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Bad customer service – aka the Seventh Circle of Hell

I have the utmost respect for customer service workers. It is not an easy job, no matter what industry you’re in. Because let’s be honest – the general public can be a**holes, and no one actually wants to deal with a**holes. Whether it’s that impatient man who thinks the woman scanning their groceries isn’t worth […]

Workplace power plays

There are many, many ways in which men and women are not ‘equal’ in the workforce. There are the obvious, big issues, like pay equality and board quotas – these are often discussed and they’re important. Many businesses are looking for ways to rectify the imbalance and hopefully, it won’t be long before male and […]

You Blew it

The Gold Coast Suns have had some absolute stinkers, some very recently, but Sunday’s 72 point loss to Port Adelaide in Shanghai was the clubs worst in its history. Ever. It was not the size of the loss; they have been thumped by much more this year alone. It was not even the poor skills, […]

Lauren Brant’s first baby mistake on Instagram

Not gonna lie: when I saw the image Lauren Brant posted of herself just one week after giving birth, I may have sighed. Or was it a groan? I don’t know – let’s just say I rolled my eyes. Because the photo Lauren chose to share was so ridiculously private. It was an image of […]