Good vibes and sunshine, The Village Markets is the place to be this Sunday

The Village Markets line-up is always on point – and this Sunday will be no exception.

Held on the first and third Sunday of each month at Burleigh Heads State School from 8:30am – 1pm, TVM is more than just a market, it’s a community of creative entrepreneurs… and you’re invited to come hang!

Equipped with coffee in one hand, market basket in the other – head along and discover the best line-up of boutique market stalls, street eats, live tunes and TVM’s pre-loved designer & vintage clothing rack sales.

Shopping can be tiresome, so once your basket is bursting with TVM finds grab a feed from a variety of gourmet street food stalls, pull up a picnic rug and soak up the winter sunshine, live tunes and good vibes!

The Village Markets PHOTO: Mel Pinn

Dogs are always welcome at TVM too – so bring your pooch and make a morning of it!

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Watercolour Art

Unleash your imagination with these creative workshops

The Gold Coast is jam-packed with fun workshops designed to feed your creative soul. So whether you’re looking to learn a new skill or re-ignite an existing one, unleash your imagination with these inspiring workshops.

The Craft Parlour | Pottery, Cake Decorating, Macramé, Kokedama, Resin Art – the list goes on!

When it comes to getting arty, The Craft Parlour in Palm Beach is Da Boss of creative workshops. Offering a plethora of possibilities including cake decorating, hand-lettering, pottery, macramé, kokedama, resin-art and more – the only thing left to do is grab a bestie or your boyfie (guys can get creative, too!) and book in. The hardest part will be choosing which workshop!

The Craft Parlour

The Craft Parlour PHOTO: By Melissa Pinn

Moss n Stone | Floristry

Budding florists will love Moss n Stone in Chirn Park, offering a series of fun workshops designed to equip flower fans with the basic concepts of floral design. Grab the gals and spend the afternoon crafting flower crowns, or for the hostess with the most-ess, a lesson in creating the perfect table centrepiece will wow the pants off guests at your next dinner party.

The Burleigh Common | Alcohol Inks

Relax, unwind and unleash your creativity at The Burleigh Common, a space designed to connect, create and inspire like-minded creatives. Settle in for 2 hours of exploration, uncovering the medium of alcohol inks. Be mesmerised as the inks blend and flow together and lose yourself in creating your own artwork to take home and proudly hang on your wall.

Salts Meat Cheese | Cooking

Unleash your inner chef at Salts Meat Cheese in Surfers Paradise, with hands-on pizza and pasta masterclasses. Strap on an apron and learn step-by-step how to craft the perfect dough or pasta from scratch, before enjoying your delicious creation with a well-earned glass of wine.

Brush & Barrel | Painting

Brush up and wine down at Brush & Barrel, a dedicated Sip N Paint studio in Surfers Paradise. Get a group together, or go solo and uncork your creative juices – paintbrush in one hand, wine in the other. Feel like you’re missing that creative gene? Don’t worry! No skill required – just BYO fun attitude and your favourite bottle of wine.

Artable | Painting

Grab a smock and channel your inner Picasso with Artable’s collection of painting workshops across the Gold Coast. Dabble in acrylics, get whimsical with watercolour or play with pastels with guidance from some of Australia’s best art teachers. All materials are supplied; all you need to is book, show up and let your inner artiste shine!


Artable’s creative studio PHOTO: By Melissa Pinn

Paradox Coffee Roasters | Coffee Making

If you’re a ‘life starts after coffee’ kind of person, Paradox Coffee Roasters in Surfers Paradise have workshops to feed your caffeine addiction. Step into The Paradox Lab and learn the art of making great coffee – from discovering roast levels, to flavour profiles and brew methods. Upon completion, you’ll be frothing milk like nobody’s business!

Clean Beauty Market | Make-up

Keen to spruce up your appearance or touch-up on make-up techniques? Clean Beauty Market in Nobby Beach offer relaxed workshops where you can learn about the best non-toxic natural beauty products and how to apply them like a pro! This hands-on 4-hour workshop is perfect for those wanting to make the switch from mainstream products to cleaner, cruelty-free alternatives.

Clean Beauty Market

Clean Beauty Market PHOTO: By Melissa Pinn

HOTA | Life Drawing

Embrace the opportunity to sketch nudes when HOTA throws open its doors for Life Drawing on the second Thursday of every month. Artists and wannabe artists are encouraged to come for the live music and stay for the life drawing, with the guidance of an experienced teacher in a relaxed and friendly environment. Doodling never looked so good!

Editor’s Note: This article is for general information and entertainment, and is the expressed opinion of the author and not a paid advertisement. Be sure to check current activities, prices, addresses, opening hours and contact information directly with the venue/service in advance of any booking/purchase.


Learning to manage depression

Looking back, I think depression first kicked in for me as a teenager but I had no idea what it was then. For many years I stumbled along self-medicating and probably in denial. I didn’t know where to begin unravelling all the confusion that swam around inside my head, I didn’t want to tell anyone how dark my thoughts were and I didn’t know where to begin getting help.

I wish I had known then what I know now, it could have avoided years of heartache.

Now, I manage my depression. It’s medically defined as ‘clinical depression’ or ‘major depressive disorder’. It comes and goes. There are weeks or even months that pass and it doesn’t even cross my mind; I’m happy, focused and in-the-moment. But when it descends it makes everything difficult. I’ve now designed my life so that I can be kind to myself when carrying the fog rather than trying to pretend to the world that I’m ok.

Managing major depressive disorder can be incredibly hard work. It’s taken me many years to spot the signs of the fog descending and force myself to follow a self-care plan during those times.

Dark spells pass – and that in itself is one of the most important things to remember if you’re living with depression or someone close to you is.

There are days when I have no energy; I struggle to get out of bed. I have no interest in human connection. Those are days where I avoid people and turn to my dog for company!

It’s defined as being a “persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life”. That sounds about right.

Some people never have a bout of depression, some have it once in their life, and others manage it on an ongoing basis, as it’s a recurring theme so they proactively try to avoid crashes.

Once you have had one episode you are at a higher risk of having another.

It can occur from one generation to the next in families but that’s not always the case. It can also affect someone with no family history of the illness.

While depression is more commonly reported among women, men are less likely to seek help or even talk about their experiences.

What to look for:

  • Biological, psychological and social sources of distress.
  • Research suggests these factors may cause changes in brain function.
  • A persistent feeling of sadness that you just can’t shake.
  • Feelings of worthlessness or guilt.
  • Changes in sleep, appetite, energy level, concentration or thoughts of suicide.
  • Substance abuse can be a cause or a result of depression.
  • Life triggers can often be around loss. So, losing a job, a loved one, divorce or separation for example or loneliness. Also major life changes such as retirement or job change.

What to do:

  • Go to see your GP.
  • Your GP will help you understand what’s causing your altered brain activity.
  • Your GP may suggest medication, therapy or both.
  • Many people are hesitant about taking medication. It’s a personal choice. There is growing research that suggests taking medication can actually normalise brain changes that can be experienced with depression.
  • There’s no blood test or x-ray. Your doctor may however, run blood tests to help detect any other medical problems that they want to rule out before diagnosis (such as thyroid issues that can cause some similar problems).

Gold Coast’s Best Blooms

An unexpected flower delivery – it’s enough to make a grown woman squeal.

And while boutique florists are in abundance on the GC, here’s the pick of the bunch when you need beautiful blooms delivered.

Just Because Blooms

Ordering flowers is fun at Just Because Blooms. With cleverly named bunches like Barbie Girl for all the pink you can handle; Starburst for more pops of colour then a Ken Done painting, or long last-lasting natives, for something subtle.

With prices starting from just $35 including delivery, earning brownie points doesn’t have to be expensive.

Just Because Blooms

PHOTO: By Melissa Pinn

Huckleberry Flowers

Wrapped in their signature brown paper, Huckleberry Flowers’ whimsical blooms say it all. Each bunch is carefully curated to create the perfect floral arrangement, from simple and subtle, to bright and cheery. But you’ll need to move fast to grab a bouquet of their popular pink peonies!

Blossom and Bee

Creating the most perfect bunches, Blossom and Bee’s flowers seriously are – the bee’s knees. Providing daily doses of natural beauty and creativity in every bouquet, their selection of bespoke flowers coupled with beautiful hand-poured beeswax candles from the Gold Coast hinterland, make the perfect gift.

Flowers at the Door

Whether you’re after an elegant, vibrant or vintage styled bunch, Flowers at the Door create the most deliciously full bouquets, stunning enough to make anyone swoon. Selecting only the finest petals, you choose the style, they’ll pick the flowers and…you guessed it, deliver ‘em straight to your door.

Flowers at the Door

PHOTO: By Melissa Pinn


From classic red roses to elegant chrysanthemums, you can’t go past seasonal fresh flowers from Fleurus. The most beautiful assortment of colourful blooms, paired with an experienced team of floral wedding designers, means you can expect your bouquet to be on point, every time.


PHOTO: By Melissa Pinn

Flowers on Tedder

There’s something to be said about the Gold Coast’s relaxed lifestyle and Flowers on Tedder reflect this in every bunch; creating elegant, understated bouquets, from bountiful natives to soft pastel combinations. Consider yourself a budding florist? Check out their workshop series, designed to equip flower lovers with creative and practical floristry skills.

Editor’s Note: This article is for general information and entertainment, and is the expressed opinion of the author and not a paid advertisement. Be sure to check current menus, prices, addresses, opening hours and contact information directly with the venue/service in advance of any booking/purchase.

Letting go of entitlement

It is often said we are living in the age of entitlement. That is, people have become increasingly self-centred and have an inflated sense of deserving the world without putting in the hard work.

Many believe this is because we’ve made life so busy for ourselves. Technology is always there and life has become 24/7 seven days a week. Hand in hand with that, people are increasingly stressed and the world becomes frustrating when things don’t go our way.

There is lots of talk about rights rather than responsibility.

Entitlement is the opposite of mindfulness. After all, it’s easy to sit back and point the finger at others or make demands. What’s harder is taking personal responsibility for yourself and focusing on more mindful communication.

People with a strong, overriding sense of entitlement can be a nightmare to be in a relationship with. They’re likely to have one set of rules for themselves but another for others. They may expect a lot of favours but do little in return – or make a song and dance about everything. Conversations often focus on them, their feelings, their frustrations, their goals.

Such entitlement in friends is hard work too. Imagine cancelled plans, frequent bailing and letdowns.

And on social media, these will be the people who look for fights and go into battle intending to win. They believe their opinion is the only opinion and they are always right. There is a lot of emotional pollution on social media caused by inflated entitlement!

Rather than fixating on everyone else’s entitlement, the place to start is in the mirror. Letting go of entitlement starts with ourselves. Mindful communication goes hand in hand with empathy: understanding what’s going on from another person’s perspective.

Letting go of entitlement begins with accepting it exists. We can all do better and curb our entitlement more.

If you’re running in a permanent state of entitlement it’s likely those around you will frustrate you. Everyone and everything becomes an annoyance because the more you expect, the more you’re let down when everything doesn’t go your way.

All things mindful begin with slowing down. When you can slow down your thoughts, you can slow down your emotional reaction and become more mindful and careful in your response.

In taking ownership for that domino effect you can take a breath, push away your feelings of frustration, draw in compassion for others and respond in a more measured, considerate way.

So, in letting go of our sense of entitlement we can become calmer and treat others more respectfully. In psychology so-called ‘capitalisation research’ shows that promoting other people’s successes has a positive effect on the sharer. In other words, putting our own entitlement aside feels good!

Where to begin?

  • Press pause – step off the rollercoaster and give yourself a little time to think.
  • Living in a constant state of chaos with cluttered thoughts and emotions crashing into each other is stressful and not good for our mental health.
  • Take a walk – make an effort to create the time to reflect even if it’s only 10/15 minutes.
  • Think about your inner circle – who is frustrating you? Why? How may you be able to handle that differently without your own sense of entitlement?