These pets travel better than you

Do you get pangs of jealousy when you see your friends’ holiday snaps on Instagram?

Well now because we all love to follow cute pets on the social media site, they too are giving us envy with posts about all their travel adventures.

These pets spend their days exploring the world, while we are stuck at work.

Take a look at some of our favourite holiday pets to stalk below. If you are in dire need of a vacation, we suggest reading no further.

This Italian Chihuahua is probably be the world’s most jet-setting pet, and enjoys luxurious stays in Santorini and Paris.

Loki is a husky/Arctic wolf/ Alaskan Malamute mix and loves exploring the wilderness with his owner.


Millie the cat loves climbing and hiking adventures. When she gets tired, Millie hitches a ride in her owner’s backpack.

Ready for the desert not to be 1,000 degrees.. A photo posted by Craig Armstrong (@pechanga) on

Koa is a Golden Retriever who has got camping down pat. He loves spending nights by the fire with brother Aspen.

This four-year-old Golden Retriever, who is also called Aspen, spend his days exploring all things beautiful in Colorado with owner and photographer Hunter Lawrence.

The best cat pictures from #BrusselsLockdown

During a major anti-terror police operation in Brussels on Sunday night, authorities asked the public to not report officers’ movements online.

For the most part, people complied and urged others to do the same.

But then a few Twitter users began posting pictures and videos of cats, to make sure that any leaking of operational details were drowned out.

The trend soon caught on, with cat memes featuring the #brusselslockdown hashtag going viral.

Afterwards police thanks the public “for taking into account the needs of the ongoing operation”, confirming they arrested 16 people.

Here are our favourite memes shared during #BrusselsLockdown :

Havi looking for fresh new start with loving family

The Animal Welfare League is hoping a Gold Coast family will visit their rehoming centre on the Gold Coast and adopt Havi – an adoring and loyal dog who looks on the bright side of life.

Havi is a sweet and shy little stray who won the hearts of the staff at AWLQ.  She is Smithfield Cattle Dog/ Australian Kelpie and is approximately 8 Years 1 Month old.

When the vets met Havi they found that she had mammary tumours and quickly proceeded to begin her vet care. Havi has now had the tumours removed and received xrays; luckily there are no signs that the cancer has spread and Havi is now ready for a fresh start in her new life.

In the home, she is an adoring and loyal dog who looks on the bright side of life. She loves her food, lives for walks, doesn’t mind a sneaky snuggle on the couch and does show a high prey drive.

Havi shows the typical cattle dog trait of loyalty to her favourite people, so if you are looking for your new best mate, life long friend, walking companion and sneaky couch snuggle buddy – Havi is the dog for you..

Come and meet her at Animal Welfare League’s Rehoming Centre on the Gold Coast.

PHONE: 07 5509 9030
ADDRESS: Shelter Road, Coombabah, Qld, 4216

Celebrity Pets: Meet Justin Bieber’s dog Esther

Whether you love him or loathe him, you can’t deny Justin Bieber has one cute pooch.

The 21-year-old adopted Esther – loveable Yorkshire terrier – at the beginning of this year and announced the news to his fans through Instagram.

The popular pup doesn’t live in the shadow of his famous owner though, with 485,000 followers on her own Instagram page.

One of her fans is Justin’s good friend Kendall Jenner, who bonded with the yorkie on a private jet and even let the pup put on her undoubtedly expensive sunglasses.

When the Biebs first adopted Esther, he did what he thought was the only reasonable thing to do after buying a pet – took her to a fancy dinner in Beverly Hills.

BFFs (I hope)

A photo posted by @estherthecutie on

Good luck tonight Dad, I love you #vmas A photo posted by @estherthecutie on


#tbt with pops A photo posted by @estherthecutie on

Just got done with swim lessons ?

A photo posted by @estherthecutie on

Private Jet Life #AirBieber A photo posted by @estherthecutie on

Miley Cyrus helps ex Liam Hemsworth adopt a dog

Despite breaking off their engagement in 2013, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have remained good friends.

So much so that over the weekend, the controversial singer helped the Hunger Games star adopt a puppy from Wylder’s Holistic Pet Center and Rescue.

Cyrus is a big supporter of the organisation and after seeing the adorable pooch, thought it would be a perfect fit for Hemsworth.

A representative from Wylder’s told Us Weekly Cyrus sent Hemsworth photos of the pup while he was overseas. “Liam got back from China and literally came right to Wylder’s to take the dog home. The dog is super gentle and sweet and took right to Liam, despite being afraid of men in the past,” the rep said.

Hemsworth is reportedly smitten with his new pup, and named the dog Dora after Dora the Explorer.

Miley also found her own new pooch to love this past weekend, Yogi!