Candice Alley reveals she told Grant Hackett to leave

CANDICE Alley has opened up about her turbulent marriage with Grant Hackett.

The singer has hit back at her ex-husband after he slammed their marriage last month in an in-depth interview.

The 32-year-old told New Idea: “It was new for me to read in newspapers that Grant said our marriage was one of those that was probably doomed to fail from the start, and that he wanted to leave,” she said.


“That was quite contrary to the way it was, at least through the first half of the marriage, he never indicated this once to me.”

“There were plenty of beautiful times, especially having our children together.”

She also revealed that she asked Hackett to leave their apartment.

“It was our fifth wedding anniversary when I told him to leave. How strange is that?’ she said. “Grant tried to reconcile two weeks later, but I knew I never wanted to roll that dice again.”


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