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Doli Incapax

Last week, in the WA Supreme Court, five young adults and one teenager were found guilty of his murder. But not all those allegedly involved in the incident actually went on trial. The youngest – just 11 years of age at the time – remains in legal limbo, awaiting his fate.


The aging former actress complains the series Feud unfairly frames her as a hypocrite who peddled idle gossip to further her ambitions, in stark contrast with her reputation for good manners, class and kindness. In days gone by Olivia de Havilland was one of the biggest stars in the golden age of Hollywood.

The Birds is coming

It was a really clever piece of irritating advertising that nearly drove me to distraction. After all those grammar lessons in all those English classes it just didn’t seem quite right to me.

A Foreign Land

The sentencing this week in China of three Australian employees of James Packer’s Crown Resorts brings into sharp focus the scary reality of globalisation. Melbourne-based executive Jason O’Connor and China based staff members Jerry Xuan and Pan Dan all pleaded guilty last Monday to charges of illegally promoting gambling, and were ordered to serve between […]

Parole On Trial

The Prime Minister’s call for an overhaul of state parole laws in the wake of this week’s terrorist attack in Melbourne has the sniff of political scapegoating. On Monday afternoon 29-year-old Somalian-born Islamic extremist Yacqib Khayre, following a terrorism blueprint published online in the ISIS magazine Ruyimah, posed as a client to call out a […]