Vic records 216 new coronavirus cases

Victoria has recorded 216 new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours, down from the 288 new cases recorded the previous day.

A man in his 90s died overnight while 49 remain in hospital, including 15 in intensive care, Premier Daniel Andrews said on Saturday morning.

More than 180 of the new cases are still under investigation, with 30 linked to known outbreaks.

The figures comes after a warning of more ugliness to come.

“We will see more and more additional cases, that’s the nature of this,” Mr Andrews said.

It takes the total number of cases in the state to 3560 and the national death toll to 107.

The premier said people were noticeably taking on board the recommendation that they wear masks in public when out and about for one of the four allowed reasons.

“The wearing of masks could well be a really important feature of the next part of our pandemic response,” he said.

Chief Health Officer Professor Brett Sutton said single cases had been recorded among staff in aged care facilities.

He said the state has had more aged care facility outbreaks than any other state, but no really substantial ones because of the response.

The premier said he had accepted all offers of support from Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Defence force staff have been deployed at checkpoints, and more are on their way, he said.

“If I need something I ring the prime minister and he says ‘yes’,” he said.

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KFC Restaurant

Late night trip to KFC costs group of VIC party-goers $26,000

Two paramedics on a late-night trip to KFC have helped police uncover an illegal birthday party taking place at a home in Melbourne during Victoria’s stage three stay-at-home restrictions.

The ambulance officers were getting a bite to eat at a KFC in Dandenong around 1.30am this morning, when they became suspicious of two people ordering 20 meals at the fast-food restaurant.

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said the eagle-eyed paramedics reported the incident to police, who were able to trace the car’s number plate down to a townhouse in Dandenong.

When police turned up at the home, they found two people who were asleep inside, however 16 others were busted hiding from officers in the backyard, garage and under beds.

“That is ridiculous that type of behaviour,” Police Chief Commissioner Patton said.

All 16 people were issued with a $1,652 fine for what police say was a “deliberate, blatant and obvious breach of the chief health officers directions”.

“It is an expensive night when you think apart from the KFC, we have issued 16 infringements at that amount, that is $26,000 that birthday party is costing them,” Police Chief Commissioner Patton said.

“That is a heck of a birthday party to recall. They will remember that one for a long time.”

It comes after Victoria recorded 288 new cases of coronavirus today, the highest daily increase in Australia since the pandemic began.

Victoria records biggest ever spike in coronavirus cases

Victoria has recorded 288 new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours, the highest daily increase in Australia since the pandemic began.

Premier Daniel Andrews made the shock announcement at a press conference a short time ago, revealing the state’s total now sits at 3397 cases.

“It was always going to get worse before it got better,” Andrews said.

“I know there will be great concern about these numbers”.

Of the new cases, 26 are connected to contained outbreaks, while 262 are still under investigation.

“Those numbers will jump around a bit. There will be linkages back to other cases, but again the detective work has to be done first,” the Premier said.

There are now more than 1000 active cases across the state, with 47 Victorians in hospital, 12 of those in intensive care.

Mr Andrews said yesterday also saw the state conduct its highest number of tests, with a whopping 37,588 people swabbed.

“That is the biggest single day of testing that has been done and by some considerable margin,” he said.

Victorians living in hotspot areas have now also been requested to wear masks when they are out in public and cannot maintain social distancing.

“It’s a small thing, but our request is that if you are out in metropolitan Melbourne or Mitchell Shire for a lawful purpose and you don’t think you will be able to maintain the 1-.5 metre distance, whether that’s in a cab, uber, on public transport or at the supermarket, if things were quite busy, then we would ask that you wear a mask,” Andrews said.

“That’s a relatively small contribution but one that could make a really big difference.

“We have started the process of getting two million masks made and we will distribute them throughout the community.”

The State’s Chief Health Officer Professor Brett Sutton said the surge in cases was “pretty ugly” and warned the worst could be yet to come.

“We have talked about the fact that we would expect an increase in numbers over time and there was no room for complacency at any point in time,” he said.

“We may well get worse numbers to follow. There is absolutely reassurance in the level of testing we are doing, because in finding those cases they can be identified and close contacts will be contacted and will be in quarantine.

“But it is an indication of the transmission that was occurring a week ago, that’s showing up in the numbers today and we may well see it worsen before it gets better.”

The previous record high daily state total was 212 COVID-19 cases recorded in NSW on March 27.

Victoria records 165 new virus cases in past 24 hours

Victoria has recorded another day of triple digit coronavirus numbers, with 165 new cases in the past 24 hours.

It comes as residents in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire enter their first day of a six-week lockdown.

Of the new cases, 30 are linked to known outbreaks, while 135 remain under investigation.

All residents of Melbourne’s locked-down housing commission towers have now been tested for the virus, with 159 cases identified.

Eight of the nine towers will reopen from a hard-lockdown from 11.59pm tonight, with the residents to abide by stage-three restrictions like the rest of Greater Melbourne.

However, those in the Alfred Street tower in North Melbourne will remain in total lock-down for another nine days after 53 cases were detected in the building.

“The public health advice is that there are such numbers of positive cases, together with known close contacts, that the assumption has got to be that everybody in that tower is a close contact of someone who is positive,” Premier Daniel Andrews said.

The coronavirus cluster at Victoria’s Al- Taqwa College has now also grown to 113 cases, with a further six infections recorded today.

Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton confirmed 40 people remain in hospital, with nine of those in intensive care.

The total number of people to have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the state has now risen to 3098, with more than 900 of those still active.

Victoria records 134 new COVID-19 ahead of mass lockdown

Victoria has recorded a further 134 new cases of coronavirus as millions of Melbourne residents prepare to go back into lockdown for six weeks.

Victoria’s total number of cases has climbed to 2942 with 860 of those currently active.

There are now 41 people being treated in hospitals across the state, with seven of those in intensive care.

Of the new cases recorded overnight, 11 are linked to known outbreaks while 123 others are still under investigation.

The number of cases involving residents in locked down public housing towers has risen to 75.

All of metropolitan Melbourne along with the Mitchell Shire to the city’s north will return to Stage 3 restrictions from midnight on Wednesday.

Residents will be prevented from leaving their home except for work or study, essential shopping, exercise, medical care or to provide care to a relative.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says they have no other choice.

“We are all working as hard as we can, doing the very best that we can and we know that we’re asking a lot of Victorians and we know, of course, that we didn’t want to be in the position that we are in,” Mr Andrews

“But that’s the reality that we confront. This is the challenge that we have to meet and I think that if we all work together over these next six weeks, as painful and frustrating and difficult as that will be, we will be able to to the other side of this stay-at-home period.”

More than 260 ADF personnel will be on hand in Victoria to help Police enforce the latest lockdown.

Police Minister Lisa Neville says Melbourne will effectively have a border around it that will be enforced.

“So for those who want to blatantly and obviously and deliberately breach these directives of the Chief Health Officer, police will be there,” Ms Neville said.

“Whether you’re breaking your quarantine at home, whether you’re having parties, whether you’re having people over to your place or whether it’s about you trying to, for no good reason, go to regional Victoria, police will be there.”

Premier Andrews has apologised for the inconvenience but has urged Victorians to be patient and do the right thing.

“I think every Victorian knows and understands this is real, serious, it’s not over. Pretending that it is will simply make a difficult situation into tragic set of circumstances.

“It’s not where we wanted to be, but we can’t go back. We can’t change those things that have got us to this point. We can only respond appropriately and that involves everyone following the rules because they are rules that are there for everyone. “