WATCH: Male brown snakes filmed in vicious battle over female

Well it appears snake breeding season is in full swing!

Two male Eastern Brown Snakes have been caught feuding over a female on a property at Eumundi on the Sunshine Coast.

Noosa snake catcher Luke Huntley posted vision of the males locked in a vicious power struggle to Facebook overnight, where it has since gone viral with more than 27,000 views.

In the footage, the slithering serpents can be seen wrestling as they desperately try to overpower each other to get the attention of their lady love interest.

It took two snake catchers to catch the pair, with Mr Huntley writing it was a hectic job.

“HECTIC!! Today I was called to a home in Eumundi to relocate 2 Eastern Browns from her garden path. The 2 males were fighting over a female which was just under the concrete slab. We could see her after we got these 2 but without demolition she wasn’t coming out haha,” Mr Huntley wrote alongside the video.

“It was a hectic callout but was definitely the best callout I’ve had in ages!”

Eumundi is known to be a brown snake hot spot and Spring is typical breeding season, making sightings of the serpents much more likely.


MEOW! Hot Aussie firemen cuddle with cute animals for charity

Cute cats, dogs, alpacas AND hot, sexy firemen? Woah, dreams really do come true!

Just when you thought the annual Australian Firefighters Calendar couldn’t get any better, they go ahead and team up some smokin’ hot heroic firemen with ridiculously adorable rescue animals.

Say hello to the 2020 Australian Firefighters Calendar – AKA the new gift on the top of your Christmas wishlist.

It’s extra steamy with a side of incredibly sweet, and this year there’s not one, but SIX calendars to choose from… phwoar, that’s one way to get the heart rate up!

“This year we have produced 6 unique calendars for 2020, featuring Australia’s hottest firefighters with rescue cats, dogs and horses… We have also produced calendars featuring Australian native animals and even a farm animal edition” director David Rogers told myGC.

The Australian Firefighters Calendar has a rich past of supporting some of Australia’s biggest Children’s Hospital organisations, however this year the organisation decided to support local, smaller charities with more of a focus on native Australian, rescue, and therapy animals.

“We felt that it was important to help some of the smaller charities that the public never hears about,” Rogers said.

“These grass roots organisations work tirelessly in their local community making a huge difference to people’s lives”

One of the charity’s that the proceeds from the sale of the calendars will be going towards is the Gold Coast’s very own Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.

The animal hospital has has been caring for injured native Australian animals for over 70 years and this year will treat over 11,000 injured animals.

It’s understood the donated funds from the calendar will go towards purchasing new equipment and fund research into diseases affecting the koala population, which is an even better reason for you to get your paws on the hottest (and cutest) calendar EVER.

Another charity that will benefit from the sale of the calendars is Healing Hooves, which was setup to help children suffering with Autism and Asperger’s. The charity now also helps returned veterans suffering from PTSD and older people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

You can purchase the Calendars from the website here.

And whilst you wait for the big package to arrive in the mail, here’s a sneak peek of some of the behind the scenes action… You’re welcomeeee!

Dog Calendar Photoshoot:

Cat Calendar Photoshoot:

Wildlife Calendar Photoshoot:
Molly the Alpaca and Hamish:
Dog on beach

WATCH: AWLQ calling for donations this World Animal Day

Today is World Animal Day, and it is day to take action and make the world a better place for animals.

Animal Welfare League Queensland are acknowledging the day by running a fundraising campaign to purchase two new vans for their Beach Walking Program.

Every week, dedicated volunteers head to the beach with a group of abandoned and homeless canine companions in tow as part of the Program.

The shelter dogs get to feel the wind in their fur, the sand between their toes, run on grass, experience new smells, all while taking a break from the shelter environment.

Watch below:


But the program wouldn’t be possible without transportation, and the two vans the AWLQ currently use are in desperate need of replacement.

With the communities support this World Animal Day, AWLQ are hoping to raise $60,000 to purchase two custom fitted vehicles so they can continue their Beach Walking Program and keep dogs tails wagging.

⚠️ WE'RE ON THE VERGE OF A BREAKDOWN ⚠️The vans used to transport our shelter dogs for AWLQ's Beach Walking Program…

Posted by Animal Welfare League Qld on Wednesday, October 2, 2019

So put the wheels in motion and donate to Animal Welfare League Queensland’s Beach Walking Program fundraiser if you can at

Paradise Country Tiger Cub

Tiger cubs enjoy last few days at Paradise Country

Gold Coasters only have a few days left to meet tiger cubs Maliah and Melah at Paradise Country.

This weekend will be their last at the park before they head back to their wildlife reserve in New South Wales.

The now four-month-old tiger cubs and were the first species to visit Paradise Country’s new Global Conservation Centre as part of a partnership with the Bullen family.

Paradise Country Curator of Wildlife, Deane Jones said the two female cubs, Maliah and Melah have been a great addition to the park.

“The cubs have been wonderful ambassadors for their species and the money they have helped raise will go directly to tiger conservation,” he said.

Since their arrival in June, over $40,000 has been raised for Tiger Conservation through the Global Conservation Centre.

“We have partnered with Fauna & Flora International who are dedicated to protecting threatened wildlife and habitats and the funds will be vital to their ongoing conservation efforts,” he said.

“Through the new Global Conservation Centre, guests have been able to get an up-close experience with the cubs and have been inspired to take action towards animal conservation, which has been evident with the donations we have received.”

In addition to the tiger cubs, Paradise Country is also hosting Spring on the Farm these school holidays with some of the cutest, the cuddliest and the wildest baby animals.

For more information about Paradise Country and Spring on the Farm, visit or call 13 33 86.

Pet owners urged to be wary as tick season underway

With tick season underway, Gold Coast pet owners are urged to be proactive to protect their dogs and cats.

It is estimated at least 10,000 dogs and cats are presented to veterinarians for tick treatment each year, with many animals dying as a result of just one tick bite.

Dr. Kevin Cruickshank from Gold Coast Vet Surgery said pet owners should prioritise tick prevention.

“All too often I have seen the devastating outcome for both pets and owners when paralysis tick preventatives are not administered,” he said.

“The good news is, there are excellent long-lasting preventative options available for both dogs and cats.

“Since these newer generation products have been available, we have seen a dramatic decrease in the number of paralysis tick cases. Don’t leave it until it’s too late – paralysis tick season is here now.”

Gold Coast Vet Surgery Dr Kevin Cruickshank

Dr Kevin Cruickshank | PHOTO: Supplied

Here are some tips to effectively minimise the risk of tick paralysis in your pet:

  • Preventative treatment – Every at-risk dog and cat should have access to effective tick prevention.
  • Daily inspections – Daily inspection gives the best chance of finding a tick before severe symptoms develop. Use your fingertips to feel your pet’s coat. Start at the head and work your hands down to each paw, ensuring you check every fold and between each claw for any lumps. If you find a tick, consult your vet immediately to show you the best removal method.
  • Symptoms – Dogs developing tick paralysis typically show weakness of their back legs and a wobbly walk, which then progresses to total paralysis of all four legs. They may also regurgitate food due to weakness of muscles in their throat and oesophagus. Cats get agitated and develop a funny breathing pattern with a soft grunt as they breathe out. Weakness is typically less obvious to their owners, at least in early stages.

Australia’s paralysis tick season runs from about September to March.

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