A Gotham-themed grill and rooftop bar is opening on the GC this month!

Get excited northern Gold Coasters, an epic new rooftop bar and grill is finally gracing our side of town.

Shrouded in mystery, the long-awaited Gotham Grill and Rooftop Bar is finally here!

Located on Bayview Street at Runaway Bay, the foodie haunt has been four years in the making and is sure to lure an assortment of sins and heavenly pleasures when it opens to the public on Saturday 17th March.

The three-tiered Manhattan-style landmark features not one, but two restaurants and bars under the same roof and is touted as the Ridgeway Group’s most ambitious project to date.

PHOTO: Supplied

“Northern Gold Coast was the next frontier” local restaurateur Daniel Ridgeway said.

“We needed to do something a little different to meet the needs of this locale and as such we have combined stylish dining with a casual rooftop bar…all under the same roof.”

Upon entering the flash building, guests will discover decadent 1920’s Art Décor styling and an unmissable red velvet carpet leading up a winding staircase to the twinkling skylights of the Gotham Rooftop.

On level two, which houses Gotham Grill, diners can indulge in a succulent steak selection from across Australia and New Zealand coupled with an array of cold seafood; including freshly shucked oysters, Moreton bay bugs, scallop ceviche served on the shell, lobster tails and more.

The final destination – the Gotham Rooftop Bar – is where guests can unwind in a relaxed indoor-outdoor setting with sundowner cocktails including the famed Fruit Bat libation or Alfred’s Tonic.

PHOTO: Supplied | Left – Fruit Bat, Right – Alfred’s Tonic

Some of Ridgeway’s favourites from the bar menu include the Gotham city pizza with its thick base, Napoli, pepperoni and loads of mozzarella, as well as the lobster rolls and the southern fried chicken burger with spicy mayo and a brioche bun #DROOL!

Ridgeway say’s “a little bit of the Big Apple has arrived on the Gold Coast and we cannot wait to unveil Gotham Grill and Rooftop Bar!”

The answer to sweet v savory and hot v cold is here: Gelato Panini!

Never mind about Doughnut Time leaving us, Gelato Panini is here!

Just when you were thinking ‘I’m never going to be able to indulge properly again’, My Gelato at The Oracle in Broadbeach saves the day with a Queensland-first dessert.

ENTER centre stage, Gelato Panini! A sweet warm bun filled with rich, creamy gelato, creating a Wonkeresque-style treat guaranteed to tantalise both the taste buds and the senses.

The Gelato Panini used to only be found in Italy (of course, Italians are the best at living), but when Italian owners of My Gelato got a taste of the goodness, they couldn’t help but bring it over for us Gold Coasters to enjoy as well!

My Gelato owner Davide Lo Giudice said it was a painstaking task to find the perfect ingredients to make his creation a reality.

“When I first set out to make the Gelato Panini, I had to find the perfect bun with the right consistency that wasn’t too sweet so it wouldn’t compete with the flavour of the gelato,” he said.

“The first bite is fantastic as you have the hot sensation of the warm panini bun, followed by the coolness of the gelato, and then you have the taste combination as the flavours of the sweet bun and the gelato mix together.”

So quit drooling all over your smart phone and get down to My Gelato in Broadbeach, or visit  www.mygelato.com.au for more information on the mouthwatering dessert combo.

girl sad

Cadbury has revealed some devastating news for Caramilk fans

I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you, but Cadbury’s ever so popular limited edition Caramilk chocolate is no more.

An official spokesperson for the company broke the sad news in a post on the Cadbury Facebook page this week.

A woman was asking Cadbury to “sort out the Caramilk situation,” when she received this response…

As expected, fans did not cope well when they saw the news.

“Why did you stop making it when it’s obviously insanely popular and flying off the shelves?” one person commented.

“I only want caramilk,” wrote another.

A change.org petition to make Caramilk a permanently stocked flavour has already received more than 13,000 signatures.

Thanks for the delicious memories, old block.

Melted Chocolate

Cadbury has released a new Easter Egg flavour and we are already drooling

I don’t mean to alarm you guys, but Easter is just 38 DAYS AWAY!

I’m sure by now you would have noticed supermarkets stocking up on the annual chocolate goodies… traditional chocolate bunnies, white choc eggs, mini creme eggs… the list goes on!

BUT… did you know SALTED CARAMEL chocolate eggs are now officially a thing?!

Cadbury revealed the mouth-watering news in a post on social media.

“Who would you share your Cadbury Dairy Milk Eggs, Crunchie Eggs or New Salted Caramel Eggs with this Easter?” the company wrote.

It’s understood the egg is filled with sweet, gooey salted caramel and surrounded by iconic cadbury milk chocolate.

Salted Caramel has been extremely popular in Australia over the past year, so we have a feeling these new eggs are going to be a hit!


DROOL! Toblerone ice cream actually exists and we need it ASAP

TOBLERONE fans unite.

This may just be one of the greatest days of our lives….

The company behind the mouth-watering swiss chocolate and nougat treat has launched Toblerone ice creams and they’re even in the shape of triangles and everything!

It’s understood the frozen treats are made of chocolate and honey ice-cream and covered in smooth swiss chocolate with nougat pieces… #YUM!!!!

Understandably, there’s been huge reaction to the announcement from Toblerone fans all over the world.

“Code Red drop everything this is not a drill! ice cream exists,” one fan wrote.

“Omg! i love icecream and i love toblerone chocolate, this is so perfect! commented another.

It appears that at the moment the Toblerone ice creams are only available in the UK, but if the social media reaction is anything to go by, maybe there’s hope we’ll see them down under soon!