Paradise Country Animals

Baby animals galore at Paradise Country these school holidays

Get ready for plenty of cuteness at Paradise Country these school holidays!

Spring has sprung at the Australian farm experience, bringing with it plenty of adorable baby animals in all shapes and sizes.

Piglets, calves, lambs, kids, joeys, foals and chicks will all call Paradise country home until October 13, with visitors able to cuddle up close with many of them.

Tiger cubs Melah and Maliah will also be making appearances throughout the school holidays, with the pair to come out to say hello on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday until October 7.

Here is a taste of what you can expect at Spring On The Farm at Paradise Country:

Entry to Paradise Country see all cute and cuddly baby animals is included with a Village Roadshow One Pass. For more information, visit:

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Dog on beach

Queensland LNP announce harsher dog baiting penalties

Queensland LNP have announced they would increase penalties for dog baiting, if they win the next state election.

It follows a string of cruel deaths and injuries to several dogs at Brisbane parks in recent weeks.

There have also been a number of near misses reported on the Gold Coast, with dog baits found at The Spit and a dog park in Robina recently.

Currently, penalties for baiting an animal has a maximum penalty of one year’s imprisonment or $40,035.

Though the LNP believe these penalties don’t align with the offence of animal cruelty which has a maximum penalty of three years imprisonment or $266,900.

The LNP has vowed to close this ‘legal loophole’ if they get elected into power next year, by aligning the penalties with cruelty offences under the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001.

“Like many Queenslanders I am horrified by the alleged dog baiting incidents around Brisbane.

“The penalties for dog baiting should be the same as penalties for animal cruelty.

“It is beyond the pale that some lowlife thinks it is ok to do this to our pets.

“It is also deeply troubling that even if we catch the grubs poisoning our dogs that they may only get a slap on the wrist.

“I won’t allow that to happen on my watch and it is why if elected the LNP will triple the penalty for dog baiting.

“The LNP will send a clear message, you mess with man’s best friend then we will throw the book at you,” Ms Frecklington said.

WATCH: Two turtles released at Fingal Beach

The Sea World team have this morning released two green turtles back to the ocean at Fingal Heads after more than a month of rehabilitation.

The two turtles, ‘Swim Shady’ and ‘Cookie’ were brought to Sea World in late July after they were found floating off Cook Island.

Under the care of the expert veterinary and marine sciences team, the turtles were placed on a rehabilitation regime which included feeding, veterinary checks, treatments and data collection.

Watch below:

Sea World Curator of Fishes, Marnie Horton said being able to release the turtles after just over a month of treatment is a wonderful result.

“Both turtles’ body condition and swimming behaviour returned to normal and their appetite increased to a level where they were both suitable for release,” she told myGC.

“It is a great outcome for the turtles and the ability to release them back to Fingal Beach, which is the area where they were located, is really pleasing as we know this is a good habitat for the species.

“On average Sea World rescues 50 turtles annually with many coming into our care with injuries due to human interaction such as fishing line and netting entanglements, ingestion of line, lures and hooks or with hooks in their flippers.

“Sea World through the Sea World Research & Rescue Foundation is very proud to be able to assist in the recovery and conservation of all marine life and it is always great to be able to release the animals back to the ocean.”

For more information about the Sea World Research & Rescue Foundation, visit or call 13 33 86.

New discovery proves penguins used to be as big as humans

It’s been revealed that giant penguins were once a thing of the past, following a new fossil discovery.

New Zealand scientists announced the discovery of ‘Crossvallia Waiparensis’/’Monster Penguin’ this week, from fossils located in Waipara, North Canterbury, last year.

It’s understood the species could have been one of the world’s oldest known penguin species, but also, one of the largest.

The penguin would have stood around 1.6 metres tall, and weighed between 70 and 80 kilograms. See? MONSTER.

Amateur paleontologist Leigh Love made the incredible discovery, and teams from the Canterbury Museum and the Senckenberg National History Museum in Frankfurt, Germany, helped analyse them.

They’ve also determined the monster penguin would have lived between 66 and 56 million years ago, during the Paleocene Epoch.

Dr Vanesa De Pietri from the Canterbury Museum says discovering a second giant penguin from the Paleocene Epoch is further evidence that early penguins were huge.

“It further reinforces our theory that penguins attained a giant size very early in their evolution,” she said.

Your dog could be the face of Q Super Centre!

Calling all model pups and their proud owners!

Q Super Centre is on the hunt for the Gold Coast’s most photogenic pooch to be the new face of the Mermaid Waters shopping centre.

They have launched a Doggie Face of Q 2019 competition, and are urging Gold Coast dog owners to submit their furry friend for a chance to win some great prizes.

The first prize winner will walk away wagging their tail with a $500 credit with Vetcall, a pet photoshoot with Paw Posed Pet Photography, a $500 Petbarn voucher and a designer Doggie Face of Q 2019 collar tag.

11 runner-up dogs will also score awesome prizes, including individual pet photo shoots with Paw Posed Pet Photography and a spot in the Doggie Face of Q 2019 calendar.

The calendar will be available for all dog lovers to pick up at Q Super Centre from October this year!

Jess and Daisy Q Super Centre

Previous winners include Jess (who took out the very first Doggie Face of Qcompetition) and Daisy (who was rescued at age 4 from Greyhound racing and was 8 years old when she won).

Nominations are now open for all breeds of dogs, so whether you’ve got a great dane or chihuahua at home they are in for a chance to win.

Entering the competition is free, plus for every entry on Facebook, Q Super Centre will donate $1 to Story Dogs – a literacy program that helps children across Australia learn to read.

If you think your pooch has what it takes to be Q’s next top dog, enter today here! Entries close on Friday 23 August.