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Has alcohol become a problem for you?

There will be people reading this whose response to this question is, “No – I enjoy drinking and I know it’s not a problem in my life.” To you I say, congratulations, go forth and enjoy a drink or two for me!

How quitting alcohol has improved my mental health

Someone asked me over the weekend why I don’t drink anymore. It feels like a different lifetime when I was a hard-partying social butterfly. Now I can honestly say that I don’t drink anymore because every area of my life has improved without it. I’m happier, healthier and have earned my own trust back. Finally, […]

How my rescue dog has saved me

As I walked my dog down the beach path early this morning I had a moment. I looked at the sky, the trees, two lorikeets flew past and I smiled. My life is very different now compared to the dark days that nearly ended it. A large part of my newfound contentment in recovery is […]

How yoga can help your mental health

I tried a variety of different classes before really finding what worked for me. Some classes are more strenuous and challenging, which will give your mind plenty to focus on rather than worrying about your to-do list. But there are plenty of less strenuous, more relaxing practices too.