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Going postal

IF Australia Post is wondering why it’s losing money when online shopping and home delivery is booming I can tell them. Your service sucks. Recently I found a package in my driveway addressed to another street that had fallen out of the driver’s van when he delivered a package to me. So I rang Australia […]

The Burleigh Line

I’M calling it the Burleigh Line. The border between the haves and the have-nots on the Gold Coast. The spot where the money for transport, street-scaping, infrastructure and even police seems to run out. It’s like being the youngest child in a large family – by the time the hand-me-downs get to you they are […]

Black Thursday – The Great Crash of 2014

FOR one brief moment on Thursday, the people of the world were united. Race, religion and beliefs were all cast aside as we came together as one, bound by a common despair. There was unprecedented global panic, grief and anger as the reality of our collective predicament became tragically all too clear. NEWS: Facebook back […]

Another budget, another slap in the face for Gold Coast battlers

THERE is nothing that demonstrates the importance of responsible voting more than a council budget. Unlike state and federal budgets, with their airy fairy four-year forward estimates and tax slugs and levies that you don’t always immediately appreciate, the pain of a council budget is instantly clear. A great big fat rate and water rise […]

A vision of the Gold Coast’s future – and other mythical stories

THE draft plan of how the Gold Coast’s overlords see the city looking in 2034 makes me sick. Truthfully, I watched the fly through of the plan on myGC.com.au and immediately felt like heaving. It’s a weird motion sickness I also get from playing computer games and watching IMAX movies. So stay away from it […]