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Look for the helpers…

The tragedy that unfolded at Christchurch on Friday is still sinking in for a lot of us. New Zealand is so much more than our geographic neighbour. They’re our closest ally; we’re closely linked, like siblings, like family. When one of their cities is rocked by a tragedy like this, especially when it was an […]

Revealed: How often you should throw out undies

One in four men routinely wear the same underwear two days in a row. That’s 25%. Of the men you know. Wearing their underwear for 48 hours in a row. Surely this is a cause for outrage?! This isn’t the only (slightly gross) tidbit I picked up from recent Good Housekeeping Institute’s research, which gives […]

Our national shame: another death in custody

Am I the only one who is this devastated about our country’s policy around, and appalling treatment of, asylum seekers? I know I can’t be. I know there are compassionate Australians out there who, just like me, find it despicable that we treat human beings like they’re worthless, simply because they’re not lucky enough to […]

Decade-long study proves: no link between vax and autism

So, here’s the thing. The thing is, the dubious debate around vaccinations and their apparent link to autism (and related conditions) has been raging for years. For decades, even. And it was all thanks to the infamous and now discredited former doctor, Andrew Wakefield, who peddled a fraudulent research paper related to just 12 children, […]