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Suns learn new word to start 2017

Gold Coast footy fans were treated to something new at Metricon Stadium on Saturday night with the highly-fancied home side finding an entirely new way to lose. Overconfidence. If you didn’t watch the Suns play at the weekend and picked up a paper Monday morning you’d have read about a ‘thriller’, a ‘nail-biter’ or an […]

Minister charges $50k to taxpayers – for his own mortgage

Government entitlements related to the Australian childcare system have been wholeheartedly reformed over the last week. Isn’t it about time the Australian political entitlements program was given the same treatment? Complete review, no stone unturned, with new findings and recommendations for every sitting and retire politician in Australia? I would be all for this – even […]

Faulty pregnancy tests recalled

I don’t mean to alarm you, but if you’ve done a pregnancy test in the last few weeks, you may want to repeat it. In fact I urge you to repeat it, ASAP. If you know anyone who has recently tested, prompt them to do another one, too. Because many of the pregnancy tests available […]

Gold Coast bums…assemble!

Big, small, white, brown, saggy – we Coasties seem to love showing off our bums in public. Why just last week I saw about twenty of them as I walked from the surf to my car. They are everywhere you look some days. Well we need those bums, right now. Tomorrow And lots of them. […]

Where is common courtesy behind the wheel?

Is it just me, or are drivers getting more and more selfish? I’ve had several experiences on the Gold Coast over the last few weeks that have convinced me local drivers are becoming a pack of self-involved ninnies! For instance, when arriving at an appointment in Varsity Lakes, I encountered rudeness on the road. There […]