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Local residents are being encouraged to share their thoughts on the Gold Coast in the latest community consultation to be undertaken by the City of Gold Coast.

Council is hopeful that participation from a wide range of residents with diverse experiences and ideas will help them better understand the priorities of all Gold Coast residents, including those who have recently moved to the city.

The survey only takes a few minutes to complete and you will go into the draw to win one of four Myer gift cards valued at $250. Terms and conditions apply.

The survey is open until 2 April 2019 and can be completed here:

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Selfie Car

Why selfies should be banned

Okay, this is officially getting ridiculous.

Last week, a grandma had to be rescued from sea after floating away on an ice flow… which she had climbed on top of, to get a selfie.

She damn near floated away into the open ocean and had to be fetched by the Icelandic Coast Guard, and it was all in search of an epic photo.

This week, a woman has been attacked by a jaguar after she climbed over a barricade at the Wildlife World Zoo near Phoenix, Arizona to take a selfie with the animal.

What on earth did she expect would happen?! The jaguar would see her climb into to its safe, sacred habitat and then siddle over for a snuggle?

Fortunately, the woman survived with minor injuries, and the zoo posted on Twitter at the time: “We can promise you nothing will happen to our jaguar. She’s a wild animal, and there were proper barriers in place to keep our guests safe – [it’s] not a wild animal’s fault when barriers are crossed. Still sending prayers to (the woman) and her family.”

But, here’s the thing about these insanities: they keep happening. Again, and again, and again.

Wikipedia is keeping a catalogued list – and it’s not short – outlining known selfie-related injuries and deaths over the last few years, and some of the cases are downright mind-boggling.

As if “death by selfie” isn’t enough, we also have to grapple with “death of self-esteem by selfie”.

Which is to describe that particular feeling you get when someone posts a selfie, and they look exponentially hotter than you’ve ever seen them in real life. There’s a good reason for this: it’s probably not a real photo.

Apps like FaceTune have made it possible for everyday punters to enjoy “glossy magazine level” photoshopping on their everyday images. We’re talking, smoother pores, brighter eyes, shinier skin, plumper lips. The works.

And it’s insane.

What is that saying again: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing, but expecting a different result?

The more we embrace selfie culture, the more this insanity continues. It’s high time we start calling this nonsense out for what it is.


gold coast tram

Whoever wins Federal election, trams will go to Burleigh Heads

LABOR is set to match the funding promised by the Coalition to extend the Gold Coast light rail south to Burleigh Heads.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is expected to stop by the city today, to confirm he’ll chip in $112 million for Light Rail Stage 3A, the same funding offered by the Prime Minister.

It means the controversial extension will go ahead regardless of which major party wins the federal election in May.

Labor Senator Murray Watt told myGC it provides certainty for residents.

“The Government has committed this money itself, which means no matter who wins the Federal election, the light rail will be extended to Burleigh Heads,” Senator Watt said.

“So that’s fantastic news for the Gold Coast to have that kind of certainty.

“It’s going to be great for Gold Coast tourists, it’s going to be great for Gold Coast residents.

“It will just continue providing more transport options for Gold Coasters to help us deal with congestion.”

The Queensland government and local council have both promised to help fund the project, but are yet to commit funds.

But, the latest revelation means all three tiers of government is on board with the plans to build on the track that currently stops at Broadbeach South.

All going to plan, Stage 3A will be operational by 2023.

hermann car

Locals fed up with hoons causing carnage on Gold Coast streets

Residents in Varsity Lakes are furious and fed up with hoons continuing to cause carnage in the area.

An angry local has taken to a community Facebook page to vent her frustration over youngsters speeding through the street and crashing through fences.

The latest incident happened this week and saw a car crash through a fence and end up in a backyard on Cumberland Drive and Silvabank Drive.

The resident who published the Facebook post says police, paramedics and fire fighters attended the scene this time.

She also said she’s tried to bring the issue up with Council before.

“A few years back I complained to council about this corner and was told there was no issue, well I think council is very wrong.

“Time for action Gold Coast city council before my children and the ones that catch their school bus here everyday are killed😡,” the post read.

It’s believed the driver ended up in hospital with serious spine injuries.

Councillor Hermann Vorster said in a Facebook post says that he’s spoken to concerned residents, and that this incident must not be tolerated.

“Hoons put lives at risk — they can kill”

“We can’t outlaw stupidity. But we owe it to our family and neighbours to do whatever we can!” the post reads.

Gold Coast Burleigh Beach

1,600 nippers to hit the waves at Burleigh Heads for Youth State Championships

The 2019 Queensland Youth State Surf Life Saving Championships will return to Burleigh Heads this weekend, 50 years on from the inaugural competition which was hosted in the very same location.

Surf Life Saving Queensland’s largest and most prestigious youth surf sport competition will feature around 1,600 of the state’s young surf sport athletes.

Competitors ranging from under 11’s through to under 15’s will battle it out in 1km and 2km beach runs, beach flags and sprints, surf race, surf board, and ironman and ironwoman competitions.

Participants will also compete in team beach relay, board relay, cameron relay and surf team events, after having qualified through their respective Branch Championships.

The return to Burleigh on the 50th anniversary of the inaugural Youth State Championships is fitting as Surf Life Saving Queensland also celebrates 50 years of Nippers this season.

SLSQ Sports Manager Stuart Hogben said this weekend’s event was the pinnacle of the Nippers calendar, marking the end of the season and the beginning of winter sports.

“Like the majority of surf sport events, the Youth State Championships have been designed to test the fundamental lifesaving skills that are used every week to patrol and protect Queensland’s coastline,” he said.

“It’s inspiring to see so many young surf lifesavers lining up to compete.

“Participation is key to surf lifesaving – it’s all about getting out there and giving it your best shot, and that’s what makes this such a fantastic event each year.”

Mr Hogben said the Youth State Championships were a great opportunity to engage with younger members and develop future champions of the sport.

“The event is an ideal training ground for young competitors who want to become the next Shannon Eckstein or Jordan Mercer, but more importantly, it’s also a fantastic way to keep kids motivated, active, and involved in the surf lifesaving movement.”

Mr Hogben said the carnival event was a favourite among locals, both within and beyond the surf lifesaving community.

“Trust me, if you are yet to experience surf sport, you won’t be disappointed. The competition allows our athletes to showcase fantastic lifesaving skills while gaining recognition for their sporting efforts at the same time,” he said.

“It’s these skills which ultimately save thousands of lives every year so I’d love to see locals cheering our athletes on as they strive for glory.”