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Book of the week: The Book Smugglers of Timbuktu

A thoroughly researched, beautifully wrought journey through the fascinating history of the real and mythical Timbuktu – and the modern day story of a brave librarian who saved a priceless collection of manuscripts from destruction. Charlie English pulls the threads of the past and the present, colonial forces and modern extremism, to create a compelling story […]

Book of the week: Finding Hannah by Fiona McCallum

Sometimes the biggest step to healing comes from the smallest of things . . . Fiona McCallum takes us on a heart-breaking and ultimately heartwarming journey from grief and loss to acceptance, renewal and what lies beyond. Finding Hannah will tug readers along by the heartstrings from the opening lines to the final pages. Hannah […]

How Do You Read? On the debate of print, ebook, and audiobook

How we read has been a debate for as long as people have been writing. From the transition from tablets to papyrus, from papyrus to parchment, parchment to the printing press, humans have argued about how we should read literature. Catholic priests in the 1600s were adamant on the Bible being read only aloud and […]

Book of the Week: The Fall Of Lisa Bellow by Susan Perabo

Why we love it: The Fall of Lisa Bellow is a thoughtful and powerful novel about the spiraling effects of two random calamities on one ordinary family. With her insightful depiction of growing up and parenting, written with delicate humour and skillful characterisation, Susan Perabo delivers a touching, elegant story in an original way. The […]