The Irresistible HOTA

The Irresistible – dark, creepy, mysterious (and a little bit disturbing)

From an aeroplane to a peep show, a hotel to an apartment. The Irresistible deals with family expectations and secrets, unhealthy boundaries and gender politics. As moody and tense as a Hitchcock movie, this darkly funny play will be like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Zoe Pepper, Adriane Daff and Tim Watts, the core team of artists in this production, have a 10-year working relationship and through this production they really sought to challenge and extend their shared devising practice. They were driven by an interest in unconscious bias and its significant, yet largely unseen, impact on our daily interactions. In creating the work, they played with voice modulation as a means to shift gender and unpack how information is treated depending on who you’re hearing it from.

The team also experimented with theatrical form to create a performance that exists in a fluid, liminal space, where characters, locations and time shift and merge defying conventional structure. The result is a fast-paced, often unsettling narrative that pushes audiences to recalibrate their relationship to the performer in front of them depending on the character they are portraying.

But what’s it actually about?

The plot follows the relationship between sisters April and Bridget who experienced a mysterious event in their childhood which has had impacts throughout their adult lives. Bridget is haunted by the memory her sister has long chosen to forget. The mysterious and unexplained permeates every moment of their lives. You can’t see it, you can’t touch it, you can barely feel it. You can’t hold on tight enough, as its darkness encircles you, then retreats back into the fog.

As Bridget’s capacity to cope with the world diminishes, April offers some respite, agreeing to take care of her daughter Cassie for a short period. Cassie’s presence in April’s home brings with it new and disturbing connections to those mysterious events April has long chosen to forget.

The Irresistible is dark, creepy, mysterious and a little bit disturbing. Told through multiple parallel narratives that intersect through mystery and sci-fi, locations and time bleed into one another with dream-like fluidity as performers transition from one character to the next at breakneck speed. The Irresistible is deliberately designed to throw you off guard, leaving you with a resonating sense of deeper meaning that dwells just on the fringes of your mind.

The Irresistible HOTA

PHOTO: Supplied by HOTA, Home of the Arts / © Dan Grant

The Irresistible references a number of filmic conventions transformed into a live theatre space; with similarities to Stranger Things and Twin Peaks. The smoke filled, sci-fi nature of the performance is laden with mystery and otherworldliness but at its core has memorable characters that expertly tread the fine line between comedy and crisis as they swirl around in the high stakes drama of the story. As David O’Connell writes in his X-Press review “…like a good Twin Peaks episode, the joy is in the hunt for meaning, rather than it being delivered gift-wrapped.”

2018 Helpmann Award Nominee for Best Play, this bold and original new work is the exceptional first collaboration between Side Pony Productions (The Confidence Man, The Pride) and The Last Great Hunt (Falling through Clouds, The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer).

‘Brilliant Work… this is the reason you go to see live theatre.’ ★★★★★

‘moodiness and tension worthy of a Hitchcock movie… at once comical, current and gripping.’ Stage Whispers

‘…go and see The Irresistible, it is a truly remarkable play.’ Fourth Wall Media

Get your tickets now to see the intoxicatingly creepy ‘The Irresistible’ inside the Outdoor Stage Thursday 27th June through to Saturday 29th June.


Dangerous Liasons HOTA

Queensland Ballet spices things up with Dangerous Liaisons

Queensland Ballet has teamed up with Artistic Associate and world-renowned choreographer, Liam Scarlett, to present Dangerous Liaisons, an evocative performance and classic tale of seduction and betrayal, coming to HOTA on June 14 to 15.

The scandalous story, which has captivated audiences around the world for over 200 years, is based on Pierre Choderlos de Laclos’ time honoured novel and has been reimagined into a dramatic new ballet for mature audiences.

Set amongst the aristocratic elite of late eighteenth century France, Dangerous Liaisons is a hedonistic tale of love, betrayal and humanity.

CEO of HOTA, Criena Gehrke, said this performance is one of the most daring works by Queensland Ballet to-date.

“This is adults-only ballet at its finest. Sexy, stunning and dramatic – just the way I like it,” she said.

Queensland Ballet’s ambitious adaptation of this incredibly complex and nuanced story will come to life next month, in their sole Gold Coast performance taking place at HOTA’s Arts Theatre.

After premiering the production at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre in Brisbane earlier this year, Queensland Ballet will also head to Cairns, Toowoomba and Mackay as part of their tour.

Dangerous Liaisons is recommended for eighteen plus patrons and will take place at the Home of the Arts on Friday 14th June, at 7.30pm and Saturday 15th June, at 1.30pm.

For more information, visit

‘Liam Scarlett’s Dangerous Liaisons, is sexy as all hell.’ Phil Brown, The Courier-Mail

‘…as good as anything you’ll see in London, Paris, New York or anywhere else.’ Phil Brown, The Courier-Mail

‘Dangerous Liaisons is an extraordinary work, and with it, Queensland Ballet has truly come of age.’ Denise Richardson, Dance Australia

‘The performance indicated quite clearly that the company is so much more than a State ballet company. QB is a national treasure.’ Michelle Potter

Get your tickets now to see the brilliant Dangerous Liaisons at 7:30pm Friday 14 June or 1:30pm Saturday 15 June.


National Geographic – Symphony For Our World

National Geographic footage reimagined to an orchestra and choir under the stars

Combining stunning National Geographic natural history footage with an original symphony performed by Camerata, Queensland’s Chamber Orchestra – Symphony for our World – is a breathtaking musical journey set to bespell audiences at HOTA.

Audiences will be left in awe as a live orchestra and choir serenade viewers and take them on an adventure through some of the world’s most incredible wildlife imagery from over 130-years of beloved National Geographic history.

HOTA CEO, Criena Gehrke, said the experience is one not to miss as HOTA’s Outdoor Stage transforms with this captivating visual and musical journey.

National Geographic – Symphony For Our World

PHOTOS: National Geographic / Left © Scott Kish | Right © Anne Farrar

“Everyone knows National Geographic and their stunning images of the natural world. Bring the family, sit on the grass and soak up their aw-inspiring footage accompanied by a live orchestra,” she said.

“This will be another incredible experience outdoors at HOTA.”

The moving live orchestral performance has been touring the world throughout 2019 and will perform for one night only on May 25 at HOTA, Home of the Arts.

National Geographic – Symphony For Our World

PHOTOS: National Geographic / Left © Michael Nichols | Right © Enric Sala

Featuring sounds of The Blenders – Australia’s most awarded men’s a cappella chorus who are a local icon and performed at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, and Coastal Charisma – the all ages women’s a cappella chorus, singing beautiful songs in a four part harmony led by multi-award winning Musical Director, Jonathan Albertini.

From the depths of the sea, along coastlines, over mountrains and soaring into the sky – the incredible theme of imagery and original symphony have been created by Emmy and BAFTA-nominated, Bleeding Fingers Music.

National Geographic – Symphony For Our World

PHOTOS: National Geographic / Left © Carolyn Van Houten| Right © Evan Thornton

Gourmet and indulgence hampers will be available for the whole family to enjoy, as they immerse themselves into the ambience and surroundings of this captivating performance that pairs artistry with the natural world.

Get your tickets now to see the National Geographic – Symphony For Our World play on the Outdoor Stage 6:30pm Saturday 25 May.


Young Hearts Run Free

Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet – the greatest soundtrack ever sold

There’s no doubt the 90s were memorable – for all the right (and probably wrong) reasons. You might look back fondly or send a silent prayer of thanks that there was no social media to record your sartorial choices.  But whether you were celebrating girl power or preferred a more grunge approach, there’s no doubt there was some truly classic music produced in this era.

And in 1996, arguably the most iconic film of the last 20 years, Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, completely changed the rules when it came to screen adaptations of Shakespeare. With his incomparable take on the classic love story, and the stellar talents of a young Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio, this film was an instant cult classic.

It’s been said that Baz Luhrmann turned the greatest love story ever told into the greatest soundtrack ever sold and with tracks from everyone from The Cardigans to Radiohead to Everclear to Garbage we’d agree.

Young Hearts Run Free, at our incredible Outdoor Stage, features the soundtrack and imagery from the film, played live by a stellar line-up of musicians fronted by Tom Dickins. Followed by a DJ set straight from the 90s, this will be a party like no other.

Young Hearts Run Free HOTA

PHOTO: Supplied by HOTA | © Kerrie Geier

Get your friends together, dress in your finest, trashiest 90s masquerade garb, and celebrate this incredible soundtrack.

Selling out at Vivid Sydney, Brisbane Festival, Darwin Festival and Melbourne Fringe tickets won’t last long, get your tickets now to see Young Hearts Run Free play our Outdoor Stage 7pm Saturday 1 June.


Verdi's Requiem HOTA Outdoor Stage

Don’t think you like opera? Here’s why you should see Verdi’s Requiem

After the success of opera on the beach last year, Opera Queensland is bringing the epic Verdi’s Requiem to our Outdoor Stage as part of Bleach* the Gold Coast Festival.

Far removed from what you’d experience at a stuffy concert hall, this is opera Gold Coast style – outdoors under the stars, picnic rugs, thongs and cold drinks. It will be a great night out or a great end to a day spent on the beach.

But this is no classical cchill-out– with 80 musicians in the orchestra, 60 singers and 4 opera singers Verdi’s Requiem is an intense experience with an amazing array of sound and dynamism.

Sung in Latin and Italian (with subtitles on the big screens) you’ll be moved by the energy, drama and sheer exuberance of the performance. The well-known Dies Irae is pure orchestral rock ‘n’ roll.

Verdi's Requiem

PHOTO: Supplied by Bleach | © Paul Blackmore

Big screens will show incredibly rich visuals that respond to the music – of natural disasters and communities in strife and the fragility of our environment.

And in the precinct, you’ll be surrounded by large fire sculptures, religious and pagan imagery to really set the scene for the evening. And for some amazing photos, of course!

If you’re thinking about trying something new this year, then we recommend a night at the opera, Gold Coast style.

Get your tickets now to see Verdi’s Requiem play our Outdoor Stage 7:30pm Saturday 27.