There’s a nugget burger on KFC’s secret menu right now

KFC has a secret menu and we probably should have known that already, but we only found out about it this morning because of one delicious looking new addition…

A NUGGET BURGER, need we say more?

So we’d heard about this burger from the gods that apparently made an appearance on the ‘secret menu’, but how, how, how do we get access to a menu that’s purposely being kept away from us!?

It was just all shrouded in mystery and the desk had too much drool on it to do any other work, so we sent in our best myGC detective (me) to figure it out.

We wouldn’t be writing this article if we didn’t crack the case, so find your steps to the KFC secret menu and the ‘Nug-a-Lot’ burger below (yes, it’s actually called that)!

1 – get the KFC Australia app on your phone (like you don’t already have it)
2 – click on the ‘order now’ button
3 – find your local store, click ‘order’
4 – Once you’re through to the menu, you’ll notice the secret menu isn’t there. Because it’s a secret.
5 – this step was where our detective hit a block but the promise of a nugget burger really got her through, also, it’s google-able. Anyway, pull the screen on your phone down, like you’re trying to scroll up. You’ll eventually expose a cartoon Colonel Sanders at the top of the page, but you have to keep pulling him down (both thumbs required). He gets bigger and bigger and bigger until he FINALLY pops and reveals his … ‘SECRET MENU’. Victory!

Get you ‘Nug-a-Lot’ burger, get your ‘Kentucky Slider’ (KFC taco!! YUM), get your ‘Kentucky Snack Pack’, and for goodness sake… get a MOVE ON!

You’re welcome.

The ‘Nug-a-Lot’! PHOTO | Screenshot from KFC Australia app.

Garlic Bread

There’s a garlic bread festival in Brisbane this weekend!

There’s a garlic bread festival being held up the road this weekend and I almost can’t finish the sentence because my mouth is watering so hard – oh wait – I’m typing, not talking.

Everything to do with the delectable, Italian(?) (doesn’t matter), bad-breath causing vampire eradicator, is just going to be throwing itself a nice little party in Bowen Hills on Saturday.

Bring yourself, your wallet (with extra funds, but also don’t worry if you run out because they’ve got ATMs), your dogs and kids.

Leave your loved one at home though, they’re not going to want to deal with the shtanky garlic breath you’ll be rocking at the end of this thing.

Expect cheesy garlic bread, garlic bread pizzas, garlic bread burgers (what? but yes), and plenty of garlic bread inspired bevvies from the bar. SO READY.

The event description says ‘BYO mints’, but I say – leave them at home. It’s all about us, bread, and garlic. We don’t need no menthol messing things up.

Starts at noon at the ‘Welcome to Bowen Hills’ venue. Which is obviously where gods hang out.

For more (actually useful) information, click here.

Vegan ice cream recalled due to milk contamination fears

A vegan ice cream product has had to be recalled around the country, due to fears multiple batches were contaminated with milk.

‘Aurora Foods’ has recalled two different vegan sorbets from shelves, including its ‘Vegan Cookies Coconut Dairy Free Gelato’, and its ‘Vegan Lemon Gluten and Dairy Free Sorbet’.

It’s understood the product is currently sold at some IGAs in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.

Some delis and cafe may also stock the product.

Customers who have a milk allergy or intolerance are being told not to consume the product if in doubt.

Though Aurora Foods has assured consumers that if they are allergic, the result would not cause harm.

“The amount detected will not harm anybody allergic to dairy.

“Although the dairy amount detected is at a microscopic level, Australian food standards state that there is to be no detection of dairy in such a product.

“We are reviewing our systems to ensure this does not happen again. We apologise for any inconvenience we have caused our customers,” Aurora Foods post reads.

Consumers and stores are being urged to check their product immediately, searching for the gelato with a use by day of 27.02.21 and the sorbet with a use by day of 8.03.21 and 29.04.21.

The product can be returned for a full refund.

For more information, call ‘Aurora Foods’ on (03) 9350 1800.

Wine tasting

A new food, wine and beer festival is coming to the Gold Coast!

Calling all lovers of food, wine, beer and music!! A brand new festival is set to serve up a mouth-watering experience at Sanctuary Cove next month, from July 27-28.

Sunsets by Sanctuary Cove will showcase an exceptional range of local, national and international food, wine, beer and cider over two huge days at The Marine Village.

Wine connoisseurs will be able to wander the streets of the precinct tasting the best drops from 40 renowned wineries, while their beer and cider-loving friends will have the choice of sampling the goods of 15 of Australia’s top breweries and cideries.


PHOTO: Supplied – Sunsets by Sanctuary Cove

A stellar live entertainment line-up of solo artists and big bands will add to the festival buzz, while foodies will be in heaven as they indulge in fine seasonal eats served up by The Marine Village’s top restaurants and gourmet food trucks.

The popular Winemaker’s Dinner will also return to the InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort on Friday, July 26, with the masters behind some of Australia’s most celebrated wine regions to present their finest offerings at a six-course degustation matched to six wines.

Mulpha Events General Manager Johan Hasser said The Marine Village’s was the ideal location for a celebration of good food and beverages.

“Having hosted a variety of highly successful wine events, we have identified an opportunity to expand and deliver a new festival at one of the Gold Coast’s most unique waterfront locations,” he said.


PHOTO: Supplied – Sunsets by Sanctuary Cove

“People have never been more interested in quality food and drinks, with the enormous growth of the craft beer and cider industries in South-East Queensland evidence of their thirst for the wide array of premium products we will have on offer.”

For more information and tickets, visit

Doughnut Time will upgrade your FREE doughnut to a FREE DELUXE doughnut

Ok, so, there’s a doughnut war about to break out in Australia, and we’re here for it.

As you probably already know (because it’s awesome), tomorrow is World Doughnut Day! The best day ever!

And in wild celebration, Krispy Kreme Australia has vowed to give out 100,000 FREE doughnuts to us Aussies.

Yeah, we’re already drooling too.

What might not have clicked for you yet, is that there are HEAPS of HOLY doughnuts out there.

And us lucky Gold Coasters are getting a deal too good to pass up.

So here it is: Doughnut Time is looking to put its rivals (aka Krispy Kreme – the Gods) on notice, with their own one day offer for the doughnut loving community.

Go ahead and pick up your free glazed doughnut from KK tomorrow, then bring it on over to Doughnut Time straight away and TRADE IT IN for a DELUXE flavoured doughnut of your own choosing. WHAT?!

There are two locations on the Gold Coast to upgrade your doughnut: Coomera and Burleigh Heads. Better put a rush order on that transfer though, the offer’s only valid for the first 100 people.

What next, doughnut lords?

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