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New rules: Drink drivers lose licence on the spot

For the first time in four decades, the rules around drink driving are changing. Not in Queensland, mind you; in New South Wales. But if you live in or commute to Tweed, or anywhere south of the border, be warned: law enforcement has adopted a “no tolerance” policy when it comes to drink drivers. Tough […]

Why are we working ourselves to literal and existential death?

We are becoming a culture of robots that lives to work, rather than working to live. A thought-provoking article in the New York Times this week takes a deep dive into the culture of working insanely long hours, highlighting a New York couple that epitomises the (admittedly high-end) rat race: she’s a lawyer working 20-hours […]

Is this age discrimination – or school of hard knocks?

You often hear about job discrimination in Australia in terms of our aging population. Older Australians are falling into poverty at an alarming rate – and single females are the most at risk. What we don’t hear as much about is younger Australians being discriminated against. Recently I was chatting with a friend of colleague, […]

Ricky Gervais sets date for After Life season 2

“I have not stopped crying all day. Thanks for the recommendation!” This was the greeting my friend offered me when I popped over for a coffee yesterday afternoon. You see, I’ve been raving about After Life by Ricky Gervais for weeks. My friend asked for Netflix recommendations to kill time over the recent rash of […]