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Big winners and losers of Instagram removing ‘likes’

It’s happened. Instagram has removed the counter that shows how many ‘likes’ our posts are receiving. And so far, the reaction is… resoundingly positive. This may seem trivial, but it’s actually such a big deal that even Time magazine is covering it! It’s only being rolled out in Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Japan and New Zealand […]

Petrol prices jump 40c as school holidays end

Can somebody – anybody – explain how the setting of petrol prices works in this country?! Yesterday as my family and I returned to the Gold Coast from a short staycation over the border in the northern NSW coast, I noticed that petrol prices were sky high. They hovered between $1.55 and $1.60 per litre […]

UK schools adopt “gender neutral” uniforms

Well, this is going to raise some eyebrows. Schools in Wales in the United Kingdom will soon allow boys to wear skirts and girls to wear pants in a gender neutral uniform shake-up. The move comes after a couple of schools took the drastic action of actually banning girls from wearing skirts to class. Welsh […]

Does this make me a bad mum – or the best mum?

My daughter wants to get her ears pierced. She’s been asking for them for years, but my rule has always been: when you’re old enough to take care of them yourself (aftercare/being careful taking clothes off etc), then you’re old enough to get them done. She’s 8 now. She makes her own toast, Band-Aids her […]