Barriers block access to three major Gold Coast beaches

Three major Gold Coast beaches have been cordoned off with barriers overnight, to stop beach goers gathering on the sand.

The Spit, Coolangatta and Surfers Paradise beaches will remain closed for the foreseeable future, as a coronavirus lockdown measure taken by Council.

It comes after crowds flocked Gold Coast beaches over the weekend, despite strong advice from the local, state and federal levels to stay in your suburb and stay home.


Over the weekend, the Mayor closed off the carpark at the Spit, to stop out of towners day tripping there.

Though cars just illegally lined the street instead on Sunday.

At midnight overnight, three of the beaches most populated by non-locals were shut off with barriers, to try and deter people from coming.

Yesterday, Mayor Tom Tate also announced that all council carparks along the beaches will be closed as well, so only locals who physically lived near the beaches would be able to access them.

“We’ll shut as many as we can by Easter so the message is – there is no point coming to the beach, you won’t have anywhere to park.

“It will be all beach side car parks, so locals can park where they normally park at their homes and the like, but as far as people jumping in their car and coming to the beach, it is not essential.

“If it doesn’t work, we’ll step up and put up heavy fencing but I believe Gold Coasters will do the right thing and keep the social distancing and Police have the power to move people on, the Mayor said.

The Mayor says he has further measures ready to go if people continue to ignore the advice to just stay home.

“The health issue is the number one priority and really for people who won’t quite understand that, I’ve got to enforce further measures.

“The message is, please don’t come to the beach, the only thing we want you to do is stay away.

“If you’re a local and you need to exercise on the beach, do it and go home,” the Mayor said.

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Genius idea. Utter genius. Close three beaches because of crowding. Leave others open. I’m.sure they won’t be crowded at all.


check out the surf cams , plenty of saliva and urine still being exchanged


This dude has no idea. first all beaches were crowed even yesterday so his Brisbane blame is off the list, wait and see the weekend. You either close for all or not at all. No mention for surfers and what they expect, surfing is exercise so only the person in front is allowed? how about the person 6 km away? Is it fair? you need to close it all or not at all. Just wait till Friday.

Grant Proctor
Grant Proctor

Not one single reference to a person catching a cold or flu ( Yes that’s what it is) at the beach and yet here we are. Is this actually about social distancing?? More like bigots with control. I was at the beach and everyone was keeping their distance and no one was loitering. Very respectful citizens in my opinion. We love the beach and don’t want to jeopardise our health or others.