Attention Cadbury lovers – family blocks are shrinking

The sky may as well be falling, family sized blocks of Cadbury chocolate are shrinking in size!

Cadbury Australia has today announced they’ll be reducing the size of the family blocks to avoid raising the recommended retail price.

The chocolate gods may as well have announced another prize rise… which is equally as depressing as a smaller sized block, but here we are.


In an effort to deliver Australia’s favourite chocolate at the best possible price, they’ll shrink the blocks and slightly lower their recommended retail price.

It’s not clear that the saving will be worth the lack of chocolate, though given cost increases over the past few years, it probably won’t.

The chocolatiers have promised us that the recipe and ingredients won’t be changing, so that we can continue to enjoy the “smooth, creamy taste”, just… not as much of it.

“We know some will be disappointed by this change, but we want to keep offering you the best value and best tasting chocolate we can,” Cadbury Australia’s announcement said.

So buy up all the decent sized family blocks you can get your hands on, we won’t see them again.

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