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Average person lies 200 times per day

Two hundred times. That’s how many times the average person can lie in just one day, according to research by Jerry Jellison, a psychologist at the University of Southern California. To be clear, this research hails back to the 1970s. Times may have changed over the last 50 years or so. Still, it’s fairly conceivable […]

Homebuyers turn to the Bank of Mum and Dad

The bank of mum and dad is alive and well, according to a new report. It’s no new phenomenon: for decades, kids have been turning to their parents for a financial leg-up to get into the housing market. But research released this week in the Genworth First Home Buyer Sentiment Report found that the number […]

Could your Instagram profile get you audited by the ATO?

It might sound far-fetched, but your social media accounts could just land you in trouble with the Australian Tax Office. The ATO are always sharpening their data-gathering tools, and now they’re adding social media to the rich tapestry of information at their fingertips. Translation: taxpayers could have their social media accounts monitored to see if […]

Couple pays $500k for IVF – and gets the wrong sperm

A heartbreaking story has emerged out of the United States, where a woman undergoing IVF treatment had her egg mistakenly impregnated with the wrong man’s sperm. She and her husband only realised the issue when their healthy child was born and began developing Asian features – and both parents are Caucasian. This only became obvious […]

I have health insurance – and my surgery is still $11k

I have health insurance. I have had health insurance for many, many years. If I were to add up the premiums, I’d find that I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on my health insurance policy. Now I need to use it – and I’m horrified at my out of pocket expenses. I need […]