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A thrilling kind of panic

I WENT to my very first property auction last night and let me tell you – it was a frightening experience. I‘m not in the market to buy anything, mind you. But local properties values seem to be (finally) increasing, and there are a lot of homes in my neighbourhood for sale at the moment, […]

No shark nets in winter

ANOTHER whale calf had to be rescued from shark nets off Main Beach yesterday and one died when it got caught off Bilinga last month. Shark nets are a serious threat to whales on their southern migration past the Gold Coast. Compared to the journey north, whales now have newborn calves as they head back […]

A right rip-off

HOW much rent do you reckon office digs cost on the Gold Coast? I’m only hazarding a guess here, but I’m thinking for an average sized office to fit a couple of dozen staff, perhaps it’s somewhere in the vicinity of a few grand a week. These modern premises in Southport, for instance, are renting […]

Seeking the silver lining

TWO decades. That’s how long it took for city planners and politicians to transform the Gold Coast’s light rail system from the seed of an idea into a fully funded, operational $1 billion reality. So how long did it take for a couple of thugs to deface our shiny, brand new trams? Two days. Yep, […]

Victory not so sweet for Titans fans

I’M not afraid to admit that I haven’t been a Michael Searle fan over the years. I’ll even confess to being a hater of John Cartwright as coach of the Titans. I was calling for their demise for a long time before this week. You would think that means I’m celebrating right now. Both of […]