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You know nothing Melbourne

On Saturday the 30th of September 2006, I was working in a bar overlooking one of the picturesque beaches on the Southern Gold Coast. The surf was pumping, music was playing, people were laughing and all the patrons could talk about was the Brisbane Broncos and whether they would beat the Storm in the NRL […]

The horror and heartbreak of kids’ birthday parties

I’m astounded by the etiquette – or lack thereof – that many parents display around kids’ birthday parties. I’ve seen parents show up an hour late (to a 90-minute party). I’ve watched them bring extra siblings and kids without letting the host know (leading to tears when it’s time to hand out party bags).

Mum still feels shame over last year’s viral photo

I don’t like the direction our society is heading in. In fact, I hate it. With a passion. I’m reminded how awful our new world order is becoming every day. And it’s not just the massive, horrific terrorism attacks that are triggering it – it’s also the smaller stuff I’m sweating. Take, for instance, this […]