Abbott to Gold Coast businesses: Thank God for you

Ex-Prime Minister Tony Abbott had a clear message to Gold Coast business leaders when he spoke to them today: “Thank God for you”.

Mr Abbott was in the city today as the keynote speaker at the Gold Coast Central Chamber of Commerce’s GC SHOWCASE: Celebrating Business and Creativity.

“What we don’t do nearly enough is pat business people on the back and say thank God for you. Because if we didn’t have you, we wouldn’t have what we so often take for granted: We can only have communities because we have economies to sustain them; and we can only have economies because we have profitable, private business,” said Mr Abbott.

“No country can tax its way to prosperity, and government does not create wealth. The only entities to create wealth are businesses and individuals.”

Mr Abbott told the audience about his own 50 years of Gold Coast history – visiting every Christmas with his parents as a child, and that his parents had owned a unit in Miami for 30 years.

He described what he liked about the city as that “you don’t have to be rich to have a rich person’s lifestyle”, and that many people on the Gold Coast had a “house that millionaires would not enjoy in Sydney.”

PHOTO: Cam Jackson /

But the speech wasn’t all positive, with Mr Abbott saying that at the moment in Australia there was “much to be dissatisfied with”.

“Our housing prices rival those of Hong Kong. Construction costs are about thirty per cent higher than in the United States or Britain. Our regulatory costs are high and our communications costs are high,” he told the audience.

Mr Abbott then offered his view of solutions:

HOUSING: “Modest scaling back of immigration – at least until housing and infrastructure has caught up. At least until all of our recent arrivals are more readily integrated into Team Australia.”

CONSTRUCTION COSTS: “The Australian Building and Construction Commission – re-established about a year ago by the Turnbull Government – will help to reign back industrial militancy and price rises there.”

COMMUNICATIONS: “When the [National Broadband Network] is finally concluded on a sensible basis using existing as well as new infrastructure hopefully our communications costs will come down.”

Tip-off leads police to alleged drug house in affluent Gold Coast suburb

A TIP-OFF to Crime Stoppers has led police to an alleged drug house in an affluent suburb on the Gold Coast.

Acting on information from the public, officers from the city’s Rapid Action Patrol squad raided the Mawarra Street property on Chevron Island around 7.30 on Thursday morning.

During a search of the address, police allegedly uncovered a stash of cash and a cocktail of powder and pills.

Police said a “substantial quantity” of crystal meth (ice), MDMA, cannabis and organic drug materials were found, along with a collection of bongs and grinders used to chop and smoke cannabis.

Photos released by police show a crystalised substance packaged in small clear zip-lock bags, ready for distribution.

Almost $4000 in 50 and 100 notes was also seized from the house.



A 44-year-old man from Chevron Island was arrested at the scene and has since been charged with eight offences.

Investigations are ongoing and police say more charges are expected to be laid.

The 44-year-old is scheduled to face Southport Magistrates Court on October 12.



Commonwealth Bank ATM

Commbank see’s major increase in ATM use since axing withdrawal fees

It looks like people are making the most of the ATM withdrawal fee axing, with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia recording a 34 per cent increase in ATM usage nationwide.

Andrew Hall, Executive General Manager at Commonwealth Bank, said the removal of ATM withdrawal fees has had an immediate effect.

“Day-on-day, we are seeing a growing number of customers of other banks using our ATMs to save themselves time and money,” Mr Hall said.

On Sunday when CommBank announced the change, there was a 16 per cent increase in customers of other banks using CommBank ATMs around the country. By Monday, there was a 38 per cent uplift in usage and on Tuesday the increase was sitting at 46 per cent.

In Queensland, there was a whopping 48% increase in ATM use on Tuesday, with a 45% increase in NSW.

“The growth in customers of other banks using CommBank ATMs is proof Australians wanted this change and it’s great to see people embracing it so quickly,” Mr Hall said.

Six vehicles damaged after driver loses control in underground carpark

A MAN is in hospital, lucky to be alive after flipping his 4WD in an underground carpark on the Gold Coast.

The accident happened in the underground car park of the Grand Hotel at Labrador shortly after midday.

It’s understood the driver, a man in his 70s, lost control of his 4WD and smashed into as many as five other cars.

The impact was so great, the 4WD flipped onto its side and came to rest against a cement wall next to a pokie room.

The force of the collision also reportedly caused a number of pokie machines on the other side of the wall to fall over.

It’s understood the elderly driver may have suffered a medical condition while behind the wheel.

He was encapsulated – not trapped – in the overturned vehicle for a short time before he was released thanks to the combined effort of witnesses and firefighters.

The man was eventually taken to the Gold Coast University Hospital in a stable condition.

Fortunately, paramedics said no one else was injured in the collision.

The elderly driver was encapsulated in the overturned car for a short time before he was released PHOTO: Jamie Law / Facebook


Not everyone is happy about Instagram’s new ‘follow’ feature

Nothing is secret anymore, nothing…

It has been revealed that Instagram is trialing a new feature that easily lets you see if someone is following you or not.

So, if you’ve secretly unfollowed someone in the past, you’re about to be busted.

With the new “follows you” feature, you’ll be able to go onto anyone’s profile and see if they’re following you simply from their bio.

At the moment, it looks like only android users are seeing the new feature. However we’re sure it won’t be long until it’s rolled out on IOS too.