Crowd surf all things Rock ‘n’ Roll at HOTA

Inspired by AC/DC’s anthem of the same name, Let there be rock! captures the spirit of three decades of rock legacy. Alongside the exhibition, HOTA will host a multi-faceted, three-month-long program of events that has something for the whole family.

Gallery at HOTA Director, Tracy Cooper-Lavery, said from 1970 – 1999, the Gold Coast was a hot-spot on the bucket-list of Australia’s live music touring circuit.

“Let there be rock! at HOTA is a homage to this time and we have curated a program for the senses – within the Gallery, through performance, via workshops, in film, through Q&A’s and of course, music,” she said.

Let there be rock! will present some key objects from the music houses of the time, including recollections from local music photographers, music fans and industry insiders.

The Gallery at HOTA foyer will also showcase the photographic talent on the Gold Coast in Live and Local: Gold Coast Music Photography, where music and photography fuse seamlessly. This show features photographs by Nadia Achilles, Leigh Kelly, Dan Maynard, Danny Santangelo, Leisen Standen and Peter Wheeler.

HOTA Live and Local

PHOTO: Barney, Electrik Lemonade GCMAs 2018 | Supplied by HOTA, Live and Local

And in a three-part series of panel sessions Talking Rock (as part of the Gallery Up Late series), will cover the past, present and future of rock from the legends and musicians who have either lived through or are helping to shape the face of the Coast’s vibrant scene.

Talking Rock is all about settling in with a beer on HOTA’s lawn over three dates – 14 December, 18 January & 15 February – and listening to the likes of Dave Graney talk about the hey days.

There’s plenty at Let there be rock! for mini-rockstars too.

“Amid a number of fun Artlabs, including designing rock wigs, learning how to play air guitar and more, HOTA will play host to a cool kids concert by Brisbane’s quirky crew, Regurgitator, whose witty, silly attitude and musical mashups are about as naughty as punk rock can get for kids,” said Tracy.

“There really is so much for any lover of rock – from the sold out Nick Cave concert in January to the opportunity to join an impromptu pub choir, the various engaging Artlabs, some poignant films and so much more.”

“It is a total immersion experience for rock fans of the 70s, 80s and 90s at HOTA and the vital role the Coast played in shaping this scene,” Tracy added.

Calling all mini rock stars – it’s Regurgitator (for kids)

This summer there’s something pretty special happening at HOTA – a super cool kids concert by Brisbane’s quirky crew, Regurgitator. Yes, THAT Regurgitator, the one you know and love.

Bringing their witty attitude and musical mash-up of funk, pop and rock, they’ll be playing a unique collection of kids tunes. It’s about as naughty as punk rock can get and still offer a G rating.

Having performed and recorded for the best part of 25 years these guys know their way around a stage. This is not your usual kid’s concert where the adults are surreptitiously counting the minutes ‘til it ends and checking their phones. Their geeky and ironic style, and non-patronising attitude, interlaced with some pretty cheeky double entendres will keep the kids on the edge of their seats and the adults amused.

Frontman Quan Yeomans said, “With the kids’ stuff, I think we can take risks again like we used to, and just do stuff that might be a little bit risqué in that genre currently, ‘cause it is so neutralised by everyone being terrified about offending people and offending children, or like damaging children in some way by exposing them to something a little bit I dunno, adult, or just realistic.

“So I mean, when I approach a kids’ show, I want to educate in a non-patronising way. I want to talk about science, I want to talk about the human body, and be on the level with what they’re gonna have to get used to as they grow up. My kid’s vocab is very much inspired by the way that I talk to him – I don’t talk to him like a child, I talk to him how I would talk to anyone.

“Obviously, I’m sensible with my understanding of what he understands, but I don’t believe in talking down to children, I never have, and I think that a lot of the kids’ material that’s out there kind of does. It can be a little bit patronising for kids, and you know, they enjoy it, and that’s fine and it’s catchy or whatever, but I think there’s room for something a little bit more sophisticated ‘cause we do kind of undervalue the way they look at the world.”

Regurgitator inpage

PHOTO: Supplied by HOTA

So have a little fun with us, unleash your inner rock star and come dressed up. You can also drop in before or after the show to glam up a cardboard guitar in a special free ArtLab workshop, It’s the perfect accessory to rock out with at the concert!

Get your hands on some tickets now for the epic Regurgitator Kids Show, 11am on Sat 12 Jan.

If your little rocker loved this concert then they’ll love our Kids Take Over program from 16-18 Jan. Check out the free and ticketed events on daily at this fun packed, music mini-fest for kids.

Make a day of it at HOTA this summer – swim in the lake, climb the adventure trail, grab some snack from the café – with free parking it’s easy to spend the whole day here.

Rock kids are taking over HOTA this summer

This summer you’ll find a music mini fest for kids at HOTA, Home of the Arts. From 16-18 Jan, Kids Take Over is back – and this time it’s live, loud and rockin’ out.

From the street to the beats – kids will have a riot learning air guitar, busting out street dance moves, working the decks, watching jaw dropping urban circus and tagging our walls. There’s a full program of daily activities on 16-18 Jan, from 10am-2pm each day.

There’s also a special concert by Brisbane’s quirky crew Regurgitator on 12 Jan.

Headlining the action at Kids Take Over are the 360 ALLSTARS. This radical urban circus boasts a stellar cast including world champion athletes, world class dancers and renowned musicians that will be sure to make the audience dizzy with excitement. It’s the second time the guys will be on the Gold Coast, having featured at the GC2018 Commonwealth Games Festival this year to amazing reveiws.

And if you have a kid who thinks they have some cool moves, they can battle it out with their crew or step into the dance circle with hip-hop, street and break-dancing workshops each day led by the Gold Coast’s TC Dance Academy.

Armed with headphones and a fully setup DJ booth, kids can also learn to create their own party playlist, mixed to the rhythms of their choice at DJ Skool with DJ Fletcher. The 30min free lessons are all booked up but you can still enjoy watching and hearing original tunes by the Gold Coast’s youngest up and coming mixmasters.

And kids will love taking their creativity to our walls (literally) as local artists lead the charge in transforming our walls into an urban streetscape in our graffiti inspired ArtLab.

Then why not take the kids on a nostalgic trip through the days when the Gold Coast was a hot spot of Australia’s live music touring circuit and check out the stories, memorabilia, photos and footage in our Let there be rock! Gallery exhibition.

If you need a little chill time then everyone’s favourite Jack Black movie classic, School of Rock, will be playing in the air-conditioned Basement every day at 11am, it’s free so just drop in and enjoy some down time.

HOTA CEO, Criena Gehrke, said kids will love the mix of activities over the summer break.

“Kids Take Over is a real rock ‘n’ roll mini fest full of fun and interactive activities that will leave kids feeling creative and inspired,” she said.

“Kids will have a great time learning air guitar moves, working the decks and trying out some street dance moves. They can even take their creativity to our walls with our graffiti-inspired art activities.”

Also on at HOTA in January is a super cool kids concert by Brisbane’s quirky crew, Regurgitator. Bringing their witty, silly attitude and musical mash-up of funk, pop and rock, this unique collection of kids tunes is about as naughty as punk rock can get and still offer a G rating. Have a little fun and come dressed up for this rockin’ performance made especially for young people and their grown-ups.

Get here early for the concert and get your hands on a cardboard guitar and give it some rock style in a free ArtLab pop up workshop.

Check out HOTA, Home of the Arts this summer – swim in the lake, climb the adventure trail, grab some snack from the café – with free parking it’s easy to spend the whole day here.

See the full Kids Take Over program and daily schedule.

Integra Floors

DIY timber-style flooring you can install over existing surfaces

The new Hybrid style flooring from Integra Floors is enabling Queensland home-owners to install an authentic looking timber-style flooring over existing surfaces that would normally require extensive and expensive preparation.

Unless you are very lucky, all ceramic tile floors start to crack and ugly-out over time. Once, to lay a new replacement floor correctly, total removal of the tiled floor was required, grinding remaining glue off and levelling the sub-floor smooth. If the tiles were still in a good condition, topping over the tiles was another option. Both options were costly and messy, and often outside the ability of most DIYers.

Integra Floor’s hybrid floors have a built-in acoustic underlay backing that not only absorbs those minor imperfections, it also provides class-leading acoustic insulation. The special edge locking system prevents plank separation and the semi-rigid construction prevents the planks from allowing sub-floor contours such as grout lines showing through over time.

Unlike the old style inflexible laminates, Hybrid flooring can flex over sub-floor undulations or up ramps, enabling installation over existing floors of varying heights with minimal preparation.

Unlike old style laminates, Hybrid flooring is completely water-proof so can be used in any area of your house, no matter how wet it gets.

Installation is similar to those laminates and quite easy for the DIYer with some basic tools. Of course, high peaks and sub-floor hollows still need to be addressed, and the sales staff at Integra Direct are happy to advise you how to get the perfect sub-floor. If you are uncertain of your abilities or just do not have the time, Integra Direct can put you in touch with an experienced installer, or even take on the entire installation from inspection to completion. Sore legs and back from standing in the tiled kitchen? Constant breakages from dropped crockery? Integra’s Hybrid is the solution.

One customer had an existing floor of large, high-gloss tiles that were cracked, noisy under-foot, extremely slippery and never looked clean.

The cracks were tidied up and filled, some dips filled and Aspire Hybrid flooring was installed directly over the top.

Integra Floors Northlakes Kitchen Prep

PHOTO: Supplied by Integra Floors

Integra Floors Northlakes Kitchen Process

PHOTO: Supplied by Integra Floors

The end result is a quiet, safe, low maintenance and very classy makeover for some very happy owners!

Integra Floors Northlakes Kitchen Finished

PHOTO: Supplied by Integra Floors

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