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Report: Too much iron could cause cancer

A couple of weeks ago, I fainted. I was on a flight and it was supremely embarrassing. Why did I pass out? Regular old life exhaustion, reinforced with a lashing of ‘low iron’. I’m one of those people who struggles very hard to hold onto iron in my system, so much so that I need […]

Internet explodes over Alabama’s new abortion laws

“Alabama sucks so hard they literally have to force people to be born there.” This is a joke I saw on social media today. It’s not very funny, but it does its job – which is to get people really thinking and talking about the changes to abortion laws being peddled in Alabama right now. […]

Quick test: do you drink too much?

Whenever I go out for dinner or drinks with friends, we end up doing some sort of basic math calculation. “There was the cocktail at the bar, then the three of us shared a bottle of white wine over dinner, and I had the glass of champagne at home first… so that’s, what 4 standard […]