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Compare the pair: Labor and Liberal’s key election promises

Andrew Donegan, The Conversation and Emil Jeyaratnam, The Conversation With the election less than a week away, here is a quick guide to the major policy announcements and promises from the two major parties. Andrew Donegan, Data + Interactives Editorial Intern, The Conversation, The Conversation and Emil Jeyaratnam, Data + Interactives Editor, The Conversation This […]

Research Check: should we be worried that the chemicals from sunscreen can get into our blood? The Conversation

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has attracted widespread media attention after it found chemicals contained in sunscreen could get into people’s bloodstreams: Chemicals from Sunscreen Get into Your Blood. Here’s What That Means. https://t.co/qSWNbT618g pic.twitter.com/vy3NXfiM39 — Live Science (@LiveScience) May 6, 2019 A variety of different chemicals […]

Morrison brings immigration centre stage with freeze on refugee intake

By: Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra Scott Morrison will seek to bring the debate over immigration and refugees to the centre of the election campaign, with an announcement that a Coalition government would freeze the humanitarian intake. He will contrast this with Labor plans for an increase in the humanitarian component, claiming this would cost […]

Going to the beach this Easter? Here are four ways we’re not being properly protected from jellyfish

The Easter long weekend marks the last opportunity this year for many Australians to go to the beach as the weather cools down. And for some, particularly in Queensland, it means dodging bluebottle tentacles on the sand. In just over a month this summer, bluebottles stung more than 22,000 people across Queensland, largely at beaches […]