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Can I cancel my subscription?

WHEN I got my Council rates notice this week, I almost fell off my chair! I quickly reviewed the dates. Sadly, my eyes don’t need checking as the details were all correct: my six-month rate levy of $898.50 was bang on the money. Almost a grand, for six months worth of contributions towards new and […]

Have 20,000 punters proved the haters wrong?

FOR the last three years, Gold Coasters have been pretty vocal in their frustration during construction of our new $1.2 billion light rail network. [blockquote]“It’s a waste of tax dollars,” they said.[/blockquote] [blockquote]“An expensive eyesore,” they said.[/blockquote] [blockquote]“No one will ride the G:link. How long before it’s scrapped?” they said.[/blockquote] Some people have had every […]

Are we Stuckey in the Sydney bubble?

USUALLY we feel a little angry at the money spent on expensive tourism campaigns that ignore the Gold Coast in a futile attempt to promote other less excellent parts of Queensland. But the latest marketing campaign is all Brisbane’s. Yep, we don’t want anything to do with it. Currumbin MP and Tourism Minister Jann Stuckey […]

With fans like these who needs enemies?

FOR a couple of hundred thousand dollars I am willing to conduct a brisk inquiry into the Titan’s poor performance and hand down my insightful findings ASAP. No need to employ expensive ‘experts’ to launch sweeping reviews. I am quite happy to do it for a bargain price. Right, the inquiry has concluded. My findings […]

The master has spoken

Freudian slip: an error in speech that is interpreted as occurring due to the interference of an unconscioussubdued wish or train of thought. I always enjoy a good slip of the tongue. It often says a lot about the slipper and what he thinks about the slippee. During a farcical budget estimates hearing on Tuesday, Premier Campbell […]