RSPCA Qld seizes 37 animals from ‘rescue’ group

The RSPCA Qld has seized a massive amount of mistreated animals from a property north of Brisbane.

After months of investigation, the RSPCA Inspectorate executed a warrant at the Storybook Farm Sacred Animal Garden Rescue – a former Gold Coast rescue charity.

Concerns were held about numerous animals, many of which were disabled and being kept at the location.

Yesterday (March 20), Inspectors descended on the property and seized 37 animals.

When they got to the property, Inspectors reported immediately noticing the terrible conditions in which the animals were kept.

The conditions did not, in any way, resemble the conditions portrayed by the rescue group on their social media page.

In one particular instance, a Dalmatian name Barry was posted on Storybook Farm’s Facebook page looking clean and cute and wearing a donated jumper just a day before the seizure.

When inspectors found Barry, it was immediately apparent the photo could not have been more of a lie.

Here is what the RSPCA Qld’s Facebook post says about how they actually found Barry.

“The flesh on Barry’s back legs had worn through almost to exposed bone, the skin on his testicles had worn bare exposing raw flesh, and he had other wounds on his rear end also associated with dragging and immobility in his rear end. These wounds were being constantly soaked in urine as Barry had no control of his bladder. The ulceration of the wounds and urine scalding was severe.

Veterinarians were of the belief that Barry was experiencing significant pain and had been experiencing this pain every second of every day. His quality of life, prognosis, and an inability to keep him alive comfortably, meant that vets had no option but to humanely euthanase him. Experienced staff were reduced to tears,” the Facebook post reads.

Barry was just one of 37 animals seized yesterday.

The RSPCA is working tirelessly to assess and treat the animals.

For the full story, click here (warning – some graphic images).

PHOTO | Sourced RSPCA Qld Facebook

PHOTO | Sourced RSPCA Qld Facebook

PHOTO | Sourced RSPCA Qld Facebook

PHOTO | Sourced RSPCA Qld Facebook

PHOTO | Sourced RSPCA Qld Facebook

RSPCA appeals for horse ‘foster carers’ amid drought

THE RSPCA is imploring horse owners to seek help if they are unable to feed their animals, amid drought conditions in Queensland.

The animal welfare advocate seized a number of horses (pictured below) during the week and say more are expected.

8 horses are now at RSPCA Qld’s Wacol shelter and another eight are expected in the next week, as they put the call out for ‘foster carers’.

“We understand only too well about drought conditions but hay, although expensive, is available and it’s an owner’s responsibility to make certain their animals are fed,” RSPCA Chief Inspector Daniel Young said.

“If they genuinely can’t afford to keep them then they need to make other arrangements such as a rescue group or agistment,” Mr Young added.

Image: Supplied RSPCA

The RSPCA is calling on Gold Coasters living in suitable areas to put up their hands to look after those in need.

“We desperately need foster carers that can take some of these horses,” Shelter Manager Nanda ten Grotenhuis said.

“Some areas, particularly around the Gold Coast, still have ample feed, but the RSPCA also organizes feed for all foster carers.

“We simply don’t have the space to keep them onsite once they are ready to be rehomed.

“We also have two beautiful miniature horses (main photo) that are looking for a home. They were in terrible condition when they came in but they’re in great shape now.”

Echidna Puggle Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

WATCH | Adorable baby echidna slurping milk

IF BY the end of this story, you don’t want to have an Echidna as a pet, then you’re dead inside.


Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (CWS) has just released photos and videos of their newest Echidna Puggle, and we’re losing our minds.

Aptly named Pooh Bear, the little guy (or girl, you can’t tell until they’re two-years-old) is living up to its namesake with a zest for fun and exploration.

Born at CWS in late August, Pooh Bear’s mum was unable to adequately care for her offspring, so the keepers took over the role of mum.

And now, we want that job.

Echidna Puggle Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

PHOTO: Supplied by National Trust Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

From just two months old Pooh was hand-raised by Wildlife Keepers, Alice and Lauren, and fed Wombaroo Echidna Milk – a special milk supplement – every four days from the palms of their hands.

“At each feed Pooh Bear drinks almost twenty percent of its body weight, this is why they only feed every 4 days” Alice said in a statement.

Pooh has just been introduced to solids foods, beginning with live termites and progressing to the specialist diet that all the other CWS echidnas eat.

“It’s not everyone’s idea of a delicacy but echidnas tend to enjoy a good plate of termites for dinner.”

Pooh Bear has also started going out for walks and exploring new environments.

Echidnas have short, strong limbs and large claws, which make them excellent diggers, and electric pulses in their sensitive beak that allow them to locate termites, ants and other soil creatures to eat.

Take a look at the cuteness…


Woman mauled by jaguar while trying to take ‘selfie’

A woman has been mauled by a jaguar over the weekend, after crossing a safety barrier to get a ‘selfie’.

It’s believed the woman – aged in her 30s – climbed over a barrier at a zoo in the United States to get closer to the wild animal, for a perfect photo opportunity.

While the large cat was not outside its cage at any point, it was apparently able to reach through the bars to grab the woman.

Local media reports that witnesses heard loud screaming, before seeing the woman’s arm being mauled through the fence of the enclosure.

Apparently a relative of the selfie taker then threw a water bottle into the enclosure to distract the animal, which then released its grip of the girl.

The Wildlife World Zoo in Arizona confirmed in a post on Twitter that nothing will happen to the jaguar as a result of the attack.

“”The visitor sustained non-life threatening injuries to their arm from one of our female jaguars.

“At the request of the family, paramedics were called.

“At no time was the animal out of its enclosure.

“please understand why barriers are put in place.

“Sending prayers to the family tonight,” the zoo’s tweet read.



Gold Coast koalas will be better protected on Council land

Gold Coast Council has decided to purchase a significant area of land in the Coomera region, in a bid to better protect Koalas.

The land occupies up to 1500 hectares, and will be purchased using the newly-created Koala fund.

It’s believed the fund takes $3 a year from every rateable property in the city, bringing in around $800,000 annually.

A final price on the property remains confidential, while negotiations are underway.

Though Mayor Tom Tate says that Council will also use funds from its reserves to complete the sale, because they’re determined to protect the iconic Australian mammal.

“We will get a fair value, and then take steps to create a koala corridor, in line with what the state government wants.

“I like that it will enhance the DNA gene pool because you’re getting koalas from different locations.

“I think you’ll have a stronger and safer koala, because some of the money will go towards fencing as well, to keep the dogs out.

“We’ll put underneath the road so that the koalas can crawl under as well,” Mayor Tate said

The land purchase adds to a range of koala management plans in currently in place across the coast.