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Where are all of the Gold Coast jobs?

I HAVE lived in the Gold Coast area for more than two years now and I have seen the population steadily grow but I am wondering, where are the jobs on the Coast? For the majority of people who live here, they commute to Brisbane for work. Yes, Brisbane has a much larger population and […]

Lowest petrol prices in a year

I USED to live in America. The price of petrol or ‘gas’ changed every other week and the difference in prices between ‘gas stations’ was minimal. It cost about $3.00 per gallon…that is a drool worthy 79 cents per litre, Gold Coasters. In these parts, the price averages close to $1.50 but can change within […]

The myth of the ‘Great Australian Dream’

GROW up, get a job, buy a home, start a family. This was, traditionally, how life played out, although not always in that order. These days, however, one of the crucial elements in the above-listed ‘Great Australian Dream’ is becoming unreachable for many, as it’s now harder than ever for Aussies to buy their own […]

Gold Coast sport: How much more do we have to lose?

IS anyone else worried about professional sport on the Gold Coast? I mean this is not a new issue and long time locals will probably take it in their stride but it sure is frustrating and the news of Luke Bailey has just brought it to a head yet again. I’ve heard the talk and […]

The state government finally delivers

OVER the last three decades, I’ve visited the ageing wards of the Gold Coast Hospital more times than I can recall. Births, broken bones, visits to the emergency department, my dad’s first and second rounds in the ring with cancer – it was these types of events that had me enter the big block on […]