REVEALED: Chris Lilley is filming a Netflix TV series on the Gold Coast!

If you’re a fan of Summer Heights High and Ja’mie: Private School girl, then this news is going to make you very, very happy.

It’s just been revealed Australian comedian Chris Lilley will film his next television series for Netflix right here on the Gold Coast!

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the 10 episode comedy project would film between March and June this year, and generate a $6.35 million boost for the local economy.

“I am delighted to have enticed Chris Lilley and producer Laura Waters to Queensland,” the Premier said.

“The series will employ up to 250 Queensland cast and extras, plus around 100 Queensland crew.”

The new series comes to Queensland as part of the Queensland Government’s $50 million Production attraction strategy, which has already attracted major film and television productions including Thor: Ragnarok, Aquaman, Tidelands and Harrow.

“Queensland’s continued ability to attract high-quality film and television production is a testament to our local screen industry,” the Premier said.

Chris Lilley and Laura Waters have already produced five successful and hilarious television series including We Can Be Heroes, Summer Heights High, Angry Boys, Ja’mie: Private School Girl and Jonah From Tonga.

We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next!


George Pell to fight historical sexual offence charges in court today

Cardinal George Pell has arrived at court in Melbourne to fight historical sexual offence charges.

The 76-year-old is facing a four week committal hearing that will ultimately determine if he is to stand trial.

The former Sydney and Melbourne archbishop has repeatedly denied the allegations made against him.

Pell was charged by Victoria Police in June last year.

On Friday, prosecutors withdrew one of the charges during a hearing in the Melbourne Magistrates Court.

LISTERIA OUTBREAK: Third person dies after eating contaminated rockmelons as number of cases rise

THREE people have now died and a dozen others have fallen seriously ill across Australia’s east coast after eating rockmelons contaminated with listeria.

NSW Health yesterday afternoon confirmed five more people had been struck down with the illness after eating the contaminated fruit.

The latest figures takes the total number of cases linked to the national outbreak to 15, including three deaths.

Of the five new cases, four are from Victoria, taking the total number of cases in the southern state to five, and one is from Tasmania.

The onset of their illness occurred the week after the initial ten cases, most recently on 22 February.

There have been six cases in NSW and three in Queensland.

Of the three people who have died, two were from Sydney.

Dr Vicky Sheppeard, Director Communicable Diseases NSW Health, said all of the 15 cases have involved elderly people.

“Most of them have significant underlying health conditions,” Dr Sheppeard said.

“We can confirm that 13 of the 15 cases consumed rockmelon before the onset of their illness.”

The affected fruit has since been removed from supermarket shelves, but NSW Health is urging anyone who may already have rockmelons in their homes to throw them out.

“People vulnerable to listeriosis should discard any rockmelon in their home that was purchased before 1 March,” Dr Sheppeard said.

The outbreak has been linked to a farm near Griffith, in the NSW Riverina region.

The producers voluntarily ceased production last Friday, immediately after being notified of the potential link to illness.

NSW Health is working alongside the NSW Food Authority and other state and territory departments to investigate how the cantaloupes were contaminated.

Listeria can be extremely serious and even life-threatening for people over the age of 70, pregnant women, and anyone suffering from diabetes, cancer or weakened immune systems.

Typically around one third of cases die, a NSW Health spokesperson said.

Symptoms include fever, chills, muscle aches, nausea, and sometimes diarrhoea and can often take a few days or as long as six weeks to appear.

Unfortunately, there are no useful tests for the infection prior to the onset of symptoms, so people most at risk are urged to consult their doctor as early as possible should symptoms appear.

People most at risk of listeriosis are urged to avoid the following foods:

  • Pre-cut melons such as rockmelon or watermelon
  • Pre-packed cold salads including coleslaw and fresh fruit salad
  • Pre-cooked cold chicken
  • cold delicatessen meats
  • pâté
  • Raw seafood
  • uncooked smoked seafood (e.g. smoked salmon)
  • Unpasteurised milk or milk products
  • soft cheeses (e.g. brie, camembert, ricotta or blue-vein)
  • Sprouted seeds or raw mushrooms.

Hot chips and nuts aplenty at Gold Coast Airport

PASSENGERS drank 15,000kg of coffee, chewed through 81,000 packets of gum and munched on 2.2 tonnes of macadamia nuts while waiting for their flight at Gold Coast Airport last year.

The city’s airport revealed the staggering statistics as it prepares for the arrival of thousands of Commonwealth Games athletes, officials and spectators in the weeks ahead.

Coffee, nuts, hot chips, chewing gum and ham and cheese croissants were among the most popular food items sold to travellers passing through the Gold Coast Airport last year.

Gold Coast Airport retailers sold 81,000 packets of chewing gum, 325,000 litres of bottled water and
used 15,000 kilograms of coffee beans to fuel the airport’s 6.5 million-plus passengers in 2017.

Travellers also purchased 2.2 tonnes of macadamia nuts and 95,000 kilograms of hot chips, while the
airport’s duty free store sold 360 bottles of spirits every day.

The ham and cheese croissant and the humble ham and cheese toastie were the most popular food
items sold.

Gold Coast Airport Chief Operating Officer Marion Charlton said 2017 was a year of big numbers for the
airport and this year would be even bigger.

“We had a record number of passengers last year but it takes more than jet fuel to keep them moving,”
she said.

“Our retailers are coming off the back of our busiest month and day on record in January and are now
preparing themselves for the thousands of Commonwealth Games athletes, officials and spectators who
are a matter of weeks away from arriving here.

“I’m sure they’ll appreciate a ham and cheese croissant as much as the rest of us during those busy two

“But if the athletes are looking for something a little leaner, we have plenty of healthy options too.”

Gold Coast Airport set a record for the 2017 calendar year when 6,542,604 passengers arrived or departed the airport – 120,602 more than in 2016.

Ambulance QLD

Two cyclists injured in separate crashes on Gold Coast

Two cyclists have been taken to hospital following separate crashes on the Gold Coast in the past 24 hours.

Around 8.30pm on Wednesday, a car and bicycle collided at the intersection of Hinkler and San Fernando Drives at Worongary.

The cyclist was treated at the scene by paramedics before being taken to Gold Coast University Hospital in a stable condition.

Meanwhile, just before 6.00am on Thursday, emergency crews were called to the intersection of Morala Avenue and Lae Drive at Runaway Bay following reports of a crash involving a vehicle and bicycle.

One person was treated by paramedics for a shoulder injury before being taken to Pindara Hospital in a stable condition.