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Robots are taking over our email!

My colleague’s email was straightforward: “Where is this in the document? What happened next is bothersome to me. My inbox read this email. And then it offered some suggested replies: It turns out my email robot is quite passive aggressive! Whilst I don’t appreciate the snark – I’ll come up with my own pithy responses, […]

Private health insurance – a must-have or a rort?

Roy Morgan has been measuring the attitudes of health fund members over the years, and unsurprisingly, they’ve found that consumers are getting fed up. There’s been a big decline over the last four years in the number of people with private health insurance who consider it to be essential. In 2014, nearly two thirds (65.8%) […]

Two daughters, a world apart

Last week, my daughter had her birthday. She turned eight, and we celebrated by showering her with love and affection, whipping up a big pancake breakfast, and festooning her with toys and cards. It was such a lovely day, celebrating yet another milestone with my eldest daughter. But it was a little bittersweet for me, […]

What have we become?

I’m grateful for many things that we take for granted on the Gold Coast: fresh running water piped directly into our homes, an abundance of food, a solid community with plenty of safety nets for people who get left behind. What I’m most eternally grateful for, however, is the fact that my children will never […]

Why targeted Facebook ads should worry you

You know Facebook is tracking you, right? Most of us know that it’s no secret why we see the exact advertisements that we see on Facebook and Instagram. Obviously, the social media platforms leverage their data to put the right ads in front of the right eyeballs.