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Are parents who holiday kid-free selfish?

Ask any parent who has travelled with an ankle-biter and they’ll tell you: going on holidays with a toddler is not a holiday. It’s simply a transfer of goods from one location to another.

Australia Post complaints top 1 million per year

I am officially joining the list of one million Australians who have a serious bone to pick with Australia Post. I try to be a positive person, I really do. I’m the first to give people and organisations the benefit of the doubt. But my recent experience with Australia Post has sent me into a […]

Getting ripped off when travelling to Europe

The cost of basic food and drinks in Europe are ridiculously high, I’m told. Factor in the language barrier, and it’s going to be a recipe for financial disaster. I should expect to pay around AU$10 for a coffee, for instance. That’s a pricey hit of java.

ATO scammers on the prowl

My friend’s aunty, Rachel, was frantic by the time she reached the post office. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) had been on her case for days about an overdue tax debt that she didn’t even know she had, and if she didn’t send them a cheque for $7,500 today, huge financial penalties would be added […]

Bold plan to clear 1 million pieces of rubbish

When I was 22, I had newly graduated from university and I was finding my way in the world. I’d recently started my first “proper” job and felt like a full grown adult, as I was suddenly working 40 hours a week and sporting a sensible corporate-appropriate wardrobe. Reading about designer Sophia Mulheran this week, […]