Brothers responsible for controversial terrorist prank video in custody

UPDATE: Three Melbourne pranksters who pretended to shoot at a young child and her father with a fake AK-47 have been charged by counter terrorism police.

The Jalal brothers, known for their prank videos of fake abductions and bomb scares, were taken into custody on Thursday morning and later charged with public nuisance, possess prohibited weapon and behave in offensive manner in a public place.

Two of the brothers, aged 20 and 18, have been bailed by police to appear at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on 20 May, with a condition that they not produce, upload or publish on any social media site any images or video that is offensive in nature.


The 16-year-old brother was bailed to appear at a children’s court at a later date.

EARLIER: Three Melbourne teenagers who pretended to shoot at a young child and her father with a fake AK-47 are in police custody.

The Jalal brothers, known for their prank videos of fake abductions and bomb scares, were taken into custody on Thursday and are currently assisting police with their inquiries.

The brothers, aged 20, 18 and 16, caused uproar with their latest prank which terrified a young girl and her father.

In the video, the Muslim brothers are dressed in white robes with a loudspeaker pretending to shoot a replica AK-47 out of a car window towards a child and her father standing at a payphone.

Social media erupted with many posting that the prank was taken way too far .

It’s reported their earnings from the YouTube prank videos could now be counted as proceeds of crime.

What do you think, did the brothers take it too far this time? Let us know in the comments below!


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Absolutely deploreable behavior!


This is not simply a youthful prank-they have gone too far and knew it.
This is a criminal offence and should be treated as such.
Full marks to Police for their response .
The “victims” were terrified and my sympathy is with them.


terrorists in training send the whole family back where they came from and don’t let them back


no consideration for other ppl with everything that’s going on through the world with bombings an other terrorist acts also including shooting an these young ppl parading round in Muslim clothes doing these things an they wonder why we have such hate? deport them an the family obviously the family was supporting them


I am disgusted by these people… Look at the families devastated by terrorist attacks… Look at the defence members who fight every day to stop them, look at the defence families, police families that are impacted by terrorists…. I’m sorry but there is nothing funny at all about this stupid stunt.. I hope that they end up in jail for what they have done

Andy Thompson

Ok its a prank but look at the farther he run his poor kid he left behind

Ray Beard

The back-pack bomb hoax was incredibly humuorous, and at least some of it was staged, I’m certain, but this one was way too much. I expect charges will be laid. Maybe no gaol time, but there will be a penalty. Replica guns require a license, I thought?


If you use a fake weapon in a bank robbery, it is still armed robbery. Prosecute these idiots for making that father think his and his daughter’s life were at risk


HaHa got caught…clowns


I can’t believe that some people would actually think that this is funny! What has the world come to? These idiots deserve the full force of the law!
Basically, they are ‘terrorists’… look at the terror and fear that they caused to those poor innocent people who were just going about their daily lives…


These boys should have been dealt with a long time ago

Cheryl Thomson

These low life morons have no respect for the innocent people who could get caught up in their stupid so called prank, I can see one day something will go horribly wrong wonder if they will be laughing then


Imagine the fallout if they did this to a highly trained professional soldier with PTSD! Disgraceful. So far they are lucky no one had reacted just as badly in return. If they think it’s funny they should enlist and get shot at for real. Bet the oxygen thieves see it differently then.


Can you imagine if this had been an Aboriginal person with a fake spear OMG there would be a huge outcry and they would be locked up.
These 3 think it funny well think again I hope they get charged with terrorist activity Their behaviour is disgustingly wrong on all levels


These three should face court charged with committing a terrorist act and serve jail time if convicted. Minimum thirty days. Scare the s..t out of them as they have done to others.

Margaret Gobbie

This kind of behaviour is a disgrace. They need to be punished in some way. Scare the day lights out of them…


With the way the world is at the moment, this so called ‘prank’ is worse than bad taste. Not even funny!! Idiots. That poor father and his little girl, not to mention the others they scared half to death. I’d have no doubt that she/they would have nightmares for ages after this!

Mary Couper

Have definitely taken this too far. What about the fear that the father and his child experienced. Not good enough. Far too often the victim is forgotton.


They are disgraceful and should be charged for terrorism. Any money they have made from their videos should be donated to charity

Lorraine Hanlan

This was definitely a ridiculous thing to do. The father and his child would have been terrified and I can only imagine would could have transpired had an armed police officer opened fire. They should absolutely pay for their abhorrent behavior.


Lock them up! Not funny, glad they have been charged. I feel so relieved that none of the ‘intended victims’ were injured, someone could have had a heart attack or seizure, those victims will continue to have nightmares because of these irresponsible skylarking idiots.


All I can say is about time! I have commented previously on the disgraceful behaviour. I hope they feel the full force of the law and scares the crap out of them. They should not have acess to any monies generated from you tube now or in the future, donate to charity.


Sadly, prank or no prank, this behaviour goes too far, especially in the wake of recent attacks on innocent people around the World. If someone attempts a robbery with a fake weapon, it is still classed as “armed robbery”. Ergo, treat these in the same light. Whatever must that poor kid and the Father be going through, its utterly deplorable what they put them through and I hope that the courts deal with them with that in mind.


if this happened in the US, they probably would have been shot by someone they were trying to prank.

Bev Parpworth