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8yo boy charged with bashing murder of baby

An eight-year-old boy has been charged with the horrific bashing murder of a one-year-old girl in Alabama. It’s alleged the young boy beat the baby to death because she “wouldnt stop crying”. The baby’s mother Katerra Lewis, 26, has also been charged with manslaughter after she left the little girl in the care of five other […]

NSW cops busted singing ‘Frozen’ in adorable video

Two of our men in blue have been busted singing hit Frozen song ‘Love Is An Open Door’ and we couldn’t love it anymore. In the footage sent to 9news.com.au, the two New South Wales policemen can be seen performing the duet, with one officer playing Anna, and the other Hans. The men perfectly mime the hit song from […]

Qld mother jailed for allowing repeated rape of 3yo daughter

WARNING – Readers may find details in this story confronting. A Queensland mother has been jailed for allowing her ex-partner to repeatedly rape her three-year-old daughter to the point where she nearly died as a result of her injuries. The 28-year-old woman, who cant be named, was sentenced to four years jail in the Brisbane […]

Lizards, turtle beaten to death at Qld zoo

Heartless criminals have broken into a north Queensland Zoo, killing two lizards and a freshwater turtle. The animals were beaten to death with a rock before being thrown into a crocodile enclosure at Kuranda Koala Gardens north of Cairns. Staff made the gruesome discovery on Monday morning. Police are investigating the horrific attack.  

Confronting new app transforms your face into an ‘ICE Addict’

A confronting new app has been released with the hope it will deter people from using the dangerous drug ICE. Being an alcohol and drug case manager, Hayden Cooke knows the effects that the drug has on the individual as well as their families, which is why he created ‘Ice Effex’ with his wife Trinity Lonel. The app […]