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Gold Coast Police chopper – A wakeup call for us all

IS there anything better than watching the sun go down on a glorious autumn day while listening to the melodic sounds of the Gold Coast? Birds singing, kookaburras laughing … and the police chopper thundering overhead, destroying property values and scaring the crap out of paranoid, teenage dopers. Ok, maybe I am being a little […]

Bumpy ride for drivers on Bermuda street

I get the joke. In fact, I am starting to suspect the Council has left a certain stretch of road at Reedy Creek in its current state because of the laughs it provides local motorists. Think of it as a community service. Because the bottom end of Bermuda Street near the M1 is full of […]

For Sale – One slightly used cruise ship terminal plan

PSSST – wanna buy a slightly used cruise ship terminal plan? Well, have I got a deal for you. For a limited time only, I can throw in a museum, some lighthouses and Southbank-like parklands. No? Then what can I do to put you in this project today? Look, you’re killing me and the boss […]

I am not a drug addict – I just have a lot of headaches

I walked into a chemist the other day and politely requested some headache tablets. ‘What are they for,” asked the 12-year-old behind the counter, suspiciously. For a headache, I replied like a smartarse as she looked me up and down. “Have you had them before, how often do you take them and we will need […]

Are we being worked to death?

REMEMBER those old movies set in the future that predicted the most ridiculous scenarios? You know, the ones your lame friend (everyone has one) is referring to when they guffaw ‘where’s my jetpack’ for the 100th time? Oh, and by the way, there are jetpacks you morons, if you want one go and buy it. […]