Australia’s private health sector to merge with public during coronavirus fight

The Australian medical system will now see another massive reshaping measure, with the announcement of a new deal with the private sector and the federal government.

Private hospital will no be integrated with the public health system, which will see over 34,000 beds become available for use during the coronavirus pandemic.

It will also guarantee the jobs of over 100,000 full and part time health workers, including over 57,000 nurses.


The deal will ensure that the intensive care units of private hospitals are also utilised, opening up a third of Australia’s ICU capacity.

Australia’s Health Minister Greg Hunt says it’s a significant stride in the reshaping of the medical system to deal with the virus.

“Two days ago we announced universal TeleHealth for Australians, in other words, we rebuilt Medicare over the course of the last ten days.

“Now we have over a million TeleHealth consultations that have been completed.

“That’s protecting doctors and nurses, and protecting patients, and providing access where otherwise it might not exist.

“The second great element in the reconstruction of the Australian medical system, is reconstructing the relationship between public and private hospitals.

“The partnership between the Australian government, the states and the private hospital system will deliver additional capacity for the Australian system.

“It does that in return for the viability of the private hospital sector throughout the course of the COVID-19 epidemic, this pandemic that the world knows.

“And it does it in such a way, that the hospitals will be available and the staff will be available to participate fully in our national response.

“And to be able to bounce out and support the needs of the population after we emerge from the period of coronavirus.

“We will be guaranteeing the viability – along with the states – of all 657 private hospitals in Australia.

“We’re doing this with a Commonwealth guarantee then State partnerships, then the individual private hospitals relying on the source income that they have from their ordinary operations, those three things together will mean that our hospitals will be able to continue.

“An important part of this, is that in return for our guarantee, there’s a guarantee of flexibility, capacity, participation and staff retention from the private hospitals,” Mr Hunt said.

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