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Boy hit by car, killed outside school

I got to my desk and perused the news, and read about a terrible accident that happened at a Sydney school on Friday morning. A car appears to have accidentally accelerated before crashing into a wall and pinning a child underneath. Tragically, the young boy died. Such a terrible, heart-breaking accident, and it made me […]

Troubling farm footage of dying goats goes viral

Footage has gone viral this week – and be warned, it’s not very pleasant – of baby goats being slaughtered on a farm. They are killed because they are male, and therefore of no use to the dairy farm, which produces goats milk. The footage is particularly disturbing because the person handling the baby animals […]

Should Tamil family be sent back to Sri Lanka?

To all the people who have no pity for these “queue jumpers”, I want to know; if you were faced with a life of violence and uncertainty, would you really suck it up and try only to go through the proper channels? Or would you explore every single possibility to escape and begin a new, safer life?

Mum’s warning about online privacy: “I can’t fix this”

NSW-based mum, Tammy, is horrified about a breach in her daughter’s privacy. It turns out her daughter’s school used her eight-year-old’s image on an advertisement, without the parents’ express permission. “She was front and centre in the photo, sitting in her classroom at her desk, looking up at the camera,” Tammy tells Kidspot. “We saw […]

How many chances does one person get?

Sex sells. So does controversy. Which is why Alan Jones has had a very long, very profitable career. He’s managed to parlay just about every issue you can think of – related to sex, sports, religion, politics and more – into a contentious topic on-air. He’s basically the human version of clickbait, and he was […]