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Please take the time to complete this survey

LET’S take a quick poll. Who is sick of polls? Who is sick of surveys? Who is sick of polls, surveys, audits, reviews or anything else that asks you for personal information or your opinion on something? Every time you click on a website these days it seems someone is asking you to spend just […]

BREAKING NEWS: Drugs are bad

A FEW years ago I went with a friend to visit her cousin who was studying at Oxford University in England. As we were wandering around the gorgeous town I said to the cousin: So, is there much of a drug problem here? The cousin replied, in all seriousness: No, you can get pretty much […]

Do we want to be a leaner but much meaner country?

YOU know how when we bag our health system we console ourselves with the thought that at least it’s not like the health system in the US? Well, we won’t be able to do that for much longer apparently. The brains behind the Federal Government’s long awaited Commission of Audit have decided Australia’s internationally acclaimed […]

Bloody idiots driving us around the bend

I SAW a biker and his passenger pulled over on the Gold Coast Highway this week and I thought ‘here we go again’. Police will pull over anyone on two wheels these days, it’s outrageous! What about our civil liberties! It wasn’t even a macho motorbike but a brightly coloured machine that looked about as […]

Throwing a Gold Coast party Palmer-Katter style

I cannot lie, a plan for a PUP and KAP Coalition to oust Labor as the official Queensland opposition is doing weird things to my stomach. I don’t know if it’s over-excitement at the thought of all the turmoil an alliance between the Bob Katter and Clive Palmer parties will cause or that I just […]