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The case for medicinal cannabis

My dad only ever tried marijuana once, when he was with some hockey mates in his 20s. “I didn’t like it,” he told me. “It made me skittish and jumpy; I much prefer a beer.” When he was aged in his 70s, I tried to convince him to try it again. Because by then, my […]

Measles cases up 300%

We’re a little over three months into the year, and we’ve clocked over a new milestone already – with the number of measles cases globally having increased by a staggering 300%. The World Health Organisation (WHO) confirms that more than 100,000 cases have been reported worldwide in 2019. In the whole of 2018, only 28,000 […]

How this election could impact your wealth

The election has been called for May 18, 2019, which means we have a solid month of hard-core political campaigning ahead of us. I’m already exhausted. Promises will be made – aka, lies will be told. We’ll get sick of seeing headshots of Shorten and Morrison popping up in the news every night, debating this […]

The real reason Israel Folau shared ‘that’ post

It’s been hard to avoid the latest social media dust up involving footy player Israel Folau. In case you somehow missed it, he posted a meme sharing his strong religious views. I’m not even going to reference what he wrote, because it’s extremely offensive to, well, almost anyone with a pulse. (It’s also incredibly ironic, […]

Our food has been lying to us

For the last two months, I’ve been on something of a health kick. I’ve managed to misplace 8kg since the beginning of the year, largely by going back to the good ol’ fashioned basics: exercise and diet. I go to the gym five days a week, and I count calories. Simple. Boring. Effective. But, perhaps […]