HOTA Kids Take Over

Kids go wild at HOTA September school holidays

This October 3 to 5, HOTA will host their bi-annual Kids Take Over school holiday program, featuring a range of adventure-filled activities where kids can create, explore and let their imaginations go wild.

This year’s theme of ‘Into the Wild’, sponsored by The Paradise Point Community Bank® Branch of Bendigo Bank, will encourage kids to don their explorers hats and be inspired during a fierce and fun mini-fest daily from 10am to 2pm.

HOTA will play host to a full program of activities for all mini-explorers and lovers of the wild, as the precinct comes alive with live performances, interactive experiences, arts and crafts and more.

HOTA CEO, Criena Gehrke, said childen will have a blast with all the activities planned at this year’s Kids Take Over event.

“Parents can raise their expectations this school holidays. We’ve got some of the best theatre companies at Kids Take Over – I’m talking Circa and Shock Therapy amongst others – with some fantastic, imaginative experiences, just for kids,” she said.

“There’s a jam-packed program of art activities and creative experiences for kids and families to get amongst – including great coffee and cinema options running during workshops to keep the adults entertained too.”

Headlining the festivities on October 5 is Dan Sultan, who will take to the stage with his very first album for kids Nali & Friends; written alongside long-time friend, collaborator and filmmaker Rhys Graham. Inspired by their journey through Uganda and Kenya, Nali & Friends is a tale about unconventional, oddball animals from different parts of the world.

Dan Sultan | PHOTO: Supplied by HOTA, Home of the Arts

Kids are invited to take a leap of faith in Danger Club By Circa, a series of circus workshops across the entire week, hosted by one of the best circus companies in the world. With only seventeen spots available, kids between the ages of 8 to 13 will learn a range of circus skills that will culminate in a special performance, which the kids will put on for a live audience at the end of the Kids Take Over program.

For those younger ones wanting to experience some circus fun during the three days, there will be Circus Antics Workshops with Spaghetti Circus, where kids can drop in and learn about takings risks, showing off and having fun with circus props.

HOTA Spaghetti Circus

Spaghetti Circus | PHOTO: Supplied by HOTA, Home of the Arts

Another workshop on offer from October 1 to 3 is Toonworld! Stop Motion Animation Workshop – teaching kids how to develop a storyline and create a unique clay character that will feature in their very own movie. Spiced up with some cool voice and sound effects, the short films will  play on the big screen before Dan Sultan’s concert on October 5.

Delving into the power of imagination, Gold Coast company Shock Therapy has created a colourful and iconic interactive experience that invites kids to take a walk with bush adventurer and mythical creature researcher, Pat Malone, through The Magic Garden – a fun-fuelled interactive journey of exploration and creativity for families.

Magic Garden

African Beat | PHOTO: Supplied by HOTA, Home of the Arts

The wild theme of this year’s program is complemented with African Beat, an African drumming workshop that shows kids how to move their hands and feet to the rhythm of the jungle beats.

Kids will also receive their very own passport on arrival at HOTA, which encourages them to collect stickers that they earn from each activity; travelling on to experience their next adventure throughout the school holiday program.

Kids Take Over is an incredible part of the culture and community spirit of the Gold Coast, which is why Bendigo Bank are proud sponsors of the program. Bendigo Bank’s ‘profit-with-purpose’ community banking model means profits are returned directly to the community that generates them, enabling branches to sponsor local organisations like HOTA.

With plenty to see and do, HOTA’s adventurous Kids Take Over program will be one for the whole family to explore from October 3 to 5.


Kids Take Over: in the Wild is presented by HOTA, Home of the Arts, Paradise Point Community Bank® Branch of Bendigo Bank.

Filtering through the noise with SILENCE

Thomas E.S. Kelly is an emerging Indigenous dancer/choreographer who has just returned to the Gold Coast to establish Karul Projects; an Indigenous Performing Arts Company.

“I started dancing from a young age. My first job was actually with the traditional dance group at Currumbin Sanctuary. I followed through with it whilst at high school and then successfully auditioned for NAISDA Dance College, haven’t looked back ever since. Dance for me has always been a way to connect to my culture, whether contemporary, hip hop, cultural or any other genre, every time I plant my foot I can connect to my ancestry,” said Thomas.

Thomas is one of the 12 local artists that are receiving funding and support from HOTA’s Creative Development Program. He applied for funding towards the second stage of development of his project SILENCE, a contemporary dance and percussion work which is also supported by Blakdance, the peak body for Indigenous dance in Australia.

“SILENCE is about filtering through all the noise that pollutes everyone’s lives on a daily basis. That noise can be so overwhelming that you miss some of the important issues. Issues that need to be heard, read and discussed, issues for change. SILENCE is exploring an important topic that has constantly been put on the table to only be removed. An important issue for the indigenous community that is constantly trying to be hidden. Karul Projects is bringing this issue and placing it back on the table through our art form and making it a topic for discussion.”

Thomas is tight-lipped about the issue they’ll be exploring in SILENCE – he wants people to arrive with no expectation and see if they connect with the work and the issue he’s exploring.

“The creative development program allowed us to continue exploring and developing this work. It had allowed us to spend time with a special group of collaborating and contributing artists all based in Queensland. That’s the important thing when making a work, have time and support and that’s what this program offered,” he said.

Thomas is preparing this work for an Industry showing in November.

“SILENCE will be Karul Projects first work made since relocating to the Gold Coast earlier this year. We hope to premiere this work sometime next year and use this platform for us to bring these issues to the table, to begin a relationship with the Queensland Community and to represent in the performing arts sector as a First Nations lead company based in South East Queensland.”

You can read more about Thomas and his work on his website.

HOTA’s inaugural Creative Development Program is supported by City of Gold Coast.

Glow Borealis

Swiss artist brings the Northern Lights to the Gold Coast

The Northern Lights experience. On demand. Anywhere and anytime.

Borealis, the new work from Dan Acher brings the experience of the Northern Lights to cities around the world and this August you’ll be able to experience it for yourself at GLOW from 1-3 Aug.

Dan Acher’s creation is as much a work of art as it is a technological performance. High power laser beams travel through particle clouds to create the illusion. Variations in movement, colour, and density, together with changing weather conditions, give infinite variations. A unique aurora is created each time.

‘Throughout the ages man has attributed countless legends to the phenomenon. BOREALIS is about our ancestral communion with nature and about our recent compulsion to control it,’ said Dan.
Dan Acher is the founder and Creative Director of Happy City Lab.

Happy City Lab explores collective spaces, creating situations and events that generate participative experiences. From targeted interventions to events designed for audiences of over 90,000, Happy City Lab places social interaction at the heart of its projects. They transform shared spaces to bring new perspectives to our surroundings.

Dan describes himself as an ‘artivist’ and social entrepreneur who designs socially innovative city-wide installations which disrupt routines and bring the extra-ordinary into people’s lives.

Central to his work is the use of art to create change; from immersive streetlight orchestras to pop-up dancefloors, lost pianos, participative cinema or neighbourhood exchange boxes, his installations challenge mind-sets and transform the way we live together. Dan designs for music, lights and other multi-disciplinary arts festivals as well as for city councils and private companies.

In Switzerland and abroad, his artistic projects are accessible to all and bearers of joy and emotion. Simple and innovative, they generate extraordinary collective experiences and encourage personal investment in communal spaces.

Borealis is sure to be a stunning centrepiece for the GLOW festival. Accompanied by an ethereal soundtrack composed by OXSA, with guest appearances by the HOTA Choir, we invite you to lay back on the grass and take it all in.

GLOW is a free festival of light that takes place at HOTA from 1-3 Aug, check out the full line up here.

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Dangerous Liasons HOTA

Queensland Ballet spices things up with Dangerous Liaisons

Queensland Ballet has teamed up with Artistic Associate and world-renowned choreographer, Liam Scarlett, to present Dangerous Liaisons, an evocative performance and classic tale of seduction and betrayal, coming to HOTA on June 14 to 15.

The scandalous story, which has captivated audiences around the world for over 200 years, is based on Pierre Choderlos de Laclos’ time honoured novel and has been reimagined into a dramatic new ballet for mature audiences.

Set amongst the aristocratic elite of late eighteenth century France, Dangerous Liaisons is a hedonistic tale of love, betrayal and humanity.

CEO of HOTA, Criena Gehrke, said this performance is one of the most daring works by Queensland Ballet to-date.

“This is adults-only ballet at its finest. Sexy, stunning and dramatic – just the way I like it,” she said.

Queensland Ballet’s ambitious adaptation of this incredibly complex and nuanced story will come to life next month, in their sole Gold Coast performance taking place at HOTA’s Arts Theatre.

After premiering the production at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre in Brisbane earlier this year, Queensland Ballet will also head to Cairns, Toowoomba and Mackay as part of their tour.

Dangerous Liaisons is recommended for eighteen plus patrons and will take place at the Home of the Arts on Friday 14th June, at 7.30pm and Saturday 15th June, at 1.30pm.

For more information, visit

‘Liam Scarlett’s Dangerous Liaisons, is sexy as all hell.’ Phil Brown, The Courier-Mail

‘…as good as anything you’ll see in London, Paris, New York or anywhere else.’ Phil Brown, The Courier-Mail

‘Dangerous Liaisons is an extraordinary work, and with it, Queensland Ballet has truly come of age.’ Denise Richardson, Dance Australia

‘The performance indicated quite clearly that the company is so much more than a State ballet company. QB is a national treasure.’ Michelle Potter

Get your tickets now to see the brilliant Dangerous Liaisons at 7:30pm Friday 14 June or 1:30pm Saturday 15 June.