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Australian Diplomat dies in New York City after falling from balcony

AN Australian Diplomat has reportedly died in New York City after falling from a balcony.

The 30-year-old is understood to have slipped over the railing at his Lower East Side apartment in the early hours of Wednesday.

He was rushed to a local hospital, however tragically died.

The man, who was Australia’s second secretary to the United Nations, is believed to have been with his wife and friends celebrating Australia’s same-sex marriage result when the accident occurred.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade say they are providing consular assistance to the man’s family.

Prime Minister Maclolm Turnbull described the death as a “shocking tragedy” on Sunrise this morning.

Gold Coast Show

Organisers warn Gold Coasters could lose show public holiday

Gold Coasters could lose one of their public holidays next year, with the Gold Coast Show struggling to find a new permanent home.

Gold Coast sporting and community organisations have banded together to call on the government to step up and deliver a new home for the much-loved annual show after it was made homeless in 2013 by construction for the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

“Failure to identify a new permanent location for the Gold Coast Show might see the cancellation of next year’s 31 August Show Public Holiday,” they said in a statement.

Other iconic events and sports such as Big Day Out, harness racing and greyhound racing have also allegedly been left homeless by the closure of Parklands.

The organisations have now joined forces to seek further local and state government action to create a Parklands 2.0.

A media call will be held in Mudgeeraba this morning to discuss the organisation’s impending action.


Jacqui Lambie

Emotional Jacqui Lambie quits senate after dual citizenship confirmed

UPDATE @ 2.30pm: Former Senator Jackie Lambie has left Parliament House in tears after resigning due to holding dual citizenship.

The Former Tasmanian Senator is the latest politician to be embroiled in the scandal, and said she had no choice but to resign.

“There’s no question mark anymore… it’s black and white,” Ms Lambie told the senate.

Ms Lambie was ruled ineligible due to her father holding a UK citizenship.

In her address to the Senate, she said she’s “not as bloody Australian as they come”.

Currently, she’s ruled out running in the upcoming Tasmanian election but has left the door open for another tilt at Federal politics.

Watch the emotional goodbye below:

EARLIER @ November 14, 8.15am: Tasmanian Independent senator Jacqui Lambie is preparing to resign after receiving confirmation that she is a dual citizen.

Senator Lambie is expected to make a statement to the Senate this morning.

The Independent Senator sought urgent advice from the UK home office last week after learning her father was born in Scotland.

British Authorities today confirmed that Senator Lambie is in fact, a dual citizen by descent.

Senator Lambie is the eighth politician caught up in the dual citizenship saga.


EARLIER @ November 14, 7.00am: Tasmanian Independent senator Jacqui Lambie is awaiting advice from the UK home office after becoming the latest politician caught up in the dual citizenship saga.

Senator Lambie revealed she may be a UK citizen by descent, with her father born in Scotland. However she is awaiting confirmation from British Authorities.

The Independent Senator stressed that if it comes back that she is a dual-citizen, she will resign immediately.

It’s understood Lambie only learnt about her British ancestry last week.

EARLIER @ November 13, 2.00pm: Tasmanian Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie has become the latest politician caught up in the dual citizenship saga.

Senator Lambie told Fairfax she sought urgent advice last week whether she holds dual citizenship.

The Independent Senator said if she’s found to be a dual citizen, she’ll resign.

Last week, questions started over Senator Lambie’s status after a report revealed her father was born in Scotland.

At the time, she insisted her affairs were in order and she was not concerned.

“I’m happy to put on the record that I’m satisfied that my parents are both Australian citizens and I have no concerns about me being a dual citizen because of where they were born or came from,” she said.

A tiger at Dreamworld Australia on the Gold Coast

Dreamworld defends keepers grabbing a tiger by the tail

Dreamworld says two of its tiger handlers who pulled a big cat by its tail and slapped it on the head were using normal procedures, to stop what could have been a deadly fight erupting.

Video footage of the incident has drawn angry posts from people condemning their behaviour.

However the theme park says grabbing a tiger by the tail is actually a safe and accepted way of separating two animals who were being aggressive.

Dreamworld said audience members who witnessed the incident were told why the tiger was being handled in such a way.

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“Open hand taps to the facial area are the safest way to refocus tigers who are challenging each other,” a spokesperson said.

“The tiger’s tail is one of its strongest parts of the body and the animals themselves as well as their handlers regularly play with the tail.

“Akasha and Kai are both more than 100 kilos and the intervention of our handlers prevented a situation that may have escalated.”

Baby Dummy

Father charged after baby girl allegedly fed ‘ice’

A young father has been charged with allegedly contaminating his baby daughter’s dummy with the potentially deadly drug ‘ice’.

The 24-year-old was arrested on Wednesday following a foot pursuit with police in Albury, NSW.

Police said the four-month-old girl was rushed to Albury Base Hospital in late October with an unknown illness.

However pathology tests later revealed the baby had amphetamine and methylamphetamine (ice) in her system, with NSW health alerting Detectives from the State Crime Command’s Child Abuse Squad.

“Police will allege in court that the man recklessly administered ice to the child by contaminating her dummy,” officers said in a statement.

The man has been charged with use poison so as to endanger life or inflict grievous harm and is due to appear at Albury Local Court later today.