Botanical Bazar 2019

Get ready for gardening galore at Botanical Bazaar

There is set to be plenty of inspiration for green thumbs at Botanical Bazaar, when it blooms at Country Paradise Parklands on Sunday 4 August.

The garden and sustainability festival will feature thousands of plants, a huge variety of exhibitors, and informative talks with gardening experts such as Costa Georgiadis.

The kids will also be kept thoroughly entertained throughout the day with nature craft activities, baby farm animals and flower crown making.

Event manager Stacey Panozzo told myGC said this year’s event will have a focus on sustainable living.

“There has a definitely been a shift toward growing your own organic produce,” she said.

“We really want people to learn it is not that hard to start growing your own food. It doesn’t matter what size space you have – whether it is a balcony, or a garden – there is an option for everyone.

“It is the same with composting, some people are too scared to do it, so we will have options on the day to suit small spaces, right up to large gardens.”

For more information about Botanical Bazaar, visit:

Deputy Premier Jackie Trad

Qld’s deputy premier refers herself to CCC

The Queensland deputy premier says she will ask the state’s corruption watchdog to investigate her purchase of a house near a major rail project.

Jackie Trad, who is also the state’s treasurer, will step down from her role heading up the government’s $5.4 billion Cross River Rail project while the Crime and Corruption Commission investigates.

“I want this resolved as quickly as possible and so I have decided to refer this to the CCC to consider whether it’s a matter that requires investigation,” Ms Trad said in a statement on Monday.

“I made clear my intention to sell the property when the outcome of the CCC consideration is known.”

She said Integrity Commissioner Nikola Stepanov has looked into the matter but has advised against releasing her advice while it is investigated by the CCC.

Opposition leader Deb Frecklington called for the public release of the advice and for Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to sack her deputy.

She said Ms Trad’s announcement would serve as a “smokescreen” to dodge questions when she faces budget estimates from Tuesday.

“It is no coincidence this move came less than 24 hours before Jackie Trad was due to be grilled in Parliament,” Ms Frecklington said.

“I had already referred Jackie Trad to the CCC four days ago because of this blatant breach of integrity rules.”

The Woolloongabba house was not declared on the Queensland Parliament’s register of members’ interests within the required time frame.

The Cross River Rail is a underground rail line currently being built in Brisbane.

Ms Frecklington said last week there is a potential increase in value or rezoning of properties close to the rail line.

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Prawn farmers rejoice as fresh tests show south-east remains White Spot free

PRAWN farmers around the south-east are breathing a little easier after latest round of surveillance tests showed no signs of the dreaded White Spot disease.

It’s been more than two and a half years since the virus devastated the big prawn farms on the Logan River, destroying almost all of their stocks.

Biosecurity Queensland took prawn and marine worm samples from a number of locations within Moreton Bay, Logan and Brisbane Rivers and all returned negative results.

Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Mark Furner said it was great news for the industry and its employment prospects.

“This is the second consecutive surveillance round conducted by my department which has returned negative results for the virus that causes white spot disease,” Mr Furner said.

“If another round of tests next year is negative Queensland and Australia would be declared free of white spot disease.

“But this means everyone must continue to remain vigilant to ensure the disease is contained and does not spread.

“I thank the industry for its resilience and patience during this hard time, and the general community, especially recreational fishers for heeding our messages and helping stop the spread of the disease.”

Australian Prawn Farmers Association President Matt West said all his members have their fingers crossed hoping the white spot outbreak is over.

“Affected businesses have gone through a lot of financial and mental stress with our Logan farms having to shut down for lengthy periods with the sole purpose of eradicating the disease,” Mr West said.

“Everyone has done an amazing job, but we’ve had a wake-up call to remain vigilant, not just for white spot but other diseases coming into the country.

“It’s imperative we boost exotic disease testing regimes at our borders to prevent any other major disease outbreaks.

“An end to the white spot disease outbreak would be very good result indeed, not only for the Logan farmers but Queensland’s prawn farming industry, which is currently enjoying a considerable, state-wide, expansionary phase.

“Established aquaculture companies and major new entrants are spending millions and millions of dollars expanding their farms or constructing some new large-scale operations.

“There’s such unlimited demand for our prawns. Seafood suppliers take everything we can produce.”

Three of Seven Logan prawn farms restocked their ponds last summer and the biggest operator and harvested around 421 tonnes of their much sought-after prawns. Although well down on prior to the disease outbreak, production is set to double again later this year.

The battling Logan prawn farmers got another much-needed boost after the owners of Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture won the prestigious Champion Prawn and the Champion Aquaculture Product Trophy at the Sydney Royal Show, which sets the quality bench mark for all Australian seafood.

Glow Borealis

Swiss artist brings the Northern Lights to the Gold Coast

The Northern Lights experience. On demand. Anywhere and anytime.

Borealis, the new work from Dan Acher brings the experience of the Northern Lights to cities around the world and this August you’ll be able to experience it for yourself at GLOW from 1-3 Aug.

Dan Acher’s creation is as much a work of art as it is a technological performance. High power laser beams travel through particle clouds to create the illusion. Variations in movement, colour, and density, together with changing weather conditions, give infinite variations. A unique aurora is created each time.

‘Throughout the ages man has attributed countless legends to the phenomenon. BOREALIS is about our ancestral communion with nature and about our recent compulsion to control it,’ said Dan.
Dan Acher is the founder and Creative Director of Happy City Lab.

Happy City Lab explores collective spaces, creating situations and events that generate participative experiences. From targeted interventions to events designed for audiences of over 90,000, Happy City Lab places social interaction at the heart of its projects. They transform shared spaces to bring new perspectives to our surroundings.

Dan describes himself as an ‘artivist’ and social entrepreneur who designs socially innovative city-wide installations which disrupt routines and bring the extra-ordinary into people’s lives.

Central to his work is the use of art to create change; from immersive streetlight orchestras to pop-up dancefloors, lost pianos, participative cinema or neighbourhood exchange boxes, his installations challenge mind-sets and transform the way we live together. Dan designs for music, lights and other multi-disciplinary arts festivals as well as for city councils and private companies.

In Switzerland and abroad, his artistic projects are accessible to all and bearers of joy and emotion. Simple and innovative, they generate extraordinary collective experiences and encourage personal investment in communal spaces.

Borealis is sure to be a stunning centrepiece for the GLOW festival. Accompanied by an ethereal soundtrack composed by OXSA, with guest appearances by the HOTA Choir, we invite you to lay back on the grass and take it all in.

GLOW is a free festival of light that takes place at HOTA from 1-3 Aug, check out the full line up here.


‘Likes’ to be hidden on Instagram in Aust

Instagram users in Australia will no longer be able to see how many ‘likes’ a post has a received under trial changes to “remove pressure” on the digital platform’s users.

Instagram will on Thursday begin rolling out the trial update removing the total number of likes on photos and viewings of videos on user feeds and profiles, and permalink pages.

Users will still be able to see a list of likes on their posts, just not the overall number.

However, the change won’t affect measurement tools for businesses and creators on Instagram, which is owned by social media giant Facebook, and all likes and engagement metrics will still be available in those tools.

The trial update expands on a similar change introduced in Canada in May and will be extended to New Zealand, Japan, Ireland, Italy and Brazil.

Facebook Australia and New Zealand director of policy Mia Garlick said Instagram should be a place where people feel comfortable expressing themselves, rather than judged.

“We hope this test will remove the pressure of how many likes a post will receive, so you can focus on sharing the things you love,” she said in a statement.

“We are now rolling the test out to Australia so we can learn more about how this can benefit people’s experiences on Instagram, and whether this change can help people focus less on likes and more on telling their story.”

Australia was among those countries chosen for the trial because it has a fast-growing, highly engaged community of millions of people on Instagram and a tech-savvy audience.

A decision will be made at a later date on whether or not the update will be made permanent.

Instagram last week introduced two new features aimed at combating bullying on the platform.

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