BREAKING | Harvey Weinstein found guilty of sexual assault

DISGRACED Hollywood movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein, has been found guilty of sexual assault in a New York court.

The 67-year-old was convicted of sexually assaulting former production assistant Mimi Haleyi in 2006 and the third degree rape of aspiring actor, Jessica Mann, in 2013.

However, the jury acquitted Weinstein on the most serious charges, two counts of predatory sexual assault and the first degree rape of Mann, charges that could have sent him to prison for the rest of his life.


On the two counts of predatory sexual assault, the not guilty verdicts suggested that one or some jurors did not believe the testimony of actress Annabella Sciorra, who alleged Weinstein came into her apartment one night in 1993 or 1994 and raped her.

Though the accusation was too old to be charged as a separate crime, prosecutors offered it to show Weinstein was a repeat sexual offender.

He still faces up to 25 years in prison on the sexual assault conviction.

Justice James Burke ordered Weinstein to be held in custody and he was helped unsteadily to his feet before officers lead him away in handcuffs to await his sentencing on March 11.

His lawyers have confirmed they will be launching an appeal.

He still faces sexual assault charges in California, which were announced just hours after his New York rape trial began, and dozens of women have filed civil lawsuits against him.

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