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The Gold Coast’s late night underworld

LATE one night, when all was quiet, I stopped at McDonalds to satisfy a craving for frozen coke. It was about 10pm on a Saturday night and the McDonalds was in the car park of a largish suburban shopping centre on the southern end of the coast. Everything else was closed so it was deadly […]

Back flips and back downs after pensioner backlash

AFTER an unfortunate prank in front of an ATM I learnt the hard way it is not clever or funny to sneak up on an old person. I don’t think I need to go into details. So I hope Premier Campbell Newman and his LNP Government felt it was worth it to yell ‘BOO’ at […]

I would like to apologise for Clive

A FEW years ago he was almost anonymous, just a name in the history books linked to Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen and the Gold Coast’s infamous white shoe brigade. Then he stumbled on some mining wealth, held a press conference or two and discovered he really liked all the attention. Bursting back onto the scene about […]

Welcome to a budget free zone

TELL the truth, you are all just about over budget babble aren’t you? I was going to talk about old people getting screwed, this time by the State Government budget, and how they have to wait until October to find out what concessions they will lose. What’s the bet some will turn off their heating over […]

Pensioners to do the heavy lifting again

THANK God for old people. Without them we would never get our federal and state budgets back into the black. But luckily, by clawing back all the discounts and freebies those elderly layabouts live the high life on, the rest of us won’t suffer as much. Today’s state budget is looking to be as cruel […]