Glow Borealis

Swiss artist brings the Northern Lights to the Gold Coast

The Northern Lights experience. On demand. Anywhere and anytime.

Borealis, the new work from Dan Acher brings the experience of the Northern Lights to cities around the world and this August you’ll be able to experience it for yourself at GLOW from 1-3 Aug.

Dan Acher’s creation is as much a work of art as it is a technological performance. High power laser beams travel through particle clouds to create the illusion. Variations in movement, colour, and density, together with changing weather conditions, give infinite variations. A unique aurora is created each time.

‘Throughout the ages man has attributed countless legends to the phenomenon. BOREALIS is about our ancestral communion with nature and about our recent compulsion to control it,’ said Dan.
Dan Acher is the founder and Creative Director of Happy City Lab.

Happy City Lab explores collective spaces, creating situations and events that generate participative experiences. From targeted interventions to events designed for audiences of over 90,000, Happy City Lab places social interaction at the heart of its projects. They transform shared spaces to bring new perspectives to our surroundings.

Dan describes himself as an ‘artivist’ and social entrepreneur who designs socially innovative city-wide installations which disrupt routines and bring the extra-ordinary into people’s lives.

Central to his work is the use of art to create change; from immersive streetlight orchestras to pop-up dancefloors, lost pianos, participative cinema or neighbourhood exchange boxes, his installations challenge mind-sets and transform the way we live together. Dan designs for music, lights and other multi-disciplinary arts festivals as well as for city councils and private companies.

In Switzerland and abroad, his artistic projects are accessible to all and bearers of joy and emotion. Simple and innovative, they generate extraordinary collective experiences and encourage personal investment in communal spaces.

Borealis is sure to be a stunning centrepiece for the GLOW festival. Accompanied by an ethereal soundtrack composed by OXSA, with guest appearances by the HOTA Choir, we invite you to lay back on the grass and take it all in.

GLOW is a free festival of light that takes place at HOTA from 1-3 Aug, check out the full line up here.

Needing urgent financial relief or settlement?

In cases involving domestic violence, we see many clients where financial support and/or access to bank accounts are withheld or threatened to be withheld suddenly by the abusive partner, child support is being refused to be paid, and in some cases, there is an urgent need to relocate and incur establishment costs.

If you are being prevented from having access to joint financial assets and unable to meet normal household expenses, it is time to call DV LAWYER.

Property settlement mediation

To resolve financial and property matters, you can go to Court, however, there may be significant delays before the Court is able to determine the matter.

For a much swifter result, you may want to enter into Mediation. As Nationally Accredited Mediators, DV LAWYER can act as a Mediator and attempt to resolve the division of property and assets as early as possible. This can occur in separate rooms or on the telephone if there are safety concerns. If an agreement is reached, you will not have to go to Court and you can severe the financial tie sooner.

If we are not acting as a Mediator, and you prefer us to represent you as your lawyer, DV LAWYER can:

  • provide you with advice about your entitlement to a property settlement and discuss the prospects of your case with you. You may be eligible to make a claim for a property settlement even if the assets are only in your ex-partner’s name;
  • assist you lodge any urgent Caveats over property;
  • negotiate on your behalf with your ex-partner and draft Consent Orders should there be an agreement reached;
  • draft and advise on Binding Financial Agreements and Binding Child Support Agreements.

If you do not reach agreement, we can draft all the required court documents to be filed in Court and represent you all the way to Trial if necessary.

Take the first step and call Kathleen Simpson at DV LAWYER for a Free Consultation.

Tips for leaving your relationship safely

Is it time to leave and put you and the children first?

In our experience, most people contemplating leaving an abusive relationship are often confused and feel “out of their depth” over what to do next, particularly where practical arrangements for separation need to be made. We appreciate there’s a lot to consider, for example, how to leave, how to obtain alternate housing, financial security and how to obtain ongoing adequate protection. There are also natural concerns about legal parenting rights and property settlement.

If you or someone you know is about to take that next step to leave a relationship, here is our advice on what to do in order to leave the relationship safely:

  • Take all important documents including passports, birth certificates, bank statements, marriage certificate, immigration documents, drivers licence, tax records
  • Take all diaries, photographs of injuries, doctors records, police records and any other evidence of abuse
  • Take any medications for yourself and the children
  • Lock your smartphone by PIN
  • Change your PIN and passcodes for ITunes, email addresses, online banking, Facebook and other social media
  • Set up a new email address
  • MyHealthRecord – change your MyGOV password or opt out to ensure the perpetrator does not continue to receive notifications about you and/or the children
  • Turn off your GPS
  • Turn off location services on Apps such as Find My IPhone, Snapchat
  • Turn off Bluetooth on your phone when not in use
  • Check your Apps and delete any Apps you are not familiar with
  • Make a copy of your car key and keep it in a safe place
  • If you remain living in the residence and the perpetrator does not, make sure you change the locks and the garage remote access codes
  • If you cannot stay at your rental, you can obtain an early release from you lease agreement through RTA
  • A good investment is a dashcam for your car and have this recording at any changeovers
  • Key into your phone all important numbers of family and friends network
  • In the event of an emergency, hit your IPhone’s power button 5x quickly and it will call 000

We also understand just leaving isn’t the answer. Here’s some important information to help with the next steps:

  • Don’t believe anything the perpetrator says to you – act only on proper advice
  • Get legal advice as soon as you can – it is important you know your rights as to protection, ouster orders, property/financial entitlements and your responsibilities regarding your children
  • Get advice from an experienced domestic violence lawyer who has family law background – so that the DV issues can be properly advocated throughout your family law matters
  • File an Application for a Protection Order in the Magistrates Court – can be done via the Police or privately e.g. through a domestic violence law firm
  • Seek counselling – DVPC, DVConnect, DVAC – can be done at no cost on a Mental Health Care Plan
  • Seek refuges for temporary accommodation – call DVConnect / DVPC will assist you
  • Change your routine – don’t follow the same paths you go to work and/or school
  • Address any urgent financial needs – Centrelink, CTH bank and NAB can give you an urgent payment
  • Ask your lawyer about spousal maintenance, Hogan Orders and other financial abuse orders
  • Redirect your mail – Australia Post will do this for free for DV affected persons
  • Change your mortgage to interest only payments – this will reduce the amount payable until settlement
  • Tell the bank you are separated and that there must be two signatures for withdrawals on joint accounts
  • Don’t be afraid to make the call/s, there is good support out there for you with you every step of the way

DV LAWYER 0410 288 169  |
DV Connect 1800 811 811  |
DVPC (Gold Coast) 07 5532 9000  |

Smith Collective rolls out red carpet for Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny is preparing to make his first visit to the Gold Coast’s newest landmark community as Smith Collective gears up for the annual celebration.

The country’s first build-to-rent development at Southport will host a free program of Easter-themed events during the school holidays, including arts and crafts, food decorating and the chance to be photographed with everyone’s favourite rabbit.

Residents and visitors are welcome to head to the $550 million development’s outdoor retail mall for the fun and games, with families expected to embrace the chance to not only meet the Easter Bunny but discover why Smith Collective is considered a game-changer for the Gold Coast.

Smith Collective Senior Retail & Marketing Manager Mel Kite said the Easter celebration was a taste of the community-minded events the development was set to become famous for.

“As well as reinventing rental, we are committed to ensuring Smith Collective is a lifestyle destination for all Gold Coasters,” she said.

“With loads of outdoor space and a rising number of traders opening their doors, both residents and visitors are getting to see the community come to life. Our Easter celebrations are another milestone in that evolution and families who decide to pop by are sure to have a ball.”

The Easter activities will run from 10am-1pm on Thursday 18 April and Saturday 20 April, with professional children’s entertainers to host face painting, arts and crafts (Thursday) and cookie decorating (Saturday).

Children will also be able to meet the Easter Bunny, who will be handing out chocolate eggs and posing for photos in his own special area.

Smith Collective aims to redefine the traditional rental process by forgoing individual landlords and offering residents many benefits of home ownership, including long-term security and the ability to paint walls and have pets.

The community will eventually be home to 2500 people across 533 one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments – 172 of which are accessible; 637 two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartments and 82 townhouses featuring three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

It will also feature an emerging retail and dining hub, with major supermarket chain Woolworths and retail giant BWS already securing tenancies.

For residential enquiries, please contact

GC Laughs HOTA

Take a trip to the funny side with GC Laughs

GC Laughs has just announced their line-up, and it’s pure comedy gold. This brand-new festival promises a whole week of non-stop funniness from some of the biggest names in comedy alongside the next generation of up and coming talent.

GC Laughs is the brainchild of Festival Co-Directors Josh Armstrong and Craig Ivanoff who felt it was time the Gold Coast had a comedy festival of its own.

‘Most cities around the country stage a comedy festival, it’s a rite of passage for many a famous name to “tread the circuit” and audiences love discovering new talent before they are famous,’ said Josh.

This year’s diverse line up features big names like Ross Noble, Arj Barker and Stephen K Amos plus rising stars like Fern Brady, Rhys Nicholson and Becky Lucas.

GC Laughs Acts

Ross Noble, Arj Barker and Fern Brady | PHOTOS: GC Laughs Festival / HOTA

With support from HOTA for the next three years, the comedy festival will put the Gold Coast on the map as a major player on the comedy circuit and plans to become a cornerstone event on the Gold Coast’s cultural calendar.

We had a chat with Festival Co-Director Craig Ivanoff:

Why did you want to bring a comedy festival to the Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and the leading tourist destination in the country, making it a perfect location for world-class entertainment. The comedy scene here has gone from strength to strength over the last 5 years. We now have show’s most nights, the only thing that was missing is a big event to draw in the big acts, and big crowds. And it’s a privilege to bring it to an amazing venue like HOTA.

What’s special about seeing comedy live?

There’s definitely something uniquely special about live comedy. When you’re in a crowd of people, hyper-focused on the performer, the mood is infectious, and the result can be electric. The very nature of comedy means that comics often get to be provocative, to get people to think outside the box. The comedian engages with a different audience every night, an ever-changing unpredictable group of people who have come together to laugh, which makes it fresh and exciting. When the show ends, it can never be reproduced in exactly the same way again.

Who’s your top tip to see at the festival?

The Gala, hosted by Sammy J and Randy is definitely one of the hottest shows to see, with an amazing line-up of international and local acts. Helen Bidou’s show was hugely popular last year and was nominated for multiple awards, winning best show at the Sydney Comedy Festival. Having Daniel Sloss join us after dropping his two incredible Netflix hours is pretty special as well.

Check out the full program of events for GC Laughs at HOTA from 17-24 March, you’re sure to find something that takes your fancy.