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Should school playgrounds be open for use during holidays?

We’re back into the routine of returning to school across the Gold Coast. I don’t know about you, but in our house, this means coaxing sleepy children out of warm, soft pyjamas and dragging them through their morning routine while they complain “I’m cold” 25 times per minute.

The new definition of “winning”

In case you missed it, Serena Williams lost to Angelique Kerber at Wimbledon over the weekend. But did she really lose? A beautiful and thought-provoking comment about Williams’ loss from her husband has gone viral – and for all the right reasons.

Why you shouldn’t use UberEats

A friend of mine recently showed me the UberEats app on her phone with pride. “Check out this amount,” she beamed. She’s not a customer of UberEats – quite the opposite. As a busy mother-of-three who struggled to find a job after staying at home with her kids for the better part of the last […]

Are the robots warning us about AI?

I loved the movie Ready Player One. When an ad came on the TV to promote the fact that the DVD would soon be released, I even joked to my other half, “I can’t wait until that’s how we live!” I was half-joking, half-terrified.

Preparing your kids for online trolls

There are a lot of things I want for my children when they get older. I also know what I don’t want for them: I absolutely don’t want them to be on reality TV. Ever. Not even once. Not even as a cameo. Ever.