All Gold Coast coronavirus victims have recovered and left hospital

All coronavirus victims on the Gold Coast have been given the all clear and released from hospital.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says that all of the 15 cases across the whole of Australia – that had come from Wuhan – have now been cured.

It included five cases on the Gold Coast, after a group of Chinese nationals fell sick after travelling from the epicentre of the virus.


The youngest – an 8 year old boy – was released from the Gold Coast University Hospital last week.

Scott Morrison says our ‘abundance of caution’ has been rewarded with this news, but we’re not going to be complacent going forward.

“I can confirm that of the 15 cases that had previously been identified here in Australia that were sourced from Wuhan… all 15 of those patients have now been discharged and have overcome the virus.

“There are, as you know, seven other – what the Chief Medical Officer advises me – are mild cases, from those passengers on the diamond princess. and they are the only remaining cases that we have in Australia today,” Mr Morrison said.

He goes on to say that these figures show Australia’s self isolation measures have worked very well.

“There has been no human to human transmission of the virus outside of the groups mentioned before,  from the Diamond Princess and those from the group that came from Wuhan, so outside of those groups there’s been no human to human transmission in Australia.

“What that says is that the self isolation that we put in place for those more than 30,000 Australians to date, has proved to be very effective.

“And I want to thank those Australians for their cooperation and their diligence in following through, and acting on the advice that we provided to them when they returned home to Australia,” Mr Morrison said.

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