Calling all mini rock stars – it’s Regurgitator (for kids)

This summer there’s something pretty special happening at HOTA – a super cool kids concert by Brisbane’s quirky crew, Regurgitator. Yes, THAT Regurgitator, the one you know and love.

Bringing their witty attitude and musical mash-up of funk, pop and rock, they’ll be playing a unique collection of kids tunes. It’s about as naughty as punk rock can get and still offer a G rating.

Having performed and recorded for the best part of 25 years these guys know their way around a stage. This is not your usual kid’s concert where the adults are surreptitiously counting the minutes ‘til it ends and checking their phones. Their geeky and ironic style, and non-patronising attitude, interlaced with some pretty cheeky double entendres will keep the kids on the edge of their seats and the adults amused.


Frontman Quan Yeomans said, “With the kids’ stuff, I think we can take risks again like we used to, and just do stuff that might be a little bit risqué in that genre currently, ‘cause it is so neutralised by everyone being terrified about offending people and offending children, or like damaging children in some way by exposing them to something a little bit I dunno, adult, or just realistic.

“So I mean, when I approach a kids’ show, I want to educate in a non-patronising way. I want to talk about science, I want to talk about the human body, and be on the level with what they’re gonna have to get used to as they grow up. My kid’s vocab is very much inspired by the way that I talk to him – I don’t talk to him like a child, I talk to him how I would talk to anyone.

“Obviously, I’m sensible with my understanding of what he understands, but I don’t believe in talking down to children, I never have, and I think that a lot of the kids’ material that’s out there kind of does. It can be a little bit patronising for kids, and you know, they enjoy it, and that’s fine and it’s catchy or whatever, but I think there’s room for something a little bit more sophisticated ‘cause we do kind of undervalue the way they look at the world.”

Regurgitator inpage

PHOTO: Supplied by HOTA

So have a little fun with us, unleash your inner rock star and come dressed up. You can also drop in before or after the show to glam up a cardboard guitar in a special free ArtLab workshop, It’s the perfect accessory to rock out with at the concert!

Get your hands on some tickets now for the epic Regurgitator Kids Show, 11am on Sat 12 Jan.

If your little rocker loved this concert then they’ll love our Kids Take Over program from 16-18 Jan. Check out the free and ticketed events on daily at this fun packed, music mini-fest for kids.

Make a day of it at HOTA this summer – swim in the lake, climb the adventure trail, grab some snack from the café – with free parking it’s easy to spend the whole day here.