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University Hospital offers innovative injection treatment

The Gold Coast University Hospital has become the first public hospital in Queensland – and the second in Australia – to offer an innovative, injection treatment for patients with a common hand condition called Dupuytren’s contracture. Dupuytren’s contracture is a slow contracting of your fingers that impacts your hand’s ability to function correctly. Traditionally the only […]

Scary power bill? Buy solar power in bulk!

It’s a perfect example of community buying power – bulk purchasing solar electricity with others in your area to get a discount on your power bill. The innovative concept was created by Suncrowd as a solution to help “transition to a clean energy future,” and it’s being pitched to locals in the Northern Rivers region of NSW […]

Road repair bill adding up for Tweed Shire

The road repair bill alone for the Tweed Shire is already estimated to be nearly $20 million following the major flooding event in recent weeks which brought havoc to the region. Already, the local council says there are around 1200 areas of the road that will need repair or remediation work. In a statement, the […]

What to do about our flying foxes?

Flying-foxes play a critical role in the health of forests around the Tweed region and are essential for the pollination and health of native forests, but problems can occur when they ‘set up camp’ near urban areas. That’s why the Tweed Shire Council has begun putting together a management plan for the 16 flying-fox camps across the […]

Tweed Flooding: will it impact your water bill?

Locals in the Tweed Shire who used water to clean up their homes and businesses after the recent flood shouldn’t worry about getting slapped with a huge water bill. That’s the advice from the Tweed Shire Council, who said their records from previous floods showed that “cleaning up after floodwaters…does not result in a massive spike in […]