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WATCH: Heart-warming moment little boy is reunited with his lost pup

The moment a little boy is reunited with his puppy who has been missing for a month is melting hearts across the globe.

The adorable reunion was captured by mother Paula Williams and uploaded to the Lost and Found Pets of Lubbock, TX Facebook page where it has since been viewed more than 3.6 million times.

In the footage, the young boy can be seen breaking down into tears as he pulls his best pal in for a hug.

“Oh Kase, I missed you,” the youngster sobs as the pup licks his face.


Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi reveal they have a kid!

The secret’s out… Ellen DeGeneres has revealed she and wife Portia de Rossi have a kid!

Having been married for almost eight years, it’s about time the couple announced the news of their new bundle of joy!

The only catch is… he’s not human.

“I have not talked about this yet, but we have a new puppy. Portia and I got a puppy and his name is Kid so now we have a kid,” DeGeneres said.

World, meet Portia’s and my new puppy, Kid.

A photo posted by Ellen (@theellenshow) on

‘Yep. I mean, he is absolutely adorable. He’s 9 weeks old and cute as can be, but I’ll tell you what’s not cute is to wake up at 11, and 1, and 3 and 5. And then 5 is when he’s up, up.’

Kid joins Ellen’s other two dogs Auggie and Wolf.

Reagan the Labradoodle is your new favourite dog

Reagan the Labradoodle is the latest pet to take social media by storm.

The 1.5 year old pup, who lives in Portland, Oregon, has amassed an incredible 62,000 followers on Instagram.

It’s not hard to see why, with Reagan’s owners posting adorable photos of him daily on his account @regandoodle.

Last year year, Reagan also released a Christmas calendar on Etsy, with all the profits donated to foster children.

If you haven’t spotted Reagan on social media yet, we have raided his account and for you to enjoy!


Reagan likes to dress up in matching clothes with his owner’s grandson:

I was gonna say something, but this cool cats got my tongue. ??❤️??

A photo posted by Mr. Reagan (@reagandoodle) on

Reagan likes to pretend he is a cute plush toy:

My pals and I wish you a beary beary beary beary Merry Christmas! ?????? A photo posted by Mr. Reagan (@reagandoodle) on

Warm fuzzy memories of my first Christmas. ?❤️?❤️?? #throwbackthursday #joylovepetscontest

A photo posted by Mr. Reagan (@reagandoodle) on

I have been beary good this year. ? A photo posted by Mr. Reagan (@reagandoodle) on

Reagan also loves pretending he is human:

Paws-ing to enjoy a leisurely morning. ?☕️? PS- Don’t bother me while I’m eating. ?

A photo posted by Mr. Reagan (@reagandoodle) on

Atlanta on the hunt for dog loving family

The Animal Welfare League is hoping a Gold Coast family will visit their rehoming centre on the Gold Coast and adopt Atlanta.

Atlanta is a playful Bull Arab / Australian Kelpie who is 6 Months 3 Weeks old.

She loves doggy friends and human cuddles.  A family who can take her to puppy school, for lots of walks during the week and play with her in the backyard would be the perfect fit. Atlanta would also love a doggy sibling to play with during the day.

You can come and meet Atlanta at AWLQ’s Gold Coast rehoming centre, Shelter Road, Coombabah.

ANIMAL ID: 44901
PHONE: 07 5509 9030
ADDRESS: Shelter Road, Coombabah, Qld, 4216

Dreamworld names adorable twin tiger cubs

Dreamworld’s six week old twin tiger cubs have finally been named.

The sisters’ names – Akasha and Adira – were bestowed on them today, handpicked by Tiger Island staff from more than 9,000 suggestions in a nation-wide competition with Channel Seven’s Sunrise program.

“It took hours to wade through all the names with some funny ones along the way like Noodle, Boo and Cookie,” said Tiger Island Manager Patrick Martin-Vegue. “We liked Akasha as it’s from India where tigers are still found in the wild and Adira because it means strong and noble, reflecting the majestic nature of tigers.”

The adorable cubs also ventured onto Tiger Island for the first time today playing with their big brother Kai and honorary grandmother Sita.

One of the tiger cubs with big brother Kai. PHOTO: Supplied

One of the tiger cubs with big brother Kai. PHOTO: Supplied

Fully immunised and weighing 5.5kilograms, the doubly-cute pair will now transition from their nursery to their cub display and start walking through the park in the coming weeks.

Mr Martin-Vegue said the cubs were growing quickly, already more than five times their birth weight. “They are drinking 500ml of formula across four feeds per day and gaining about 700 grams per week,” he said. “We’re slowly introducing them to meat. They’ll try some balls of minced chicken or beef this week.”

He continued: “They’re starting to play together more now and are developing their own personalities. Akasha is definitely more bold and adventurous than her sister. I’m sure they will be double trouble for Kai when they get a little older and stronger.”

One of the tiger cubs en route to Tiger Island. Photo: Supplied

One of the tiger cubs en route to Tiger Island. Photo: Supplied

Welcomed as the next generation for Tiger Island, the sister cubs were the second litter born at Tiger Island in 2015 to nine-year-old female tiger Nika and her 11-year-old beau Raja. Their first son Kai was born at Tiger Island on 29 July 2015.

Dreamworld guests can see the super cute duo and their big brother Kai at Tiger Island daily.