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Flan: Support Kell’s Ride for the Future

Don’t blame me. Blame my kid’s kindy teacher for EJ’s accordion. My kid’s beloved kindy teacher, Kerrie Larda, gave me two button accordians because she heard Emily Jade talking about them on 1029 Hot tomato. One of them is beautiful. To look at. I thought I’d wait till EJ had a rough day and drop […]

Flan’s poll: Hoons in tinnies

Do you reckon that hoons in tinnies on our waterways speeding near swimming enclosures full of kids should get their tinny taken away from them and given to me?

Flan: How I met cricket legend Sir Vivian Richards

I’m going to talk more in the next little while about making 20/20 cricket a Commonwealth Games sport and thanks to Jupiter’s Casino I’m going to put that question to the great West Indian batsman, Sir Viv Richards in the very near future. I met Viv Richards when I was a kid thanks to a […]

Flan: Cow corner at Car-rara

You know that feeling when you come up to the giant roundabout near Carrara markets and there’s 28 “carrs” in front of you and traffics at a complete and utter standstill? I do. I also know how different it feels to look out the passenger window and see the cows that have been there for […]

Flan: Ouch and thanks all at the same time…

I just wanted to drop a quick note to somebody on the Gold Coast who’ll remain nameless after she tried to pay me a compliment, but in so doing managed to sledge me beautifully. For the purpose of the story you need to know that I’ve lost about 20 kilos in the past six months […]