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TODAY lineup: “Too blonde, thin and white”

Deb Knight has been named as Karl Stefanovic’s replacement on the TODAY show. QUEUE THE OUTRAGE! It’s coming in from all corners. First, there was outrage that the show will be boring without a male in the main chair…

Convicted child porn user: “I’ve never done anything bad to anyone”

In 2014, a 50-something former nurse pawned his computers at Cash Converters. When he failed to turn up to reclaim the pair of laptops, the shop workers opened his computers to delete everything and prepare them for sale – and that’s when they discovered his horrifying cache of child abuse images. It took a full […]

Is it ok for restaurants to ban kids?

A restaurant owner has made headlines for deciding to ban kids from dining at his joint. It wasn’t a fine dining restaurant, either – it was a burger bar. But scratched tables, broken chairs and destroyed menus pushed Fabian Prioux, owner of Abbey Road Burgers, Bar & Café in NZ, over the edge. Sick of […]

Proof you should join a gym in December

I noticed something at the gym this morning. I do group training classes at F45 and on any given Monday, there’s usually 20-25 people sweating through the 9.15am class. This morning, there was a bit of a dip in attendance. Quite a dip, really.