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How much does it really cost you to drive an Uber?

I read, with interest, a recent piece about the cost of driving an Uber; it was written from the perspective of a money blogger who has retired from the rat race. He went “undercover” to see what driving for Uber was really like, as he was dubious about how financially lucrative it could be.

Flash back to steer Titans in right direction

Well done Gold Coast Titans. I cannot remember the last time I said that which speaks volumes of the trials and tribulations the club has dealt with over the past few seasons. To be fair, much of those harms have been self-inflicted, the result of a club wanting to make something of itself but still […]

Why Scratchies are a no-no as Christmas presents

Have you ever given scratchies as a Christmas present? Popped a lotto ticket in someone’s card, or stuck a few scratchies to a hamper? I know I’m guilty of this. It seemed like a good idea at the time – a quick fix for Secret Santa, an easy filler for the father-in-law who is impossible […]