Man charged after allegedly assaulting police officer

A MAN has been charged after allegedly assaulting a police officer at Mudgeeraba last night.

Around 7:45pm police pulled over a truck on the Pacific Motorway for an alleged traffic infringement when it will be alleged the driver became aggressive and kicked out at the officer.

The man was arrested without further incident upon arrival of other officers.

No one was injured during the incident.

A 31-year-old Loganlea man has been charged with assault police and public nuisance and is expected to appear at the Southport Magistrates Court on March 23.

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or 24hrs a day.

Film Review: Vampire Academy

Review by Peter Gray

Director: Mark Waters
Cast: Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry, Gabriel Byrne, Sarah Hyland, Olga Kurylenko, Joely Richardson
Classification: M (Supernatural Themes, Violence and Sexual References)

I’M not entirely sure how it happened but the brotherly duo of Mark and Daniel Waters (the former who’s credited with directing ‘Mean Girls’, the latter penned the delicious ‘Heathers’) have somehow managed to create something inexplicably dreadful in the guise of ‘Vampire Academy’, a movie so awful that I can only assume these two capable artists had their project pulled away from them during the post-production phase as this is surely not the work of those responsible for arguably two of the most notable films in the teen-aimed genre.

The first five minutes alone bring about questions of re-shoots and editing troubles as there is so much exposition packed into the opening that it feels like you’re viewing the second film in a franchise having missed the first entry.  The dialogue is clunky and unnatural, as is the acting, and whilst the film admittedly settles into itself, it doesn’t exactly get any better.  Based on a series of young adult novels from Richelle Mead, ‘Vampire Academy’ tries to adopt a personality of its own with its unique terms for its vampiric creations, in this case Dhampirs, Morois and Strigoi;  Dhampirs are half human-half vampire, Morois are full blooded yet peaceful living vampires, and the Strigoi are their evil, bloodthirsty counterparts.  You got all that?

17-year-old Rose (Zoey Deutch) is a Dhampir and currently attending St. Vladimir’s Academy where she’s in training to become a guardian to Lissa (Lucy Fry), a Moroi who’s next-in-line for the royal throne.  For some reason Rose and Lissa fled the Academy two years prior (this ever-so-briefly explained in the butchered introduction) and are now summoned back where they not only have to deal with the hierarchy of school cliques but also the threat on Lissa’s life from the Strigoi given she’s set to become a royal leader.  Even though it’s packed with the kind of tween angst its target audience should lap up, and previously did with the ‘Twilight’ series, ‘Vampire Academy’ can’t summon up enough interest to keep it afloat.  It tries to throw in some hand-to-hand combat scenes to appear more action-y than its equivalents and a handful of romance subplots are a clear attempt to recreate the ‘Twilight’ Edward/Bella love story but these all fall short of promise and don’t even entertain on a filler level.

The one thing the film does have going for it is lead star Zoey Deutch who manages to inject a decent amount of spunk and humour into a role that holds very little substance.  Saddled with horrendous dialogue, the film won’t do her any favours but if anyone could come out of it unscathed it should be her as she does possess a certain spark that seems rightfully catered to the teen works the Waters brothers are capable of.  Queensland born actress Lucy Fry is trying her best as Lissa, faux British accent and all, but her material is even worse that Deutch’s and she’s sadly not as strong an actress.  As is the case with most hopeful franchises that attempt to jumpstart the careers of young hopefuls, a few more seasoned names are peppered throughout for good measure with Gabriel Byrne, Olga Kurylenko, Joely Richardson and Sarah Hyland (TV’s ‘Modern Family’) filling the quota.  Richardson does so little it seems strange she even bothered to show up whilst Kurylenko tries to liven things up with one of the few performances that doesn’t take itself too seriously.  Byrne clearly did this to earn a quick paycheck (and perhaps as a favour to young family members) and Hyland’s geeky girl with a secret is very been-there-done-that but she too at least looks like she’s having a bit of fun.

Much like other franchise non-starters ‘The Mortal Instruments’ and ‘Beautiful Creatures’ (which I happened to of thought deserved better than what it received) ‘Vampire Academy’ will soon be forgotten and wind up as just a footnote on a handful of cast filmographies.  It’s particularly bad but sadly it will most likely not be the last awful young adult adaptation we have to suffer through.

My rating 1.5/5 (This sucks)

The art of being a media tart

OH, it’s happening again.

Politicians – out there on the world stage, embarrassing us.

Premier Campbell Newman is in the US at the moment, where he ‘accidently’ bumped into Angelina Jolie in LA and told folks at a beautiful Californian beachside event that Queensland is much better.

At the moment he is in New York, jogging through the Big Apple in a very tight Broncos jersey.

His increasing resemblance to master media tart Peter Beattie is starting to get a little creepy.

Hollywood stop overs, lavish dos and running around New York acting as if the small Australian media contingent following him is paparazzi.

Mark my words, he’ll be swimming with sharks next time one of his MPs gets into trouble.

Meanwhile, no doubt smarting at being left behind while Mr Newman drums up business and picture opportunities in the US, Tourism Minister Jann Stuckey has been throwing herself at every famous person she can hunt down.

On the weekend she stalked the surfers at Coolangatta and ironmen at Kirra, insisting on having her photo taken with them.

One journalist tweeted about how she rudely pushed into his interview with Ky Hurst so she could get a photo taken.

She then plastered pics of herself beaming gleefully with the young ones all over Twitter and Facebook, including one with a topless Kelly Slater.

She wasn’t so happy to get her picture taken a few weeks ago when she got into a schoolyard slanging match with federal LNP frenemy Karen Andrews in front of shocked school kids in a dispute over photos.

As Mr Newman is away, it means someone back home is acting premier and if you all sit down and promise to stay calm I will tell you who it is.

Ready? It’s Acting Premier Jeff ‘quarries are nice’ Seeney.

He has been rather quiet though so perhaps he took the taxpayer-funded plane he charters every weekend and went home to Monto after all.

Note: Mr Seeney’s taxpayer-funded plane costs us $4300 a week or more than $200,000 a year.

Just think about that for a moment.




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Hurst claims Ironman event at SLS champs

KURRAWA SLSC product Ky Hurst has claimed the Ironman event at the 2014 Queensland Surf Life Saving Championships at Kirra Beach.

He crossed the line first on Sunday, ahead of Luke Cuff and Matt Bevilacqua.

“I’m ecstatic – my whole goal for this weekend was to come down and make finals and I really didn’t know how I was going to go,” Hurst said after the win.

“To tell you the truth, it was a bit of shock to win. I’m not feeling that great, so to come away with the win is certainly huge for me and I just wish my little boy had hung around to watch!”

While Hurst was overjoyed with the win, he freely admitted his sights were set firmly on adding another Australian ironman title to his name.

“I know Shannon’s (Eckstein) on five and I’m on four so I can’t let him get too far away from me. It’s something that I certainly want.”

In the women’s event, Noosa’s Jordan Mercer put on a dominant display to deliver one of the biggest wins of her fledgling career.

Jordan Mercer celebrates winning the ironwoman event at the Queensland Surf Life Saving event at Kirra Beach.

Jordan Mercer celebrates winning the ironwoman event at the Queensland Surf Life Saving event at Kirra Beach.

‘Magic’ led a star-studded field from start to finish to take out the event ahead of former national champions Kristyl Smith and Rebecca Creedy.

“It’s really fantastic, I’ve been waiting a very long time to get a win like this,” she said.

In the surf boats, Maroochydore took out the open male division while Currumbin clalimed gold in the open female.

Kurrawa speedster Melissa Howard also claimed her own personal slice of history when she won the open female beach flags and, in doing so, claimed her 10th open individual Queensland championship.

Pearson claims silver at IAAF World champs

SALLY Pearson has claimed silver in the 60m hurdles at the IAAF World Indoor Championships in Poland.

The Helensvale hurdler finished just 0.05 seconds behind champion American Nia Ali (7.8sec) on Sunday.

Great Britain’s Tiffany Porter claimed bronze in 7.86.

Fox Sports reports, Pearson had been aiming to defend her crown in Poland, but admitted she fell short.

“I stuffed up out there tonight. I am disappointed with my performance,” the Olympic gold medallist said.

“I was in shape to win the gold, but I didn’t execute a good enough race to be the best out there this time around,” Pearson added.

“It wasn’t my night, but it was Nia’s and I have to congratulate her on a great performance.”

Pearson will now return home, where she is expected to compete in the short sprints at the Sydney Track Classic next Saturday, before a return to her preferred 100m hurdles at the IAAF Melbourne World Challenge the following week.