Online Shopping

Government considering ‘online shopping tax’ for overseas purchases

If you’re a fan of online shopping, then this news isn’t going to go down too well.

There are reports this morning that the Australian Government is thinking about slapping online shoppers with a $5 additional tax on international orders.

It’s understood the Home Affairs Department initially proposed the online shopping tax to help cover the costs of security screening overseas parcels.

The tax of at least $5 would apply to all orders under $1000, according to Nine’s political reporter Fiona Willan.


wedding cake

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding cake revealed

Guests at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding in May are in for a treat, with the pair revealing details of their cake.

The royal couple have steered away from the traditional choice of fruit cake, and have instead opted for an organic lemon and elderflower masterpiece.

In a statement released overnight, Kensington Palace said the cake will “incorporate the bright flavors of spring” and will “be covered with buttercream and decorated with fresh flowers”.

Californian pastry chef and food writer Claire Ptak, owner of the Violet Bakery in east London, has been enlisted to bake it.

Bride-to-be Meghan has previously met and interviewed Ptak for her former lifestyle website The Tig.

In a statement following the announcement, Ptak said she was “delighted” to be be chosen to make Prince Harry and Ms. Markle’s wedding cake.

“Knowing that they really share the same values as I do about food provenance, sustainability, seasonality and most importantly flavor, makes this the most exciting event to be a part of.”

Gold Coast students teleport across the Universe with interactive learning

Learning has taken a 360 degree spin at Coomera Anglican College, with their newest facility, The Pod.

The Pod is a future-focused centre, making students the architects of their own learning by taking them out of the traditional classroom.

It features the latest in immersive and interactive technology with robotics, interactive touch screen displays, 3D printing, writeable walls, smart glass and an indoor drone flying space.

The climate controlled, 360 degree Imaginarium is the centrepiece of the new learning facility, adding another dimension to the visual and audio experience to teleport students from the icy cold environments of Antarctica to the sweltering Sahara Desert and even off the planet to Mars – all with the wave of a wand!

Coomera Anglican College Principal, Dr Mark Sly says the The Pod is an Australian first, which will meet students’ needs in a rapidly changing technological landscape.

“This new facility is supporting the way we’re changing our approach to learning which is enquiry-based rather than content-based teaching,” Dr Sly said.

“In a world where the future of education will soon see virtual and augmented reality, robotics, 3D printing, laser cutting and drones as the norm, we identified the need for a facility that was flexible enough to move and adapt to change, but also have some key design elements to address some of the current and expected technological advances,” Dr Sly added.

“With immersive, interactive and collaborative learning environments, The Pod will introduce students to future-focused learning, placing this facility at the forefront of the new age of education.

“Coomera Anglican College strives to inspire excellence and we believe we have achieved that, and more, by inspiring creativity and imagination in our students’ learning – taking it out of this world.”


Gold Coasters urged to make someone smile this International Day of Happiness

Gold Coasters are being encouraged to take a two-minute time-out to themselves and to help spread joy today, on International Day of Happiness!

The annual global initiative has been celebrated by the United Nations since its launch in 2013 and this year its theme is #TENBILLIONHAPPY: Happiness Day. Every Day. For All of Humanity, by 2050.

Local lifecoach and author Sally Thibault said a two-minute time-out to focus on happiness was a great way to mark the day, and a great habit to incorporate for everyday wellbeing.

“The International Day of Happiness is a yearly celebration of happiness as a fundamental human right and goal for all of humanity,” Ms Thibault said.

“The initiative encourages communities around the world to ensure happiness for everyone – to do what makes you happy, and to spread happiness.”

Sally says two minutes is all it takes to boost happiness levels, and the happiness levels of people around you.

“Passing on a smile, sharing an experience, helping someone in need, meditating and thinking positively, or spending time with friends and family are all two-minute time-outs we can invest in today.

“I encourage Queenslanders to take a two-minute time-out today to get happy. Spend two minutes considering and writing down three things you’re grateful for.

“You could also invest two minutes writing an email to someone to thank them, or putting in an overdue phone call to encourage a friend or family member.

“Set aside two minutes of pure alone time, a two-minute time-out to dance to your favourite song – whatever gets the happiness flowing!

“By taking two minutes to focus on happiness, we make our communities and our world a better place to be.”

Bush Fire

At least 70 homes and businesses destroyed by ferocious Tathra bushfires

At least 70 homes and businesses have been completely destroyed by raging bushfires in the NSW town of Tathra.

The blaze broke out in hot and windy conditions on Sunday afternoon, with NSW fire crews stating on social media overnight that it’s been a “dangerous and difficult day”.

“At 8pm there was 26 bush and grass fires, with 12 uncontained,” Fire and Rescue NSW tweeted.

“The fire at Tathra is at Emergency Warning. Crews are still working to extinguish homes which are alight.”

A Rural Fire Service spokesperson confirmed the fire has now been downgraded from emergency warning to watch and act level, despite fires still popping up in the township area.

Crews began to assess the extent of damage caused by the out-of-control fires at first daylight today, with the devastation on the coastal town clearly evident.

“We’re looking at 70 buildings lost at the moment,” NSW RFS Deputy Commissioner Rob Rogers told TODAY.

“It’s obviously extremely devastating for those families”.

As the clean-up continues today, the Rural Fire Service is urging people to be patient and stay out of the area, with fallen trees and powerlines and fears of asbestos in many homes, posing a risk.