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Are Gold Coast greenies the most annoying in Australia?

YET another valiant attempt to establish a cable-car up to the Gold Coast’s hinterland is doomed to fail thanks to the greenies. Is there anywhere in Australia that has had its economy smothered as much as the Gold Coast has by over-zealous conservationists? Look, I’m as environmentally concerned as most people are these days. I […]

Tony is a winker but is he to blame?

I think we have all known for some time that our Prime Minister Tony Abbott is a bit of a winker. He has proved it again by winking lasciviously and doing that awful thing he does with his tongue while taking a call from a 67-year-old chronically ill grandmother forced to work on a phone […]

The Gold Coast’s best place for single people

THE schizophrenic shopping hours on the Gold Coast has long baffled me. Particularly as I lived and worked in Brisbane for a while where late night shopping is on Friday night and suburban supermarkets close at 9pm each night except Saturday when they close at 5pm and Sunday when they close at 6pm. On the […]

The politics of shopping and waiting in line

I MADE the mistake of chatting to a woman in the checkout line in Coles the other day. I don’t usually do it but I’m trying to regulate how much time I spend clicking away uselessly on my iPhone when I’m bored. So instead I was tapping out imaginary messages on the trolley handle and […]

Technology has gone mad – Are you keeping up?

I WAS going to write about how even though I am pretty technically savvy, the unrelenting flood of new devices, apps, programs and technology has me flummoxed. Then my laptop crashed and I spent three hours trying to fix it as it became more and more aggressive with weird flashing lights and rude messages. It’s […]