike action is the last thing operators in these regions need as they open the doors to tourists and as destination agencies urge Australians to holiday at home.

“The TWU should reconsider this action which in this current climate is grossly UnAustralian.

“It will hit productivity and regional economies at the very same time that the Australian Government and Tourism Australia are doing all they can to entice Australians and international visitors to travel within Australia via a $76 million tourism recovery package and targeted marketing campaign,” Margy Osmond said.

Transport Workers Union National Secretary Michael Kaine says a recent survey of Jetstar staff showed that almost 80 percent of workers struggle to pay household bills, and 45 percent have had to delay bank payments on loans.

“This survey is utterly shocking and reveals the desperate situation Jetstar workers are in. Workers are fearful of going to work because of the terrifying injuries they are forced to sustain.

“They can’t spend time with their families because of the constant chase they are in for more hours. When they are off work they are ashamed of the poverty they have placed their families in.

“This survey shows how hard-working Australians are living without dignity and in desperation.”

“The Jetstar dispute is not a pay dispute. This strike and this battle is a stand against underemployment and for decent, safe jobs at the airport. Behind the shiny facades of our airports this is what life is like for thousands of workers: injuries, poverty and scrapping by. The aviation industry is booming. Workers should not be forced to struggle in this way,” Kaine added.

Here’s a list of flights that have been cancelled today.

JQ500 Melbourne to Sydney
JQ502 Melbourne to Sydney
JQ516 Melbourne to Sydney
JQ522 Melbourne to Sydney
JQ518 Melbourne to Sydney
JQ524 Melbourne to Sydney
JQ507 Sydney to Melbourne
JQ515 Sydney to Melbourne
JQ517 Sydney to Melbourne
JQ519 Sydney to Melbourne
JQ523 Sydney to Melbourne
JQ527 Sydney to Melbourne
JQ810 Sydney to Brisbane
JQ824 Sydney to Brisbane
JQ812 Sydney to Brisbane
JQ811 Brisbane to Sydney
JQ813 Brisbane to Sydney
JQ821 Brisbane to Sydney
JQ560 Melbourne to Brisbane
JQ566 Melbourne to Brisbane
JQ570 Melbourne to Brisbane
JQ563 Brisbane to Melbourne
JQ569 Brisbane to Melbourne
JQ567 Brisbane to Melbourne
JQ408 Sydney to Gold Coast
JQ406 Sydney to Gold Coast
JQ411 Gold Coast to Sydney
JQ409 Gold Coast to Sydney
JQ762 Sydney to Adelaide
JQ768 Sydney to Adelaide
JQ763 Adelaide to Sydney
JQ769 Adelaide to Sydney
JQ772 Melbourne to Adelaide
JQ776 Melbourne to Adelaide
JQ777 Adelaide to Melbourne
JQ773 Adelaide to Melbourne
JQ954 Sydney to Cairns
JQ946 Sydney to Cairns
JQ953 Cairns to Sydney
JQ949 Cairns to Sydney
JQ610 Avalon to Sydney
JQ609 Sydney to Avalon
JQ632 Avalon to Adelaide
JQ633 Adelaide to Avalon
JQ703 Melbourne to Hobart
JQ707 Melbourne to Hobart
JQ702 Hobart to Melbourne
JQ708 Hobart to Melbourne

For more information about the strikes and affected flights, click here.

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