Entries by Corrine Barraclough

Conquering self-sabotage

From the moment you wake up you have a choice: you can either be on your own team or not. You can choose to feel overwhelmingly let down by the world – that’s easy. Switch on the news and you’ll be bombarded with a constant stream of human beings treating each other poorly. Sadly, we […]

Learning to manage depression

Looking back, I think depression first kicked in for me as a teenager but I had no idea what it was then. For many years I stumbled along self-medicating and probably in denial. I didn’t know where to begin unravelling all the confusion that swam around inside my head, I didn’t want to tell anyone […]

Letting go of entitlement

It is often said we are living in the age of entitlement. That is, people have become increasingly self-centred and have an inflated sense of deserving the world without putting in the hard work. Many believe this is because we’ve made life so busy for ourselves. Technology is always there and life has become 24/7 […]

What is mindfulness – and why bother?

Now that I practise mindfulness as part of daily life, I realise that I lived in a state of chaos for a very long time. Learning to still the mind and bring attention to the present moment takes practice. The more you practise the easier it gets, and the more of a difference you’ll see […]