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Go shopping – take home $1000 cash!

Christmas is always the most expensive time of the year, but one Gold Coast shopping centre could help ease buyer’s remorse. Worongary Town Centre is giving shoppers the chance to take home $1000 this festive season, simply by spending $10 at the Shopping Centre. The centre has four $1000 prizes to giveaway with a winner […]

VIDEO: This adorable 3-Year-Old is a periodic table genius

She might not be able to read yet, but 3-year-old Brielle is a chemist in the making. The little cutie, who can recite the entire periodic table of chemical elements, has become an internet sensation after she appeared on Ellen DeGeneres show this week. Not only can Brielle indentify all of the elements and their letter symbols, she can also rattle […]

WATCH: Reusable rocket’s successful launch and landing

Founder of Amazon Jeffrey P. Bezos’ space dreams are coming true after his rocket company, Blue Origin, managed to successfully launch and land a reusable rocket on Monday. In a brief interview, Bezos said: “We’ll fly humans when we’re ready. I’m thinking it could be sometime in 2017.” The rocket lofted a capsule that is hoped will eventually […]

VIDEO: Crimestoppers spring into action at Schoolies

Day five of schoolies on the Gold Coast saw crowd numbers remaining steady in Surfers Paradise. Overnight there was one male schoolie arrested on one charge which was for contravene a public banning order. There were also 52 liquor infringement notices issued to schoolies. Despite several arrests, Crimestoppers volunteers have been impressed by how well behaved most schoolies […]

VIDEO: Simple steps to get ready for storm season

The Gold Coast is no stranger to damaging storms, especially in summer. A number of storms have already wreaked havoc on our city in the last few weeks, so the City of Gold Coast have issued a call out to residents to make sure they’re prepared and ready for the variable weather. Watch the video below for a few […]