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Peta Credlin comments open a can of worms for the PM

Comments from Tony Abbott’s controversial former Chief of Staff, Peta Credlin,  has sparked concerns about a leadership spill in the Coalition ranks. Ms Credlin has criticised Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s lacklustre polling results. Mr Turnbull has just surpassed Tony Abbott’s term in office and is now Australia’s 19th longest serving Prime Minister, however, his Government […]

Cocaine Cassie thought she was carrying documents

Accused drug mule, Cassie Sainsbury, has revealed she thought she was carrying documents, not drugs when she attempted to board a flight from Columbia to London. The Australian said she had no idea who she was working for when she accepted the job which promised to earn her $10,000. She was caught with 5.8 kilograms […]

SSM “Yes” vote facing criticism after spam texts

The “yes” vote for the Same-Sex marriage survey is facing heavy criticism after sending text messages to thousands of Australians last weekend. The text message read, “The Marriage Equality Survey forms have arrived! Help make history and vote for a fairer Australia. VoteYes.org.au.” The message was sent through a randomised computer generator and sparked concerns about […]

VIDEO: Hurricane Maria rips through Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria has slammed into Puerto Rico, ripping out windows, flooding areas of the city and downing power across the capital of San Juan. There is a growing risk of disease as the city’s sewage lines have started to spew back through toilets. The Hurricane started as a category four storm with winds reaching 250km […]