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Lying to have sex could be “sexual assault”

Ever told someone you loved them in an effort to take things further in a sexual way? In the future, this type of behavior could see you charged with sexual assault. The New South Wales Law Reform Commission is currently considering the treatment of sexual consent within the criminal law code. Under Section 6.48, it […]

How to tell if your health insurance is a “junk policy”

Ever heard of ‘junk’ health insurance policies? Every year around April, when health insurers raise their premiums, the cost and value of health insurance is heavily debated in the media, and the phrase ‘junk policy’ gets thrown around. I’ve never fully understood what it meant or how it could impact me – until now. According […]

3 reasons why women don’t report sexual harassment

It’s been three years since FOX News anchor Gretchen Carlson famously accused her network CEO Roger Ailes of sexual harassment. It’s been two years since the #metoo movement really gained steam, after accusations were levelled against Harvey Weinstein. And yet, still, there are plenty of people – specifically men – who just don’t get it. […]

Jetstar pilot slams Qantas CEO salary – and he’s not alone

This morning, I spent 2.5 hours dealing with Qantas’s call centre. The first 90 minutes was spent on hold, waiting to be connected. For the next 55 minutes, I worked with a reservation agent to change a flight. That’s right: 2.5 hours simply to change a flight. I had a similarly disappointing experience with the […]