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Football bet costs man $450 and his dignity

A NEW South Wales man may think twice before agreeing to a bet with mates next time. Brett Francis Mossman, 25, has been fined $450 after pleading guilty to a charge of wilful exposure in a North Queensland court. He was stopped while walking through the Cairns CBD in nothing but a cowboy hat and thongs […]

Hugh Jackman gives Indigenous ‘Frontrunners’ a welcome boost

HUNKY Aussie actor and all-round nice guy, Hugh Jackman, has helped launch a new initiative to empower young Indigenous people. Working his magic as Qantas Ambassador, the Wolverine star (pictured centre) confirmed the airline will donate $1.4 million dollars from the Qantas Foundation to the Indigenous Marathon Foundation (IMF). The IMF was founded by world champion […]

Queensland school boy repeatedly sent for ‘time out’ in tiny room

INVESTIGATIONS are underway into why a Queensland school boy was locked inside a small room for ‘time out’. Nine-year-old Tate Smith, who has autism, has reportedly been sent to the room with boarded-up windows up to 20 times in the past year. His mother claims Kawungan State School, near Fraser Island, is treating her son […]

Brisbane man stabbed after confronting intruders

A MAN and woman are on the run after a violent home invasion in Brisbane. The pair stabbed a man in the arm after he confronted them inside his Ascot unit just before midnight on Tuesday. The 26-year-old told Police he woke up and realised someone had broken in. When he approached them they lashed […]

Calls for law against food waste to go global

There are calls for countries around the world to follow the lead of France and make it illegal for supermarkets to throw away edible food. Large stores must now make a deal with a charity to donate out of date items in a move aimed at reducing food waste. The law which will also see […]