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Sports brand’s hijab sparks “violent debate”

It’s advice as old as time itself: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” My mum told me this when I was little. I tell this to my kids. It’s common knowledge. So why does it feel like our world leaders need to be reminded of this? In France, […]

Does having kids make you happier?

A friend posed this question this week, and let me tell you – it left me floored. “Of course my kids make me happy,” came my immediate response. My other friend, a fellow parent of three kids aged under 10, chimed in with a similar reply. But then I thought about it. Really thought about […]

Michael Jackson – friend or foe?

“Michael Jackson is either the most maligned genius to have ever moonwalked the earth, or one of the most depraved, cunning paedophiles we have ever known.” So says Sunday Night reporter Matt Doran, who has been investigating child sexual abuse allegations against the late pop icon ahead of the new documentary, Leaving Neverland. Doran’s words […]

Diet soft drinks increase risk of “dying young” by 16%

There are plenty of things that doctors warn pregnant mothers against consuming once they discover they’re “with child”: raw sushi, soft cheese, deli meats, alcohol. But when I was pregnant with my first child, there was one item on the prohibited list that surprised me. Diet soft drinks. “They’re a total no-go,” my mother-earth friends […]

Should men still pay for dinner on the first date?

A debate is raging online about first dates – specifically, about who should pay for them. In this age of #metoo, of gender pay gaps and striving for equality, singles are getting (understandably) confused about the state of play when it comes to paying for dinner at the end of the date. Is it chivalrous […]