The most popular middle names for Aussie newborns

We already know the most popular first names given to newborns last year were Oliver, Noah, Leo and Amelia, Isla and Charlotte – but what about middle names?

We all know deciding on a middle name for your child can be just as tough as trying to pick a first name…

Does it flow? Does it sound too old? The list goes on…

Well it appears Australian parents are big fans of the names Rose and James, with the two scoring the top spot on the list of the most popular middle names given to infants in 2019.

Did your child’s middle name make the list?


  1. Rose
  2. Grace
  3. May
  4. Elizabeth
  5. Louise
  6. Mae
  7. Jane
  8. Anne
  9. Maree
  10. Marie


  1. James
  2. John
  3. William
  4. Thomas
  5. Michael
  6. Alexander
  7. David
  8. George
  9. Robert
  10. Joseph

Working Mum

Can you increase profits – by working less hours?

While our prime minister has been hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons, Finland’s new female PM Sanna Marin has been generating all sorts of good press over her suggestion that working less hours could be the key to success.

“A four-day work week, a six-hour workday, why couldn’t that be the next step? Is eight hours the final truth?” Marin reportedly said.

“I think people deserve more time with their families, hobbies, life. This could be the next step for us in working life.”

Following her comments, I saw a LOT of commentary on my social media, particularly LinkedIn, in opposition to her theory.

Some argued that this is a femanazi idea, that it lacked common sense, that it would force small business owners to employ more staff and it could kill the economy if implemented.

I’d argue that if a male leader suggested this, he would be lauded for his progressive and innovative thinking, rather than hauled over the coals…

I also think that in some industries, it wouldn’t be practical – if you are running a hospital and need nurses 24/7, you would have to schedule four staff working 6 hours, rather than three staff working 8 hours.

But in many office-based jobs, it’s entirely possible to complete your work in six hours instead of eight.

I know this, because I do it.

I transitioned from a media job working full-time in an office, to working for myself as a freelancer and consultant. I can fit in 40-50 hours of “traditional” work into about 30 hours of time at my desk, because I work very strategically. There is little time wasted at unnecessary meetings, doing coffee runs, on phone calls or browsing social media, because every hour is accounted for from a productivity perspective.

Also because I am working less hours in my week, I have time to work out at the gym, eat healthily, get regular massages to work out the kinks in my back for sitting down at work most of my day, and spend decent, quality time with my family and friends.

There are loads of studies and examples to support working less days or hours without sacrificing output, and while improving work/life balance – including this digital marketing company, which has tripled profits since introducing “work-free Wednesdays”.

What do you think? Do you think your job could be achieved in less hours or days per week – or is this idea a non-starter?

Family of Young LNP Club drag queen protester express their grief

The family of a young conservative who took his own life after a backlash over a drag queen story time protest, admit he got some things wrong.

But they say he was a young man with compassion who had a “desire to make the world better.”

Wilson Gavin and members of the University of Queensland Young Liberal National Club stormed a library in Brisbane on Sunday chanting “drag queens are not for kids”.

Video footage of the protest went viral, sparking public outrage against the group and in particular Mr Gavin.

The 21-year-old, himself a gay man, was found dead on Monday morning.

His family has today released a statement expressing their anguish at his death and the circumstances leading up to it.

“To everyone who knew our son and brother and shared their stories of who Wilson Gavin really was – we thank you.

“To those who have described Wilson as “a deeply troubled young man”, including so-called family members – with all due respect – you never knew him.

“To anyone who is or was angry with Wilson – we know he regularly got the “how” wrong and occasionally got the “what” wrong. This made us angry with him too.

“To the LGBTIQA+ communities and Rainbow Families Queensland – we love and support you.

“To young, politically motivated people of all persuasions – we implore you to seek kind and wise mentors who will guide you, and not use you or wash their hands of you when you no longer serve their purposes.”

Image: Supplied

The family also addressed the attacks Mr Gavin faced on social media in the wake of Sunday’s protest.

“To those who are now regretting words said or typed in anger that may have contributed to another person’s suffering – we know and share your pain all too well.

“To the people impacted by our son’s decision to end his life in the way that he did – words cannot express our sorrow for you.”

The family also thanked Police and emergency services for treating them with “dignity and compassion”.

“We loved Wil for his compassion and sense of justice – just some of the many things he got right.

“We respected the unwavering strength of his convictions and desire to make the world better.

“And we admired Wil’s drive to contribute, so often in ways not many knew about – like serving at a soup kitchen every Saturday or the year he spent teaching kids in Mongolia. He would regularly give the last note in his wallet to a homeless person on the street.

“Wil worked tirelessly for causes without personal gain, gratitude, or in some cases, loyalty.

“We remember him as a devoted and loving son and brother. We will love him, always and will be forever grateful he was part of our family.

If you are in immediate danger call 000 now.  If you require advice or assistance, the following services can offer counselling and support:
Lifeline 13 11 14
| visit website
Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636
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Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800
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MensLine Australia 1300 789 978
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IKEA recalls potentially toxic travel mug

IKEA has recalled a travel mug product, over fears it could be toxic.

The home wares giant says the TROLIGTVIS travel mug with “Made in India” marked on the bottom of it, ‘may migrate levels of Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) exceeding the prescribed limits’.

Anyone who has one of the mugs is being urged to stop using it immediately and return it to any IKEA store for a full refund.

Proof of purchase (receipt) isn’t required.

IKEA says while there is a hazard, it is a very low risk of any immediate negative health effects.

For more Australian Product Recall Information, click here.

PHOTO | Sourced IKEA

Crews respond to reports of smoke billowing out of Southport gym

Fire crews have been called to Ferry Road in Southport this morning, following reports of smoke coming out of a business.

The first crew arrived around 7.00am, to a group of shops along Meron Street and Gilian Lane.

On arrival, firies found smoke billowing out of the Plus Fitness 24/7, and looked to be coming from a high voltage substation.

Energex has been advised and is also responding, though there aren’t any reports of outages at the moment.

Paramedics and police are on scene as well.

There are some delays around the Ferry Road area and Meron Street.