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I’m barking mad over animal cruelty

People on Twitter and Facebook seem to be obsessed with cats for some reason. Dogs get a bit of a look in if they fall off a couch or do something equally adorable But cats are the stars. My favourite is a YouTube video of Cats Stealing Dogs’ Beds I grew up with lots of […]

This is your tax payer dollars at work

YOU must be so proud. Some of your 10 Gold Coast state MPs have been standing up to be heard in Queensland Parliament this week. Unfortunately, what they have to say is not anything that will actually benefit you in any way. Burleigh MP Michael Hart continued to make a spectacle of himself, gloating again […]

Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights

ON MONDAY night, on a live television panel show rarely watched by ordinary people, some uni students stood up, unfurled a banner and chanted. “No cuts. No fees. No corporate universities,” they yelled from the audience of the ABC’s Q&A program that, like brussel sprouts, is an acquired taste. “Chris Pyne, get out. We know […]

Please take the time to complete this survey

LET’S take a quick poll. Who is sick of polls? Who is sick of surveys? Who is sick of polls, surveys, audits, reviews or anything else that asks you for personal information or your opinion on something? Every time you click on a website these days it seems someone is asking you to spend just […]

BREAKING NEWS: Drugs are bad

A FEW years ago I went with a friend to visit her cousin who was studying at Oxford University in England. As we were wandering around the gorgeous town I said to the cousin: So, is there much of a drug problem here? The cousin replied, in all seriousness: No, you can get pretty much […]